Jason brings Kristina to his place and Jason pulls out his phone. She tells him if he has to call anyone, call her dad, but Jason tells her Sonny is busy. Kristina responds, “What else is new?” Kristina pours herself an alcoholic drink, but Jason stops her. Kristina thinks she can talk her way out of getting into trouble with Alexis and threatens to tell her mom he tried to have sex with her. Jason doesn’t think that will fly, but Kristina thinks Alexis will side with her every time. Jason can’t get a hold of Alexis and Kristina thinks her father wouldn’t even come to get her if he found out. Jason thinks she should discuss her issues with her parents with them. Kristina says that would ruin her ability to play them off each other to get what she wants. She gets bored and demands that he take her home.

Michael starts to sweat and double over and asks Toussaint to get him a cab. Toussaint agrees to get a cab, but not before he gets a nurse to look at him. Toussaint walks away and Epiphany walks off the elevator. They catch up and Toussaint asks her to take a look at Michael, who has taken off.

On the pier, Rebecca tells Helena to stay away from her. Helena believes they should pool their resources and that she would make it worth Rebecca’s while to walk away from her current partner and to work with her. Rebecca tells her she will never join forces with her especially when it comes to Nikolas. Helena is impressed by her performance and ability to sound like Emily.

As Jax and Carly argue about Claudia and Carly’s eating habits, Alexis interrupts them and sits down. She talks up how hard Kristina is working in school and that she needs to relax and have more fun. Alexis stops herself, apologizing to Carly, but Carly thinks she has just enough reason to be proud of her son. Carly thinks Michael could use a visit from his sister and Alexis says she’ll arrange it.

Agent Raynor comes to the Metro Court and Alexis goes over to him who gives her more info on Rebecca. He tells her it may be the opposite of what she wants to hear. Raynor wonders why Alexis is so protective of Nikolas and she tells him she is paranoid and expects the worst to happen, because growing up she learned it usually does.

In Michael’s hospital room, Sonny questions Claudia about his missing son and she tells him she left for a bit, came back and he was gone. Claudia thinks maybe he had to get some tests run, but Sonny doesn’t think it feels right.

Nikolas and Lucky meet at the Haunted Star and Lucky tells his brother Ethan is Luke’s son. Nikolas questions Ethan and then on Lucky’s urging, fills the bartender in on his own past with Luke. Rebecca comes to the Haunted Star and Nik and Rebecca flirt. Lucky notes they’ve moved things along in their relationship and the couple tells him they know what they’re doing. Before he leaves, Nikolas tells Lucky and Ethan these things take time. Ethan asks Lucky if it’s exhausting policing everyone’s lives.

Sonny and Claudia go the nurses' station to find out where Michael is and Claudia tells Sonny he needs to stop hovering over his son. Elizabeth walks up and tells Sonny Michael didn’t have any tests run and then checks with PT.

Carly, Jason, Sonny and Claudia all convene in Michael’s room and Carly freaks out that Michael is missing.

Jason looks for Michael and runs into Toussaint. Jason doesn’t have time to catch up and asks if he’s seen Michael. Toussaint tells him about the boy he ran into and Jason calls Spinelli to help track the cab pick-ups from GH in the last hour.

Kristina goes home and finds Michael in her room. The siblings catch up and Michael tells her he’s starting to remember things from when he was in a coma and points out that nothing is the same. Kristina bemoans her relationship with Sonny, but she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and asks why Michael left the hospital. He says he couldn’t take it anymore, but knew he could count on her.

As Carly freaks out to Sonny about Michael, Claudia says when she saw him earlier he was fine. Carly is furious that Claudia was the last person to see her son.

Nikolas and Rebecca walk on the pier and he thanks her for making him happy for the first time in a long time. He gets a phone call from Alexis who tells him to meet her at the Metro Court.

Sonny tells Jax Jason has a lead on Michael. Jax is relieved but he’s worried about Michael around Carly and the baby. Sonny agrees and will do whatever he can to make sure Carly is healthy, but he needs Jax to back him on decisions made that she won’t agree with.

Johnny meets Claudia upstairs at the hospital and she tells him Michael left after he remembered her voice while in a coma. Carly overhears as Claudia says she has to get to Michel before anyone else does. Carly goes up the stairs to confront Claudia and the women argue which leads them to both fall.

Rebecca goes back to her room and finds Ethan waiting for her. She’s surprised to see him and he asks if she wants him to leave. She closes the door and they kiss.

Nikolas meets Alexis who tells him Rebecca is Emily’s twin sister.

Jason comes to Kristina’s room because he knows Michael is there. Kristina hides Michael and opens the door in a revealing outfit.

Next on General Hospital:

Carly and Claudia fear the worst after falling down the stairs.

Sonny is suspicious of Ric.

Rebecca and Ethan recount their history.

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