Sasha sho goes on TV GH
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On the roof of the hospital, Dex tells Joss that he has to say goodbye and that he’s leaving Port Charles. He informs her that Michael backed out of their deal and isn’t sending Sonny to prison. Joss asks how he could do this. Dex explains Michael did it so as to not cause a permanent rift in their family. Dex says leaving is his only option, so Joss says she’s going with him.

Joss doesn't want Dex to go GH

Dex refuses to allow Joss to give up her family and her life for him. He knows being on the run might be exciting at first, but eventually, she’d regret leaving everything and everyone behind. Joss is conflicted because she likes him, and doesn’t want this to be over. She also doesn’t want him to die or go to prison.

Dex says goodbye Joss GH

Dex doesn’t want to lose Joss either, and they embrace. She asks Dex to stay and says they’ll figure something out. He asks, “Even if I continue working for Sonny?” She notes just for now, and they’ll come up with a solution. Dex agrees to stay because he can’t imagine not seeing her again.

Dex agrees to stay GH

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In the hospital, Nina runs into Drew, and she thanks him for rescuing Obrecht to give Willow a fighting chance. He asks if she’s here to see Willow. She assures him that she isn’t going to bother her, she just feels better being close by. Nina wishes she could have a redo on a number of things she’s done, but she loves her daughter and wants her to get back to her family. Drew notes a family she wants to be a part of. Nina admits that is true.

Drew is honest with Nina GH

Nina tells Drew that Willow asked her to stop fighting with Carly. If she can give that to her, then maybe they can start fresh. Drew says it won’t take just a quick fix, and she’s going to have to work for a chance with Willow. He says she has to be honest and acknowledge her mistakes, and then maybe Willow will find a place for her in her life. Drew walks off.

Nina gets advice from drew GH

Sasha arrives at the television studio and flashes back to the disaster that happened last year. She’s given a production schedule and asks if she can go on set to look at the setup. Haven de Havilland appears and says she cannot and she refuses to work with someone as unstable as Sasha. Haven notes she was supposed to be working with Maxie, but Sasha explains Maxie is sick.

Haven is furious GH

Brook Lynn shows up to defend Sasha and says she is the face of Deception. Haven storms off, and Sasha asks BLQ why she’s here. Brook Lynn says she’s come back to work at Deception. Sasha is glad to have her back. Lucy arrives and asks Sasha if she is sure about this, and that it’s not too late to back out. Sasha says she is the face of Deception, and she wants to pull her weight. She says she is in a far different place than she was before.

Lucy makes sure GH

Haven speaks to the producer about Sasha, and he points out that Sasha’s appearance was one of their all-time highs in the ratings. Haven knows their ratings have been down, and maybe they can use this to their advantage.

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Haven gets everything ready on the stage, and the producer says he has everyone on social media speculating if Sasha will crash and burn again. Suddenly Flora appears on set, and Sasha, Lucy and Brook Lynn are stunned to see her.  Flora asks Sasha what she’s doing here, as she had no idea she was going to be there. Brook Lynn asks if Flora has a new line being featured, and Flora does, a line of baby bath salts.

Sasha set up GH

Flora apologizes for what happened last time, but Sasha says it wasn’t her fault. Flora’s curious why she was asked to present tonight of all times. Brook Lynn sees what’s happening on social media and realizes someone’s trying to push Sasha over the edge. They realize it’s Haven, and everyone suggests they call this off. Sasha refuses to let Haven win and wants to show her betting against her is a mistake.

Sasha takes her place on set, and Flora asks if she’s sure. Sasha is. Haven joins them and says, “Flora what a lovely surprise.” As Flora is about to lash into her for using her, they go live. Sasha says she is thrilled to be back on the show and excited to reveal their company’s new product, the deceptor wand! Sasha explains it will help any woman of any age look their best. Suddenly the cries of a baby play in Sasha’s earpiece.

