Curtis makes big decision GH
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At Carly’s place, Donna, in her pajamas, greets Sonny and asks if he’s going to have breakfast with them. He tells her to make her bed and get dressed and then they’ll deal with breakfast. She heads off, and Sonny tells Carly he has news. Carly reveals she already knows, she saw the celebration last night. Sonny wants to tell Donna, and Carly asks what the rush is. Sonny explains Avery saw Nina’s ring already, and they know how she loves to spread the news. Sonny catches Carly refolding towels as he talks to her and asks what is going on. She says Diane was just here discussing the SEC case with her, and it’s looking like an uphill battle. Sonny warns Carly there is a chance the SEC was pointed at her to get to him.

Carly and Sonny talk SEC GH

Sonny says the SEC only came after her once he started working with some new people. Carly understands the timing works, but still, it seems Ned is the one who turned her in. She also tells him Diane got a tip the feds are interested in him, and Diane suggested she should turn on him and cut a deal. Sonny tells her to do it, but Carly refuses. Sonny won’t let her go to prison, but Carly says it won’t be Pentonville, it will be a minimum security place.

Sonny SEC options GH

Sonny fears she has no other option than to cut a deal and turn him in, and he’ll be fine as he has Diane to figure things out. Carly says there is another option, she could turn on Drew. Carly says Drew is also a big get being a CEO and a Quartermaine, but she won’t let him pay for her mistakes either. Carly reveals Drew has a plan, but it’s a long shot. Before she tells him anymore, Donna returns for breakfast. Carly says first, she and her daddy have to talk to her about some changes coming.

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At Crimson, Nina says it’s time for the gloves to come off. She can’t let Carly come between her and her family, and she needs to make sure these charges stick and Carly goes away for a long time. She says with Carly gone she’ll have a clear path to be with Sonny and have a chance at a relationship with Willow.

Ava warns Nina GH

Ava expresses concern that Nina is blowing up her life for revenge. Nina says this isn’t about revenge, it’s about forging a relationship with her daughter. Nina comes up with a plan to put doubt in Drew’s head about Carly, and for him to think Carly is cutting a deal to turn on him. She needs to find someone Drew trusts to give him this information, and she thinks she knows just the person.

Nina crazy new plan GH

At home, TJ leaves another message for Molly. Stella drops by unannounced, and TJ thinks she’s exactly who he needs now. She can see something is weighing on him. TJ tells her that he and Molly want to have a baby, but medical challenges mean it might not happen. Stella can see he’s heartbroken and is certain Molly is too. Stells says while this is happening to both of them, this is likely agony for Molly. She tells him Molly is mourning a dream and she is going through something that as a woman he can’t understand. She advises all he can do is be there for her and love her.

Stella gives TJ advice GH

TJ asks Stella what brings her back to town. Stella read about what happened on the ship and knew she had to come home. She asks if it has brought anyone any closer. TJ says Trina and Curtis are fine, but Curtis and Portia are another story. He relays Curtis still hasn’t moved home. Stella asks if Curtis was angry with Jordan for not telling him about Trina. TJ says he understood it wasn’t Jordan’s secret to tell. Stella decides to take off, and TJ says he’s so glad she’s home.

Stella asks about Portia and Curtis GH

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Molly (temporarily played by Holiday Mia Kriegel) arrives at Alexis’ place and embraces her mother. Sam asks Molly what’s wrong. Molly cries everything is falling apart. Alexis asks what the doctor said. Kristina enters, and Molly reveals she has been diagnosed with endometriosis.

New Molly GH

Sam asks what they can do for Molly. Molly says there is nothing they can do, and that she and TJ may never be able to have a baby. Kristina assumes they have options like adoption, IVF or surrogacy, and she’s sure Molly already has a new plan in motion. Molly lashes out at Kristina to stop and storms out. Kristina asks what she said.

Kristina puts foot in mouth GH

Alexis goes after Molly, and Kristina tells Sam to tell her what she did wrong since she’s so good at it. Sam apologizes for raining on her parade earlier, though Kristina says she made good points. Sam says sometimes encouragement can go a long way, something their mom pointed out. Kristina realizes that’s the mistake she made with Kristina. Sam tells her how difficult fertility issues can be, and when your body betrays you it’s the worst feeling ever. Kristina worries Molly may never get her dream of being a mother.

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Sam scolds Kristina GH

Outside, Molly confesses to her mother she feels like a failure. She wonders if she had gone to the doctor earlier if this might not be happening. Alexis says dealing in maybes isn’t going to help. She says she needs to take some time to figure things out, and she knows she and TJ will do that. Molly says the irony is a few months ago having kids wasn’t even at the top of her list. Alexis asks what she needs from her. Molly just hugs her and cries.

Alexis advises Molly GH

Molly and Alexis eventually head inside, and Kristina apologizes and says they are all here for her. Molly apologizes for being on edge, but Sam says she’s allowed to be. Molly is hoping she and TJ can have a family, but she’ll always be grateful for the family she has.

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At the hospital, Jordan tells Portia she’s not who she thinks she is, and she doesn’t deserve her praise considering what she’s done. Portia asks what she’s done just as Curtis steps off the elevator. Portia tells Curtis she was just thanking Jordan for her part in helping bring Trina home. Portia is called away by a nurse, and Curtis asks what he walked in on. Jordan says she considered telling Portia about their kiss. He asks her not to do that. Anna arrives, so Curtis takes off.

Jordan Portia tense GH

Anna senses tension and asks if Jordan wants to talk. Jordan says she’s tried hard to get over Curtis and her marriage, but apparently, it’s not as far behind her as she thought. She admits about the kiss to Anna, and that neither of them knows what it means. She also says Curtis wants to keep this from Portia. Anna says perhaps he’s trying to navigate things and minimize damage, but Jordan knows one of them will get hurt. Anna asks what she thinks she’s going to do. Jordan says she can bow out, or go after what she wants, though that could mean destroying the life of another woman.

Anna listens Jordan's secret GH

Curtis approaches Portia to talk about the two of them. They head to her office, and he tells her they can’t keep going on in limbo. Portia tells Curtis she wants to fight for him and their marriage and asks him not to throw it all away. Curtis doesn’t intend to and says there is a lot to sort out, but they’ll never know what could be until they try. He tells her he wants to move back home. However, he’ll stay in the guest room, and this won’t happen overnight. Portia says she can be patient, and knows they’ll be a family again.

Portia finally gets good news GH

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