Gladys is threatened GH
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On the set of the Home and Heart, Sasha hears the sound of a baby crying in her earpiece. She becomes upset, and the producer has his assistant crank up the sound. Haven notes Sasha isn’t looking so good. Sasha says there is a problem with her earpiece, but Haven says nothing is wrong with hers. Brook Lynn and Lucy quickly note something is wrong.

BLQ and Lucy worry about Sasha GH

Backstage, the producer tells the assistant to crank the sound up more, when Cody appears. He takes off his boots and shirt, begins to unbuckle his pants, and says if they don’t cut the sound he’ll streak. He says by the way it’s huge, the FCC fines that is. The producer cuts the sound.

Cody threatens to Strip GH

On stage, Flora tries to help Sasha by talking about the product, but Haven says this is Sasha’s show so take it away! With the sound gone, Sasha apologizes to Haven and the viewers at home, but explains her earpiece was making a terrible noise. Flora asks Sasha about The Deceptor, so Sasha uses Flora as a model to show everyone how it works.

Sasha recomposes herself GH

The show eventually wraps, and Sasha tells Haven she’ll be hearing from her lawyers over that stunt. Sasha heads to Brook Lynn and Lucy, and they embrace her and tell her she was amazing. They ask what happened, and she tells them someone was piping the sound of a crying baby in her earpiece.

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Flora overhears Sasha and the others talking about what happened and quickly lashes out at Haven. Haven claims there was a mix-up and she’ll find the culprit. Flora points at her as the culprit, and she doesn’t want to be the number one seller on a show that operates like this. She says, “I quit!”

Flora quits show GH

Meanwhile, Sasha tells Lucy and BLQ she almost lost it but realized the sound was real and not her hallucinating, and she was being conned. The producer’s assistant approaches and apologizes for what happened. She says there is just one more caller about The Deceptor asking to be patched through to Sasha. Sasha speaks to the woman who heard what a tragedy she went through, and calls it a miracle she’s pulled through. Sasha says it is, and so is her company’s new device which she’s happy to tell her about.

Cody tries to sneak off, but Brook Lynn sees him and runs after him. She confronts him, assumes he saw the tweets, and knows he got the producer to stop the sound effect. She invites him to The Savoy to celebrate with them. He says he has a thing, but to make sure Sasha has fun. Meanwhile, Lucy tells the producer that he’s going to make this right.

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At Anna’s, Robert asks Anna if she was thinking about her family when she chose to expose herself to Victor’s deadly virus. Anna tells him to never says she prioritizes anything above her family, and he’s been known to risk everything for the woman he loves. Anna asks what is going on with him. He admits Holly wants them to try again, but there is another woman.

Robert lashes out at Anna GH

They sit down and enjoy some chianti as Robert tells her about Holly and Diane and that he doesn’t know what to do. Robert needs Anna to be honest and tell him what to do. Anna can’t and says he’s obviously never been in this position before. She jokes it’s surprising as he’s a catch. Robert becomes uncomfortable and decides to head out.

Robert needs advice GH

Valentin returns and asks if he’s gone. Anna says she thought he’d never leave. They get back to enjoying one another’s company.

At the Savoy, Alexis meets with Diane. Holly enters and joins Felicia at a table across the way, and Diane grits her teeth. Alexis takes note and asks what’s going on. Diane says she gave Robert an ultimatum over her and Holly.

Holly learns from Felicia that Mac was called away, but admits she’s glad to have a girls’ night. Felicia asks if she’s staying in Port Charles. Holly looks at Diane and says it depends if she’s wanted. Felicia says they could relocate eslewhere, but Holly has another idea. They approach Diane and Alexis and Holly asks if they can join them. Alexis says they can, but Diane asks for a moment alone with Holly first.

Felicia asks if Holly is staying GH

Alexis and Felicia head to the bar, and Diane suggests to Holly they put all their cards on the table. Diane has made it known to Robert that she won’t compete with another woman for his attention. Holly says that’s fair enough, but she should know she has strong feelings for Robert. Diane asks if she believes Robert has the same feelings for her. Holly says in typical Robert fashion, he has confirmed nothing, but she has faith in their history. Diane asks Holly what makes her sure the relationship will work this time. She points out they live in two completely different worlds, and perhaps things haven’t worked out for them in all this time not because the universe keeps pulling them apart, but because they aren’t meant to be.

