Michael works on trying to walk, but his therapist tells him to take it easy. Michael says his goal is to get out of the hospital and if he can’t help, he will find someone who can as Monica walks up. Monica tells Michael the session is over and lets the PT know she will take over. Michael just wants to get out of the hospital, but Monica tells him he has to build up his strength gradually.

Alexis and Elizabeth watch as Rebecca and Nikolas flirt at the hospital. Alexis assures Elizabeth she will find the goods on Rebecca. Nik and Rebecca think they have nothing to prove to anyone and they kiss. Epiphany walks up and reminds Rebecca of what appropriate employee behavior is in the hospital. Nikolas leaves and Elizabeth thinks Rebecca is changing her appearance to look like Emily. Alexis has noticed it as well.

Sonny gets mad at Claudia as she tries to redecorate the house. She thinks he’s punishing her because Michael is more comfortable with her than Carly. Sonny doesn’t think that has anything to do with why she’s changing the room and says Carly fixed the place up the way he likes it. Claudia thinks if he lets her redecorate this room he’ll feel like he’s betraying Carly. Sonny admits he thinks it’s sad Carly and Michael have lost their connection, but he won’t get in the middle of it.

In Michael’s hospital room, Carly tells Jason she knows Michael loves her and that he knows she loves him too. She won’t let Claudia take advantage of Michael and Jason assures her he will take care of it. Carly wants to help Jason find dirt on Claudia so she has a distraction to help her not push Michael away. Jason tells her to take care of herself and he’ll take care of Claudia.

Luke and Ethan meet up at The Haunted Star and Luke shows him the DNA tests he bought. Luke says all it needs is a cheek swab and they mail it in to check against the markers the FBI uses and they can check the results online. They agree to have no expectations and no judgments about each other. Luke and Ethan prepare the results to be shipped out, but Ethan doesn’t want Luke to be disappointed. Luke doesn’t think that will happen and Tracy walks in. She sees their guilty looks and is suspicious asking them what they are hiding. Ethan leaves with the tests and Tracy thinks he is up to something. She wonders if when Luke leaves the next time, will he take Ethan with him or leave him there for her to take care of?

Robin comes to the hospital with Emma and Patrick reminds her they have a lot of work to do, but Robin thinks Emma will be fine with them.

In the break room, Rebecca tells Alexis and Elizabeth she knows they were eavesdropping on her earlier and the ladies exchange words.

Monica gets through to Michael who agrees to go back to his room. Sonny comes in and is thrilled to see his son standing. Michael tells his father if he works harder he can come home sooner than the two weeks Patrick projected.

Olivia runs into Johnny at the Metro Court bar and when Claudia comes off the elevator, Olivia intentionally kisses Johnny. Claudia walks over, pulls Olivia away and tells her to get her hands off her brother! Johnny tells his sister to back off and if anything happens to Olivia he will bury her and she knows exactly what he’s talking about. Olivia doesn’t need Johnny to fight her battles and tells Claudia to come get her anytime. Olivia leaves and the siblings argue about their role in Michael’s shooting. Claudia thinks she and Sonny can be a real family; she just needs to get Carly out of the way.

At the nurses’ station, Elizabeth accuses Rebecca of trying to be compared to Emily so she could figure out who cared. Elizabeth thinks she’s trying to turn herself into Emily and Rebecca asks, “What if I was?” They fight some more and Rebecca leaves.

In the stables, Nikolas goes off on Alfred and the butler suggests his boss invite Rebecca to spend the night because just having dinner does nothing for his temper.

Sonny and Michael return to his room and tell Carly and Jason about him walking. Sonny helps Michael into bed and they discuss his treatment plan. Michael wants a therapist who can push him harder. Jason asks to speak to Sonny in the hall and Michael asks Carly if she wants him to stay in the hospital. She says he will get out when he is ready to leave. Michael says if she doesn’t want him home he can live with Sonny.

Jason thinks Michael should stay in the hospital until the doctors say so. Sonny understands Michael wants out, but Jason thinks he could be working him. Sonny just saw his son standing and if he wants to push himself harder to get out of there he won’t stop that.

Raynor and Alexis meet for lunch at The Metro Court and he tells her he has the information on Rebecca she wants. She asks him to hand it over, but he says it depends on how their date goes. Alexis plays along and answers his questions about her life and she warns him away from her because of her track record with men. She suggests he don’t walk, but run from her. Alexis again asks for the info on Rebecca and he tells her she was illegally adopted.

Rebecca goes to the stables where Nikolas is and he is impressed by the way she looks. He tells her if she wants to honor the two-week rule she should leave. Rebecca just wants him and they start kissing, taking each other’s clothes off and proceed to have sex.

Carly and Sonny meet at his house and debate Michael’s treatment. She thinks they can’t make choices out of guilt and tells him they can’t let Michael play them against each other. Sonny thinks Michael just needs love and support, but Carly doesn't think they can let him do whatever he wants. Carly tells him Michael is more vulnerable than he looks and asks him to be on the same page with her. Sonny agrees and they hug, as an annoyed Claudia looks on.

Robin and Patrick come to see Michael and Patrick leaves so Robin can check Michael out. Robin checks for pain and can see it in his face even though he denies he feels it. Robin thinks his therapist is pushing him too hard but Michael angrily says he wants to get out of there and she can’t stop him! Robin tries to explain things to him, but Michael just gets mad and lashes out at her, grabs her and throws things. Jason comes in and tells Michael to stop.

Next on General Hospital:

Claudia goes to Jax about Carly and Sonny.

A familiar face stops Michael from trying to leave the hospital.

Helena returns!

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