In the stables, Nikolas and Rebecca enjoy being together after their romp and go for round two. Rebecca tears up and says she was happy she followed her instincts and came to the barn. Nikolas tells her they only please themselves from now on and Rebecca adds, “And each other.”

Agent Raynor gives Alexis the FBI file on Rebecca and confirms that she was illegally adopted. Alexis says they have to find out if Rebecca was related to Emily and fills Raynor in on Em’s past. Alexis was sure Rebecca wasn't related to Em, but thought she had plastic surgery. The report indicates no such operations and Alexis asks Raynor to help her find Rebecca’s birth parents. Alexis recounts all the coincidences surrounding Rebecca, including Helena showing up, but Raynor tells her there is nothing to indicate Helena is involved.

Claudia walks away after seeing Sonny embrace Carly, who asks Sonny to be careful with Michael and to not give into everything that he wants. Sonny thinks they need to focus on what’s best for Michael.

Jason tries to calm Michael down as he rails at Robin. After he quiets down, Michael tells Jason he hates it there and wants to leave. Robin understands how hard it is to admit to needing help and that he wants to be independent. She assures him he will be, but he’s gone through a traumatic experience that he needs to heal from. Michael gets emotional as he says he doesn’t want to waste any more time after being in a coma for a year. Robin is sorry to have upset him, but she does wants to help him. Robin leaves and Michael thinks if Sonny and Carly find out what happened he will never get out of the hospital. Jason tells Michael he needs to slow down if he wants to recover correctly and asks how he can help make it easier for him. Michael doesn’t know; he just feels like he’s suffocating and thinks Jason would feel that way too. Jason says he did suffocate and fought everyone, but it didn’t work. He promises Michael as soon as it’s safe he will get him out of there.

Claudia goes to see Jax and instructs him to keep his wife away from her husband!

Nikolas gets some food and wine and then invites Rebecca to spend the night. Rebecca says they don’t need to make plans, they can just see what happens moment to moment. Rebecca shares an amusing story from her childhood with Nikolas then says she drank too much wine to be able to drive home. He says he had it shipped in from France and Rebecca can’t imagine what it’s like to be him. She asks if he’s happy and he is at this moment. She notes he isn’t always and wonders if he feels cut off from the rest of the world. Nik says it’s by choice because he isn’t always comfortable letting people in. Rebecca tells him she is good at climbing those walls and is very careful once she gets over the top. Alexis walks in and says, “So much for waiting.”

Carly comes to the Metro Court and Jax presents her with healthy food for her to eat. Carly fights it, but indulges anyway. Jax tells her Claudia came to see him and calls her a name, admitting he can’t stand her, much to Carly’s surprise. Jax lets her know she came running to him after seeing her with Sonny. Carly is outraged, but Jax trusts his wife and knows that Claudia is a liar and manipulator. Carly thinks Claudia is trying to drive a wedge between them and says it’s one more reason for her to get rid of her. Jax tells Carly she has to take of herself and leave Claudia alone. Carly worries Claudia is entrenching herself in Michael’s life and wonders what her agenda is.

Claudia visits Michael who tells her about going off on Robin. Claudia sympathizes with him, but tells him to be the perfect patient so they don’t have a reason to keep them there longer than need be. Claudia badmouths Carly, while building Michael up. Michael doesn’t remember Carly's voice, like he remembers hers while in a coma. He recalls her crying and saying how sorry she was.

Robin and Patrick meet up at the hospital and Robin worries about Emma being in daycare with strangers. Patrick reassures her, but Robin misses her. Robin fills her husband in on Michael and thinks he’s had a personality shift. She advises a psych consult and thinks he should be on medication. Patrick is happy to see her back at work and Robin asks why she was put on this case. She thinks it was a test or that he is patronizing her. Patrick admits he wanted to see if she could do it and she did. Robin smiles, wondering what other tests he has for her. Patrick says it’s not the place for this conversation and gets paged and leaves.

Jason goes to Sonny and tells him about Michael’s outburst. Jason assures him everyone is fine, but he doesn’t think Michael will listen to anyone. Sonny thinks Michael should come live with him and asks Jason to help him convince Carly it’s the right thing to do. Jason warns Sonny about dictating Michael’s life and suggests he, Carly and Michael talk it out together.

Rebecca gets dressed and leaves the stables. Nikolas doesn’t want to hear Alexis’ opinion, but she wants to know if he and Emily had sex in the stables too. Nikolas just sighs and Alexis says, “That’s what I thought.” They argue about Rebecca and Alexis warns Nikolas Rebecca will hurt him or worse.

Robin gets Emma and tells Patrick he was right, Emma was having a good time in daycare. Robin wants to go home, but Patrick questions why she wants to leave. He asks if she plans to come back to work, but she doesn’t know. Patrick misses her and wants to know what she wants because she isn’t telling him. Robin says she wants to go home with him.

After searching Rebecca’s room, Helena approaches Emily’s look-a-like on the pier and tells her they have much to discuss, but Rebecca isn’t interested. Helena accuses Rebecca of working a scam, just not with her.

Jason goes to do a job for Sonny and sees a young girl, with a drink, talking to some guys outside a club. He walks over and drags her away.

Sonny enters Michael’s room and finds him missing. He asks Claudia where he is and she says Michael’s gone.

Michael slowly walks off the elevator in the hospital, but is stopped by Toussaint who asks where he’s going.

Next on General Hospital:

Michael escapes from the hospital.

Kristina gives Jason a hard time.

Rebecca meets her mystery cohort.

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