Diane cards on the table GH

At the bar, Felicia and Alexis talk about Holly and Diane. Felicia likes that Holly knows what she wants, and admits she’s feeling a little lost and is looking for a new project. She admires Alexis for what she’s down with The Invader. Alexis admits the paper isn’t what she thought it would be. Rather than reporting on stories, she spends most of her time managing staff and finding advisors. She is disappointed her dream for the paper hasn’t come true. Felicia has faith that she can make it happen. Felicia realizes how late it’s getting and needs to stop by Maxie’s place with soup. Felicia thanks Alexis and says she gave her a lot to think about. As Felicia walks off, and Alexis says, “Same here.”

Alexis and Felicia's chat GH

Ms. Wu tells Gladys there may be another way to repay her debt, and suggests they move somewhere more private. They step to the back area, and Ms. Wu tells Gladys money isn’t everything and she has assets, connections, business dealings, and arrangements. Gladys realizes she’s speaking of Sonny. Gladys says she doesn’t know anything about Sonny’s business, and he doesn’t like her much. Ms. Wu tells that is a shame, and that she has until tomorrow at noon to pay her debt. She is tired of Gladys taking advantage of her generosity and warns if she can’t pay, perhaps Sasha will.

Ms Wu threatens Gladys GH

Back in the bar, Brook Lynn, Lucy and Sasha arrive to celebrate. Lucy says after squeezing the producer, she got them five more primetime spots. She says there was one condition, that Sasha be the spokesperson for The Deceptor. Sasha thanks them both for being so supportive. Sasha admits she is feeling more like herself than she has in a long time and maybe it’s time she gets back in the driver’s seat. Gladys appears and overhears Sasha saying it might be time to desolve the guardianship.

Lucy BLQ and Sasha celebrate GH

Elsewhere, Diane bids Holly adieu and reconnects with Alexis. Diane tells her friend that she made her points, but admits she kind of likes Holly.

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Ms. Wu approaches Holly and is glad to see her back. Holly is glad to be back. Ms. Wu asks if she’d be open to doing some more business, given how their last joint venture was so successful. As they talk, Robert enters and sees them together.

Back at the station, the producer tells Haven that The Deceptor is a huge hit. Suddenly Cody confronts Haven for gaslighting Sasha. Haven asks what he wants. Cody says if she ever tries anything like that with Sasha again he’ll make sure her sales figures will be the least of her problems. She asks if he’s threatening her. He says, “Yes mam I am and you don’t want to see me make good on my threats.”

Cody threatens Haven GH

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Nina arrives at Carly’s, at Carly’s request. Nina thanks her for inviting her, and she knows they were interrupted at the hospital. Nina has more to say, so Carly says she’s listening. Nina explains she’s been doing some soul searching, she’s been acting from a place of fear, and she’s hurt people. Nina knows she’s hurt Willow, and she blamed Carly for the distance between them. She thinks it was easier to hate Carly than blame herself for the problems she created. She’s sorry. Carly asks, “Is that it?”

Nina and Carly talk Willow GH

Nina snarks that she knew better than to think Carly would accept her apology. Carly asks if she was her would she accept it? Carly tells Nina she talks about what she wants from Willow, but not what she wants for Willow. Nina wants her daughter to have a long healthy happy life, even if she’s not a part of it. Carly says, “I almost believed that.” Nina says if there is a way to repair their relationship she will try. Carly tells Nina that she doesn’t get it, there is no relationship to repair. Nina knows she’s scorched the earth ten times over with Willow, and in hindsight, she’s glad Willow had Carly as she needed a mother. Nina cries Carly was a mother to Willow, and she is thankful for that.

Carly back at Nina GH

Carly agrees to help her with Willow, but only if she wants a relationship with Nina. Carly notes if Willow wants nothing to do with Nina, she won’t advocate for her. Nina quips, “I should have known you weren’t going to help.”  She thinks she never should have listened to Drew. Carly asks what Drew said, and Nina reveals he told her to acknowledge her mistakes to Carly. Nina says she knew Carly wouldn’t be receptive. Carly tells Nina that she needs to stop pushing through boundaries Willow has set up and have patience. Carly notes all Nina does is put her needs above Willow’s. Nina calls her a hypocrite. Carly says maybe she is, but Nina knows she’s right. Carly says. “You want to be her mother then you’ll have to do it on her terms. “

Nina and Carly don't see eye to eye GH

Nina admits Carly didn’t drive the wedge between her and Willow, but once she saw it was there, she took advantage. Carly doesn’t deny it. Nina blurts out, “And to think I felt guilty…” Carly asks, “Guilty about what?” Nina covers and says the estrangement between her and Willow because it’s clear Carly wants to keep them apart. Carly says it doesn’t make what she said any less true. Nina walks out and mutters, “Good luck with the SEC”

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