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At Anna’s, she finds Valentin left her a large bouquet of roses before going back to work at ELQ. Holly arrives to see her friend and says she needs her help getting a job. Holly wants to get back into the spy game. Anna asks why she’d want to put herself through that again, or Robert for that matter. Holly explains she needs the money to help Ethan.

Holly needs a job GH

They sit down and Anna serves tea. Holly explains Ethan’s been robbing the rich to give to the poor, and some of the rich are after him. Ethan is trying to win the money to pay them back by playing cards, which will only make him more enemies of those he leaves big losers. Holly wants to settle Ethan’s debts.

Anna offers Holly her help GH

Anna suggests she could turn to Robert for help, but Holly doesn’t want to get him involved and risk his reputation. She says there is another path she could take to get the money, but she’d rather not. That’s why she’s asking Anna to help her with the WSB. Anna says her pull isn’t what it was, and the new director isn’t enamored with her or anyone with ties to Frisco. However, she knows some people and can make some calls. She advises Holly to be careful of that other path.

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Mac and Felicia have breakfast at the Metro Court, but he’s preoccupied with his phone. He says his brother isn’t responding to his texts. Diane walks by, and Mac asks her about his brother. Diane says she doesn’t keep tabs on him, but he does have some issues to work out. Mac asks what issues? She suggests he talk to Robert. Diane walks away, and Felicia agrees he needs to talk to his brother. Mac realizes Felicia knows something he doesn’t.

MAc and Felicia have breakfast GH

Ava meets with Portia, who needs her help with Trina, as things are still strained between them. She doesn’t feel Trina will listen to her, and she’s worried about her involvement with Spencer. She fears Spencer is a danger to her. Portia needs Ava’s help to make Trina see he’s not good for her. As they talk, a man delivers an envelope to Ava, and she sets it aside. Ava tells Portia that she sees a different side of Spencer, he’s changing, and she understands why Trina feels the way she does. Ava suggests she leave Trina alone and let her make her own decisions.

Portia needs help GH

At the PCPD, Robert is in a mood, and Dante asks what’s wrong. He explains he put in for a warrant for racketeering going on at The Savoy. Dante says Curtis is on the up and up, but Robert is focused on Selina Wu. He thinks back to seeing her with Holly. An officer tells Robert there’s still no warrant, so he walks off to confront the judge.

Dante Robert bad mood GH

Dante calls Mac about his brother, and Mac soon arrives at the station. Robert returns venting that the judge won’t sign the warrant. He sees Mac and assumes Dante called his baby brother in.

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Mac drags Robert into the interrogation room and says The Savoy is off-limits. Robert explains Holly is mixed up with Selina and he won’t just sit by and do nothing. Mac tells Robert he already has surveillance in place to get the goods on Selina and he won’t let his brother screw it up for Holly, who is in trouble once again. Robert says to hell with him and screw the warrant. Robert storms out.

Mac furious with Robert GH

Back at the Metro Court, Felicia joins Diane at her table and says Mac is worried about Robert, and she knows Diane cares about him. Felicia says Holly is also her friend, and while Robert has a history with Holly, it doesn’t mean he’ll upend his life for her. Diane says, “Holly is the love of his life.” Felicia cares for both Robert and Holly, but honestly, she doesn’t feel Holly is the best person for Robert.

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Meanwhile, Ava tells Portia not to push Trina away, and to do better than she did with Kiki. Portia says she can’t just stand by and lose Trina. Ava asks what she is going to do?

Ava makes suggestions to Portia GH

At The Savoy, Curtis gets a text from the WSB agent, who is still interested in him. He gets back to work, and Ms. Wu checks in on him. She says she heard about his adventure, and that he may have a lovely new daughter. She says Trina is a brave young woman, and to learn she is his daughter would be a happy ending for him unless he doesn’t want a daughter. He asks why wouldn’t he. She notes her being his daughter means an attachment to Portia, and she knows that’s a complicated relationship right now. Selina explains she has connections in the GH lab, and she can make that test go any way he wants.

Ms Wu makes offer GH

Curtis tells Selina that would compound another lie on top of the current one. Selena knows he is a risk-taker, likes adventure, and thinks the WSB could use someone like him. Curtis’ phone rings again and it’s the WSB, but he ignores it. She says maybe he doesn’t want to be tied down with a child now. Curtis says he knows she doesn’t care about Trina, and she must want something from him. She reminds him they are already in business. Curtis tells Selina not to do anything to doctor those results and gives her the tab for last night.

