Nina learns Sonny in trouble GH
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At Carly’s, Sonny cleans up after making Donna pancakes. Drew calls and asks Carly if there is any news from the hospital. Carly is heading there shortly to be there when Willow has her procedure. She asks if he’ll be there, but Drew needs to look for dirt on Tracy to get them out of this mess.

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Carly gets back to helping Sonny clean up, and he again tells her it’s okay to give him up to the feds. Carly says if the situation was reversed, would he give her up? He wouldn’t. Joss walks in and asks what Sonny’s doing here. Carly explains Sonny stopped by to see Donna. Sonny decides to head out, but not before Joss makes a remark about him denying her favor. Sonny says her friend needs to come and talk to him if he has something to ask him.

Joss and Carly chat dex GH

Alone, Carly tells Joss that Sonny dropped by to tell her that he and Nina are engaged. Carly says they need to get to the hospital to be there for Michael and Willow. Joss doubts Michael wants her there as they had a fight. She also vents about Sonny not telling her about Nina when she went to see him. Carly asks why she went to see Sonny in the first place. Joss admits she wanted Sonny to fire Dex. Carly notes if Dex wants out, then he should tell Sonny himself. Joss says that’s what Sonny said. Carly assumes this has to do with why she and Michael are fighting. Joss says he doesn’t approve of Dex. Regardless, Carly tells Joss that Michael needs them now, so they have to go.

Carly and Joss talk about Dex GH

At the Quartermain mansion, Ned and Olivia are happy for Brook Lynn now that she’s back together with Chase. Soon, they begin to bicker about Ned turning Drew and Carly in, which he insists he didn’t do. Drew walks in and asks for one good reason why he should believe him. Drew reminds him he threatened to do it before, and Olivia says Drew has a point. Brook Lynn tells them all to get back to their corners and that nothing is more important than what Willow is facing today.

Tracy bickers with family GH

Tracy thanks Brook Lynn for being the voice of reason in this family. Olivia laughs over the fact that Tracy is standing up for family unity. Tracy says she’s always about family, but Drew reminds her she’s the one who kept medication from Edward while he was having a heart attack.

Drew insults Tracy GH

Olivia still can’t believe Tracy helped Chase and BLQ get back together without a catch. Brook Lynn admits in this family, favors usually come at a price. She’s just glad she’s back at work. Ned is shocked to learn Brook Lynn has returned to Deception when her managing career was going so well. She says after Linc she needed more stability, and working at Deception gives her the freedom to write music, which she much rather do than be a manager.

BLQ in trouble GH

Drew says it’s almost like Brook Lynn has her own fairy godmother, and too bad Tracy doesn’t have one to send her back to Amsterdam. Tracy says she doesn’t need a fairy godmother for that, she could just buy a ticket. Ned and Olivia say, “Don’t let us stop you.” Tracy can’t believe her loving family wants to get rid of her so quickly. Tracy says she has no intention of leaving anytime soon, so don’t all cheer at once. Olivia decides to leave as she has a big meeting at the Metro Court. Ned follows Olivia out to the foyer.

tracy lashes out GH

In the foyer, Olivia swears to Ned she does have a meeting. He says they need to talk about the fact he didn’t turn Carly and Drew in and asks how he can convince her. Olivia tells Ned about her run-in with Carly, and as much as she wants to believe him, he did accuse them of insider trading and then someone blew the whistle. He says it wasn’t him, that he is not a snitch and he will prove it to her. He pulls her into a kiss. Olivia asks him to promise not to do anything stupid. She has to leave and heads out. Tracy appears and says that was touching, but he’s wasting his time denying he tipped the SEC off. He tells his mother once again, he’s innocent.

Ned tries to prove himself to Olivia GH

Alone with Brook Lynn, Drew says he gets the idea she’s not thrilled to have her grandmother back. BLQ is grateful to her grandma for helping her and Chase reunite but says her grandma’s generosity comes at a price. As Drew asks if Tracy is making her do something she doesn’t want to, Tracy enters and tells Drew she needs to borrow her granddaughter.

