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Alexis shows Esme around The Invader and they run into Sam, who is waiting in Alexis’ office. Esme remembers Sam from Spring Ridge and asks if she is really a private investigator or was she trying to get a scoop on her dad, Ryan Chamberlain for the paper. Sam says she is a PI, and Alexis is her mother. Esme realizes that means she’s a Cassadine, and thinks Alexis had some ulterior motive for offering her this job. She says she’s out, but Alexis stops her. Alexis knows she’s scared and confused, but her only motivation is to keep what’s left of her family intact. She says her son is a Cassadine, and thus family. She has offered her a job to support her son. Esme says she’ll try for now. Alexis sends her down the hall to file her paperwork and says she can start immediately.

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Alexis closes her office door, and Sam asks what is going on. Alexis explains she’s doing this for Laura, and to keep Esme and Ace in Port Charles. Sam is worried this noble gesture could come back to bite her. Alexis asks what brings her here when they’re interrupted by the delivery man who gives Alexis her invite to Victor’s will. Sam already received hers and finds it odd that everyone Victor hated has been invited to a reading of his will, which doesn’t bode well. Alexis agrees.

Sam advice Alexis GH

The subject changes to Gregory, who Alexis reveals told her what he’s dealing with, and it’s not good. She also hasn’t heard from him since. She doesn’t know if this radio silence means he’s in trouble, because apparently, she’s the only one who knows what’s wrong with him. Sam asks if she reached out to him, but Alexis responds he has asked her to respect his privacy. Sam thinks that doesn’t mean she can’t still reach out without being intrusive. She suggests she text him or leave a voicemail and tell him she’s here if he needs help. Alexis comments, “So you mean act like a grown-up.”

Alexis Sam talk Greg GH

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At the hospital, Trina tells Portia and Curtis that what happened on the Haunted Star taught her how much she relies on those she loves, even though she loves her independence. The delivery man arrives and gives Spencer his invitation to the reading of Victor’s will. Trina warns him nothing in this will could be good. Spencer agrees and thinks this reading means that Victor assumed he was dead and failed in his mission. Spencer says if this will is his final plan for revenge, he needs to get in front of it and stop it.

Spencer gets his invite GH

Trina and Spencer walk off, and Portia vents to Curtis about Trina’s involvement with Spencer. Curtis says he saw Spencer step up and put his life on the line for Trina in Greenland. Portia knows Curtis did too, and she sees how Trina looks at him. Taggert arrives, and Trina goes over and hugs him. The lab tech approaches and says the lab is ready and asks who will be first. Curtis says he’ll go first and leaves with the tech.

Portia vents about Spencer GH

Later, Trina tells her parents she wants this test, but if Curtis is her biological father, she worries things will change. Taggert promises she’ll always be his little girl. Curtis watches from the background and appears concerned.

Spencer goes to check in with his uncle’s attorneys and gives Portia and Trina time alone. Portia again says she is sorry she’s put Trina in this position to begin with. Trina knows they haven’t unpacked everything, and she’s still angry at her, but she’s not as mad as she was anymore. Portia cries, and they embrace.

Trina and Portia work thinks out GH

Esme shows up and runs into Spencer. He asks why she is here and if it is about Ace. She says she’s here to drug test for her new job. Spencer wonders who would give her a job. She says it was his Aunt Alexis. Trina and Portia approach and learn about Esme’s job. Esme explains if she intends to build a life with Ace far away from here, she needs money. Spencer tells her that she can go to the ends of the earth, but he will follow her. Esme tells him as long as she’s with Ace, she doesn’t care what he does.

Spencer warns Esme GH

Esme walks off, and Trina tries to convince Spencer this is a good thing. She says the longer Esme stays, the more chances he and his grandmother get to convince her it’s best they are a part of Ace’s life. He tells her she’s amazing, as Portia watches them and worries.

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Taggert approaches Portia and asks what’s wrong. She says she’s watching history repeating itself, but this time she’ll be ready. Spencer walks Trina to the lab, and Taggert tells Portia no good will come from warning Trina about Spencer. She says it’s time for action, and she will make sure Spencer is out of Trina’s life for good.

In an exam room, Molly and TJ meet with Dr. Navarro. She explains it’s as she feared, and Molly has endometriosis, and it’s severe. She says she’s not pregnant, and they conducted a fertility test. Dr. Navarro tells them it is likely Molly will never be able to conceive. However, it’s not impossible for her to get pregnant, and TJ knows there are treatments. Dr. Navarro leaves them to talk but tells them not to lose hope.

Molly TJ get bad news

Alone, TJ comforts Molly as she sobs. Molly knows they can still have a child somehow, and they’ll love them. TJ again reminds her there is still a chance she can conceive. Molly says it took finding out this news to make her realize how badly she wanted to be pregnant and carry his child. Later, Molly’s dressed and TJ says Dr. Navarro gave them some reading on endometriosis when they are ready to learn more. TJ is optimistic they can still have a family. Molly knows it’s just not in the way they thought they would.

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At the PCPD, Jordan leaves TJ a message and hopes she, him, and Molly can grab dinner soon.

At The Savoy, Robert accuses Holly of conspiring with Selena Wu. N’neka shows up and asks who let them in as they are closed. Robert says he’s here on official business. Holly suggests they discuss this somewhere more private.

Robert confronts Holly GH

Robert and Holly go to the pier, and Holly tells him about Ethan’s troubles, and that she needs to pay off his debts. He doesn’t know why she didn’t come to him. Holly says she’s gotten him in enough trouble already and doesn’t want that for the man she loves. Holly says they’ve been through so much in the past year, and now that Victor’s been dealt with, she’s realized she’s still hugely in love with him. She wants to be with him, but first, she must help her son. Holly says if that takes her to shady places so be it, but she won’t drag him down with her. She can’t keep asking him to cross the line for her as she loves him too much.

Holly confesses to Robert GH

Robert asks when does this end? He says this is a pattern with her, getting involved in these sketchy activities. He says if she loves him but doesn’t want to drag him down with her, what kind of relationship can they have? How will this work if she must keep things from him, and maybe they aren’t meant to be? She realizes after all these years of trying to make it work, she’s lost her chance with him. She always thought one day would be their moment, but that will never happen.

Holly still loves Robert GH

Robert tells Holly that he’ll always love her and nothing will change that. Holly says, “Unfortunately love can’t fix this.” Robert asks what now? Holly says she still must help Ethan one way or another. He asks how, but she suggests he not ask that question. She will take care of it, and he doesn’t need to worry about her. He replies, “Too late.” Holly thinks it’s time for her to leave, and letting go of him is going to be the hardest thing she’s done. However, it’s what they both need, and she wants him to be happy. She tells him the best is yet to come for him, and they kiss. She says goodbye, and he tells her to take care of herself. As she walks off, she says, “I always do.”

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Curtis returns to The Savoy where Jordan arrives to see him because she’s been worried about him. He wonders if he made a mistake taking the DNA test and possibly upending Trina’s family. Jordan asks if he pushed for the test, but he says Trina wanted it. still, he thinks his presence is complicating things for them. Jordan says it was already a complicated situation due to Portia’s lie. Curtis still thinks the best possible outcome would be for Taggert to be her dad, that way Trinacan lead a happy life. However, he admits he really wants to be her father. Jordan tells him that he has so many people who will be by his side, no matter what happens. The two lean in and share a passionate kiss.

Curtis and Jordan Kiss GH

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