Joss goes behind Dex's back GH
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At The Savoy, Jordan takes Curtis’ hand and tells him he won’t be going through this alone, he has so many people who love him. They move in for a kiss, which quickly heats up. He suggests they get out of there, but she stops him. She admits she’s tempted, but this isn’t the first time they felt that old spark. She says before this goes any further, they need to know why. Curtis admits he’s always had strong feelings for her, and he still does. She reminds him he also had feelings of mistrust and betrayal, which is what ended their marriage and why he moved on with Portia.

Curtis and Jordan Kiss GH

They sit down, and Jordan admits she wanted to fight for them when he walked away and into Portia’s arms. She never stopped loving him but also wanted him and Portia to be happy. She needs to know if he’s just on the rebound, or are he and Portia really over. Curtis admits he doesn’t know what will happen after the DNA tests return, and Greenland really shook things up for him. He wonders what he’s doing with his life. He’s proud of making The Savoy a success but is this all there is? He’s feeling this isn’t enough. Curtis cares too much about Jordan to make promises he can’t keep. He asks for some time to figure things out. She tells him once he does, he knows where to find her.

Curtis and Jordan open up GH

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At the hospital, Taggert takes Portia into her office and tells her that she can’t go off half-cocked about Spencer and alienate Trina. He wonders if she’s focused on Trina and Spencer because it’s easier than focusing on her marital problems. Portia wishes she could go back in time and tell the truth, and Jordan warned her more than once that deception is what caused her marriage to Curtis to fall apart. Taggert says Curtis will forgive her, and she needs to tell him she loves him before it’s too late. He urges her to fight for Curtis. Portia asks what about fighting for Trina?

Portia keeps wining to Taggert GH

Taggert says nobody can tell Trina how to run her life, and Portia has to let Trina live her life and she needs to concentrate on living hers. Taggert suggests she stop using Trina as an excuse and focus on her marriage. Portia tells Taggert she can’t be the only one fighting for her marriage, Curtis has to want it to. Until then, she’s going to make sure she fights for Trina and that she sees Spencer exactly for who he is.

Taggert warns portia GH

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In the waiting area, Dante overhears Michael on the phone talking about keeping Nina away. Dante wonders if this is what Willow wants, or what Michael wants for Willow. Michael says he won’t stand in Willow’s way if she wants to make room for Nina, but right now she doesn’t need Nina intruding. Dante hopes that changes, after all, he had Sonny at his wedding.

Dante and Michael chat GH

Michael says he and Sonny are in a better place, as long as he doesn’t lobby for Nina. Dante says he’s going to do that, as he loves Nina. Michael is hoping Sonny will choose his family over Nina. Dante thinks that might be a long shot. Dante gets a message about a perp downstairs he has to check on, but before leaving, advises Michael not to force Sonny to choose between him and Nina.

Michael Dante talk SOnny GH

Outside of Kelly’s, Cody asks Scott why they don’t just dive for the necklace. Scott notes that involves a lot of red tape with the WSB, and says they still must establish Leopold is his father and that the necklace belongs to him, which is where the affidavit comes in. He also says that will force the WSB to pay him what they owe him. They head inside and see Obrecht sitting at a table with James.

Cody Scott talk business GH

Cody walks over to say hello to Obrecht, and she introduces James to Cody. Obrecht explains James is getting ready to go to camp, but that he is a little afraid of horses, which won’t make camp easy. Cody offers to help him out seeing he works with horses. He sits down and talks to James about camp, and how much fun it can be. He tells him he met his best friend ever Dante at camp when he was younger. James says Dante is his godfather. Cody is sure James could meet his best friend at camp too.

Cody meets James GH

Scott walks over and says the waitress said these cupcakes are for James and sets a box down on the table. James asks if Cody wants one, but Scott says he and Cody have some business to discuss. Cody suggests to James they get a brownie for now, and he’ll have a cupcake with him later. They head over to the counter, and Scott sits down. Obrecht asks what is going on between him and Cody, but Scott says he doesn’t want to ruin the big surprise.