Sasha sabotaged GH

At The Savoy, Gladys drinks at the bar alongside Scott. She vents that she had to stay sharp until now, for all the good it did her. He ignores her, and she says, “Rude!” Cody approaches Gladys and says that was an epic crash and burn and asks if she has another garage to sell. She accuses him of cheating, but he says she’s just a lousy player whose luck ran out.

Gladys Cody argue GH

Gladys storms off, and Cody approaches Scott, who tells him to keep his sticky fingers out of his wallet. Cody explains he was set up, and wants Scott to represent him. He offers him $20,000. Scott isn’t interested and walks away.

Cody wants to hire Scott GH

Mac and Felicia arrive, and Felicia asks him if he wants to say hello to Cody. Mac thinks it’s not a good idea given things have been tense between them since he arrested him. They grab a table and Felicia notices he’s distracted. She asks why they are here, and why did he pick this place to celebrate Holly’s return?

Felicia wonders why they are here GH

Mac and Felicia are interrupted by Scott, who asks why Holly Sutton is running around chloroforming people and not in a burn unit. They bring him up to date on Holly, Ethan, Victor and the necklace. Scott asks where the necklace is now. Mac says it was lost when the WSB sank the Haunted Star.

Scott interrupts GH

Ms. Wu speaks to Gladys, pointing out that Gladys not only lost what she came in with but borrowed $8500.00 from the house. Ms. Wu says she owes her and must pay up. Gladys doesn’t have the cash on her. Ms. Wu suggests she tap into Sasha’s accounts. Gladys won’t do that, so Wu says they have a problem. Later, Ms. Wu suggests there may be another way she can pay her debt.

Wu and Gladys have a problem GH

Scott approaches Cody and agrees to represent him after all. Scott has his eyes on a bigger prize and says they are going to sue the WSB for the loss of his and Serena’s inheritance, the Ice Princess. He says first thing in the morning he’ll need him to come to his office and sign an affidavit saying Leopold was his father. Cody looks at Mac.

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Back at Mac and Felicia’s table, Mac sees Cody and Scott talking and assumes Scott is going to be his lawyer. He is glad as Scott is a good lawyer in spite of his other faults. Mac gets a call from the station and has to go. Later, Felicia looks at her phone and screams, “No!” Cody rushes over, and she explains social media is betting on whether Sasha is going to melt down on TV again. Cody races off.

Mac sees Scott with Cody GH

Anna returns home and panics when she hears a sound coming from her dark living room. She draws her gun, but it turns out only to be Valentin. He’s been preparing a fabulous meal for them in the kitchen and just opened a bottle of Chianti. She thinks that sounds amazing, and they kiss. They are interrupted by the doorbell. Anna tries to ignore it, but the person won’t be ignored. It turns out to be Robert, who says if she wants to pretend that she’s not home then don’t leave the lights on.

Anna Valentin romance GH

Anna explains she just got off a long flight and is very tired. Robert sees the Chianti and pours himself a glass. He says he heard about their heroics in the chamber of death, and Robert wishes Valentin would have left Anna out of it. Anna says she chose to do what she did. Valentin excuses himself, and Robert asks Anna what she was thinking!

Robert interrupts GH

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At Sonny’s office, Michael thanks him for helping throw the SEC off Drew’s tail, and now Willow can get her transplant. He explains he is here because of Willow, who asked him to call off the war between them. Sonny points out it was never his war, but asks if he thinks Michael can do that. Michael says for Willow and for his family he can. He wants peace for the good of his family, so people don’t have to feel to choose between them. Sonny appreciates him stepping up to do what’s best for the family but wonders how this all works when it comes to Nina.

Michael wants peace GH

Michael says Willow needs to decide what relationship she has with Nina, and Sonny agrees to let them figure out their relationship on their own. Michael needs to get back to GH. Sonny tells him if Willow needs anything to call. He says he’ll see him at the hospital tomorrow, and they’ll keep their distance, but they don’t want to be kept from their family. Michael heads out.

Sonny agrees to terms GH

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