Curtis tells Wu no! GH

At the hospital, Trina asks a lab tech about taking her DNA test as she’s been waiting for over an hour on. The tech says it will be some time still. Spencer appears and points out that this young lady is Portia’s daughter, so the tech decides to go see what is open. Trina vents she just wants to get this swab over with and go to her class. She says no matter what the results say, Marcus will always be her father, but she wants Curtis in her life too.

Trina results GH

Spencer can’t say the same about Esme and wishes she’d relinquish control of his brother to him and get lost. Trina says she can’t help but feel for Esme as she doesn’t remember who she is, and Ace is all she’s got. Spencer exclaims, “That’s it!” He feels Esme needs to expand her worldview, and once she experiences other things, she might be more willing to give Ace up. He quickly apologizes for going on about his problems when she has some of her own. She is grateful for the distraction.

Spencer rants about Esme GH

Curtis arrives later and questions a lab tech about the security of the lab. Trina finds him and asks why he’s concerned. He says he just wants to make sure the results are accurate. Trina reveals  she hasn’t even been tested yet. The tech says it won’t be long now, and the results will be accurate. Later Portia arrives and finds Curtis with Trina and Spencer. Trina explains they are getting the DNA test.

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Alexis stops by Laura’s place, per invite, and brought a gift for Ace. Laura asks Alexis to sit and tells her how she and Kevin have done everything they can to make Esme feel at home, but… Suddenly Esme appears with Ace and a bag. Laura tells her that Ace’s Aunt Alexis stopped by to see him and brought a gift. Esme says this is a bad time and she’s leaving. Laura asks where she’s going. Esme replies, “Anywhere but here.”

Esme and Ace run away GH

Laura asks where she’ll go, and how she’ll pay for it. Esme points out she has a trust fund, but Laura reminds her she doesn’t have access to it because of what she was accused of, and the trustees have locked it. Laura asks her to think about Ace. Esme says Ace is her life, but living here is suffocating, especially when Spencer is constantly making her second guess every decision she makes. Esme wonders when she gets to live her life on her own terms.

Esme puts Ace down and returns. Alexis has a way to help Esme stand on her own two feet and offers her a job as a receptionist at The Invader. Esme comments, “A job answering the phone?” Alexis asks if she has a degree or any job experience at all. Esme admits she doesn’t, so Alexis says this is a chance to stand on her own. Esme assumes Laura put Alexis up to this. Laura says it’s an opportunity. Ace cries, so Esme heads to his room. Laura hopes Esme takes this opportunity so she can put down roots here with Ace. Alexis asks why she looks so worried. Laura says she’s worried about Alexis. Laura notes Esme may not remember what she’s done, but she could revert to her old behavior. Alexis is aware of that, which is why she was worried about her living with them.

Alexis gives Esme a job GH

Esme returns and tells Alexis that she’ll take the job. Alexis says she’ll have HR contact her, and the job also provides daycare for Ace. Esme thanks her as it means she doesn’t have to leave him with Kevin and Laura all day. Suddenly there is a knock at the door.

Back at Anna’s, Holly has left and Anna gets a delivery, an envelope similar to the one Ava got. She opens it and looks concerned.

At the Metro Court, Ava finally opens her letter and appears shocked.

Over at Laura’s, she also receives a letter. Before she can open it, she gets a call from Anna. Anna asks if she just got an envelope, and Laura says she did. Anna explians she got one too, and it’s an invitation to the reading of Victor’s will.

Elsewhere, Robert arrives at The Savoy and Selina says if he’s looking for Curtis, he just left. Robert is looking for her and asks what hold she has over Holly. Selina suggests she ask the lady himself as Holly appears.

On the next General Hospital: Molly asks TJ about the fertility test results. Curtis wonders to Jordan if he made a mistake taking the DNA test. Spencer tells Trina they should set something in motion. Esme asks Alexis if she has an ulterior motive for giving her this job. Sam worries her mother’s gesture towards Esme will come back to bite her. Holly asks Robert, “What exactly do you think I’m up to?

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