Scott surprises Obrecht GH

At Crimson’s office, Nina shows Sasha the ads for The Deceptor the magazine will run. Nina says she tried their new product and really loves it. As Sasha talks about the ads, Nina has trouble focusing and Sasha calls her out. Nina admits she’s been thinking about Willow, and she fears if Carly and Michael have their way, she’ll never be in Willow’s life.

Sasha and Nina bond GH

Sasha offers to talk to them for Nina, but Nina doesn’t want her to do that. Nina thinks she has enough going on in her life as is. Sasha explains she’s been feeling better than ever, and she’s going to petition to end the guardianship. Nina is happy for her and can’t believe she’s closer to her than her own daughter. Sasha calls Nina the mother she always wished she had, and they embrace.

Nina is happy for Sasha GH

Later, Sasha meets with Maxie at the coffee house, who was supposed to be at the meeting with Nina. Maxie got caught up with James and Obrecht at Kelly’s, where she also saw Cody. Maxie has something to tell her. She informs her what Cody did for her at the studio, leaving Sasha stunned. Sasha wonders if Cody’s still at Kelly’s with Obrecht and James. Maxie says he was when she left. Sasha excuses herself to take care of something.

Maxie gives Sasha big news GH

Back at Kelly’s, Obrecht and James have to go, so Cody says he’ll be in touch so he can come to visit Leo and the horses. Scott sees Obrecht and James out and offers them a ride. Obrecht accepts begrudgingly, and Scott thinks things are looking up. Meanwhile, Sasha enters and calls out to Cody.

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Joss comes to see Sonny in his office and asks him to fire Dex. She wants Dex to be free to live his own life and make his own choices. Sonny thinks Dex should ask him himself if that’s what he wants instead of sending her. Joss says he doesn’t know she’s here. Sonny says he’s come to an understanding with Michael and would like to do the same with her. She says he can start by letting Dex go. Sonny says if Dex wants that he can come to him and tell him himself.

JOss asks SOnny to fire Dex GH

Outside his office, Dex asks Frank if Sonny’s in as he wants to see him, but Gladys shows up and tells him to take a number because family comes first. Frank explains he’s in a meeting, so she must wait. Frank hands Dex an envelope of cash, which Gladys sees, and says Sonny says he earned it. Joss steps out, and Gladys sneaks in.

dex gladys at sonny gh

Gladys has a proposal for Sonny. She says there is a line of new products coming up at Deception, and if he invests now he’ll make a lot of money. Sonny asks what is in it for her. Gladys says she was thinking of a finder’s fee. He says he’s going to have to pass, and this falls into insider trading just like the trouble Carly and Drew are in.

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Sonny tells Gladys no GH

Meanwhile, Dex asks Joss why she’s here. Joss tells him, “Not here,” and they step out. Outside, Joss admits to Dex that she asked Sonny to cut him loose. Dex yells, “Unbelievable!” He says Sonny told him to ask him himself if he ever wanted out, and he can’t believe she went behind his back this way. Joss thought he wanted to be free of Sonny. He says she knows he does, and they kiss. They both agree sometimes they may not be able to tell each other everything that’s going on, and they have to trust one another. She says she has to go, and he asks where she’s off to? She says, “Trust me.”

Dex is angry with Joss GH

After turning Gladys down, Sonny heads out but tells Frank to get his cousin a big box of biscotti. Gladys asks Frank what that fat envelope he gave Dex was about. He says she knows better than to ask questions like that. Gladys slips out and calls Selina with something she might find more valuable than the money she owes her.

Gladys calls Wu GH

Joss meets Michael at the hospital and asks to talk about Dex.

On the next General Hospital: Tracy meets with Chase and tells him to either tell Brook Lynn he loves her and skip off into the sunset or cut her loose. Cody tells Sasha, “I don’t see how that’s possible.” Ms. Wu asks Gladys what this news she has is that can’t wait. Michael screams at Joss, “How could you do that to him!” Sonny tells Nina, “Peace comes on one condition.”

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