Drew questions BLQ GH

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At Sonny’s place, Nina calls the hospital to try and find out how Willow is doing, but they can’t give her any information. There is a knock at the door and it’s Diane. Nina invites her in, and Nina asks if she can sue the hospital for not telling her about her daughter. Diane says if she wants news about Willow, to ask her. Diane explains she’s here to see Sonny, but Nina says he went to give Carly news. Diane says she heard congratulations are in order. Nina tries to play nice with Diane and says it wasn’t until Nixon Falls that she realized work couldn’t be her whole life. She wonders if there is anyone special in Diane’s life, and if not, why. Diane makes it clear that they are not friends, and they aren’t having this conversation. Nina gets it and says she’s never made friends easily. Diane lets Nina know she does hope she can make Sonny happy.

Nina tries to be nice to Diane GH

Sonny arrives and thanks Diane for coming. Sonny doesn’t want to keep things from Nina and tells her that the Department of Justice is pressuring Carly to make a deal and turn on him. Sonny told her to make the deal, but she won’t do it. Nina worries the feds could force Carly to choose between her children and him. Nina has to get to the Metro Court and meet with Olivia but asks him to keep her posted if he hears about Willow.

Sonny confides in Nina GH

After Nina leaves, Sonny asks Diane what it is he doesn’t know. Diane says as he knows there is talk the feds are interested in him again. Sonny shares his theory the feds came after Carly and Drew to get to him. Diane says that would mean there is no insider tip. Sonny asks Diane to try and find out why and how the feds got involved, and maybe Robert can get her information. Diane asks what makes him think Robert will tell her anything. He says because she’s the best. Diane has to go but says she’ll think about his suggestion regarding Robert. Once Diane is gone, Sonny asks his man to bring the car around.

Sonny needs to know how bad it is GH

Anna meets Robert at the Metro Court. She’s concerned about Holly, who has gone radio silent. Robert tells her that Holly left town to help Ethan, and they decided this was goodbye for good. Anna tells Robert how sorry she is. However, she suggests Holly did him a favor by bowing out, which leads her to Diane. Just then, Diane enters.

Anna and Robert talk Holly and Diane GH

Olivia and Nina meet at the bar, and Olivia notices the rock on her finger. She congratulates Nina. Nina says Carly already knows, but she is sure Carly will tell her how she really feels about this given how close they are. Olivia mentions, “Not anymore.” She explains Carly is angry she hasn’t kicked Ned to the curb for turning her and Drew into the SEC. Olivia says she wants to believe Ned didn’t do it, but if he didn’t, who did? Nina says she’s sorry she has cause to doubt Ned, and she’s sorry Drew and Carly have been put in this position. Olivia asks what position? Nina says it’s just talk, but it appears the government is using Carly and Drew’s problems to get to Sonny.

Nina tips off Olivia GH

At the hospital, Michael and the kids look in on Willow, who is about to undergo her transplant. Sasha arrives and offers to take care of the kids so Michael can have time alone with Willow. Once alone, Willow admits she’s scared, and he says he is too. However, he knows they didn’t go through all of this to lose each other.

Michael checks in on Willow GH

Later, Michael finds Sasha and the kids and tells her that Willow is asking for her. Sasha heads off.

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Willow tells Sasha she’s been thinking about how people in foxholes during wartime, and how at the brink of death, they call out to their mother. She’s been wondering who she calls out to, the mother who raised her and turned out to be a fraud, or the mother who gave birth to her and couldn’t stand her until she found out they were related. Willow says she doesn’t have to answer that, and it’s silly. Sasha says it’s not, and she won’t know until the time comes. However, she wants her to focus on living and not dying. She tells Willow to be the soldier who fights to live.

Sasha supports Willow GH

Carly and Joss arrive at the hospital, and everyone heads to see Willow and continue to give her encouragement. TJ tells them all he’s afraid they all need to go, as it’s time. Michael tells Willow one last time how much he loves her. Alone, Willow tells TJ she’s ready.

Willow transplant time GH

Sonny arrives as everyone surrounds Michael to support him. Meanwhile, TJ begins the transplant and tells Willow all she must do is sit back and let the bone marrow cells give her a new lease on life.

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