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At the hospital, Carly tells Drew that not having to hide their relationship is the one silver lining in all of this trouble. Joss rushes in and hugs Drew, thanking him for bringing everyone home. Drew says it was a team effort, but Joss says in her books he’s a hero. Carly says Joss is right, even if he didn’t get the hero’s welcome he deserved. Joss asks what happened. They fill her in on the SEC investigation, and that Diane is on the way here to brief them on the latest.

Joss Carly and Drew GH

Drew excuses himself when the Aurora lawyers call. Joss is glad her mom and Drew can be out in the open now. Carly says speaking of secret relationships, her showing up with Dex had to mean something. Diane interrupts them, and Joss tells Carly they can pick this up later. Joss excuses herself, and Drew rejoins them.

Joss carly talk GH

Drew asks Diane what he and Carly are looking at. Diane explains their assets will remain frozen for the remainder of the investigation. Carly says she has some liquid assets, and she’s certain Diane will clear their names. Diane says about that, she can’t represent them both, as they’re going to be tried separately. She says the SEC will also pit them against each other. Carly wants Drew to take Diane, but Drew says he and the Q’s have an army of lawyers, so she needs Diane. Diane agrees and tells Carly that she’ll be in touch.

Diane doesn't have good news GH

Alone Carly worries to Drew, who comforts her and tells her it will be all right.

Michael looks in on Willow and gets a text from Dex, who is waiting to meet him on the roof. Michael thinks about Willow begging him to keep their family whole and give up his vendetta against Sonny. He also recalls Sonny telling him that he will always love him, but he won’t forget his disowning him, and he’ll have to beg for his forgiveness when he wants it one day.

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Later, Obrecht stops by and calls Willow on her room phone. Obrecht lets her know that she donated her bone marrow today. Willow doesn’t know what to say as thank you doesn’t begin to cover it. Obrecht says she did what she had to because Willow is family. Obrecht knows Willow doesn’t know her, and she likely fears accepting her into her life means accepting Nina, but she has no agenda. She’s lost so many of her family members that it’s natural to latch on to those they have. She tells Willow what is important now is that she heals, and she can make a decision about Nina in the future. Willow can’t make any promises, and for now, she’s praying she comes through this. Obrecht knows she will because she is a strong woman and a survivor. She tells her it’s in her blood.

Willow on the phone GH

Scott runs into Obrecht and is glad she’s back. He is sorry he almost got her blown up, but he had to do something. Obrecht says fortunately his misguided efforts blew up Victor. Scott knows they had problems before Victor grabbed her, but he thinks about her every day and was hoping they might be able to get things back on track. Obrecht says she’s just been through a harrowing ordeal, and when her survival was in question, she thought about him. She says he has her heart, and Scott says the same about her.

Scott pleaded with Obrecht GH

Scott feels they can get through this, but Obrecht says she still shares her heart with Nathan and Britt. She was held captive on the boat where Britt breathed her last breath, but then it was destroyed. She didn’t know how to feel, but when she learned he was instrumental in its destruction, it felt like a gift. However, it is still hard for her to look at him, as she still sees him siding with Elizabeth. She says their truths unfortunately don’t set them free, and she walks away from him.

Obrecht rejects Scott GH

Michael meets with Dex on the roof and reveals he’s dropping the vendetta against Sonny as Willow made him realize it will destroy his family. Dex says Michael has the right to change his mind, but he has risked his life for this job. Dex fumes that he’s left with two choices, he either keeps working for Sonny or puts him away.

dex is furious with Michael GH

Michael tells Dex there is a third option, and he could disappear. Dex vents that’s not what he agreed to, and fumes that he is screwed. Michael says he can help him get away and protect him from Sonny. Dex says that means giving up his life, and he’s grown attached to this city. Michael asks, “The city, or Joss?”

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Joss stops by to see Willow, who asks what’s going on in the outside world. Joss reveals she’s seeing someone, and Willow says Michael and Carly hinted at that. She asks Joss if she’s happy. Joss says she is. Willow thanks her for being here for her, and Joss says it’s not just her, it’s the whole family. Willow says the way they are coming together is getting her through this.

Later, Joss heads up to the roof to see Dex, who texted her. She can see he’s upset. He tells her that he has to say goodbye.

Dex says goodbye Joss GH

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Ava and Nina meet up at The Savoy to celebrate Obrecht and Trina returning home. Ava quickly notices Nina doesn’t look like she’s in the mood to celebrate anything. Nina reveals Willow offered her a way to make peace, but she already screwed it up. Nina explains Willow wants her to drop her vendetta against Carly, but fears it’s too late now that she ratted out Drew and Carly to the SEC. Ava asks if she told Willow it was too late to make peace with Carly. Nina says she told her she’d drop her grudge. Ava assures her that Carly will weasel her way out of this SEC business. Nina notes it doesn’t excuse what she did to Drew, who risked his life to bring her aunt home and save Willow. Ava says what’s done is done. Nina isn’t sure and thinks she could tell Willow the truth.

Nina Ava talk GH

Ava warns Nina none of the current members of the Corinthos family are forgiving people, and that includes Willow. She also says Michael, Drew, and Carly will be out for her blood if she confesses, and she’d lose Sonny too. Ava reminds her that Carly and Drew committed an actual crime, and all Nina will get for being honest will be a lot of lifelong enemies. Nina asks what she does now, does she just move forward with this huge secret? Ava says she does, and no one else but her and Martin knows what she did, so she’s gotten away with it. Ava points out that Nina’s the last person anyone would suspect of turning them in and notes Aurora’s assets are frozen, therefor Crimson’s are too, so why would she sabotage her own business? She advises, “You’ve gotten away with murder, so don’t tell anyone where to find the body.”

Ava talks sense into Nina GH

Scott appears, and Nina sees he’s looking lost. Scott says he tried to mend fences with Obrecht, but she’s finished with him. Nina suggests he give her time, and Ava says she clearly loves him otherwise she wouldn’t be so mad at him. He tells them that she told him their truths won’t set them free. He takes that to mean if you love someone and you go against their family, there is no coming back. Scott heads off to get some martinis. Ava asks Nina what she’s decided, and Nina admits she can’t tell Willow the truth. Ava says nothing good will come of clearing her conscience. Ava toasts to seeing reason, and everything working out in her favor.

Scott heart broken GH

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Valentin is brought to Sonny’s office, and tells Sonny he could have just called him. Sonny tells Valentin he stepped up for his family in Greenland, and he won’t forget that. However, he needs to talk about how his associates nearly got him and his people killed. Sonny explains how a sniper tried to take him out, and it wasn’t your usual mob hitman, but a black op from the espionage world.

Sonny Valentin talk business GH

Valentin says he spoke to his sources at Pikeman and they want to work with Sonny again. Sonny reveals the shipments were some of the most powerful explosives in the world, and he is not arming terrorists. Valentin assures him he’s not, that Pikeman has a deal with the government and ships weapons to countries and forces who fight the terrorists. Sonny asks Valentin to tell Pikeman he may be open to another deal, but Pikeman needs to get their affairs in order and find out who came after him. Valentin agrees to convey the message.

Sonny and Valentin have a talk GH

Later, Sonny’s told he has another visitor and is stunned when Michael appears to see him.

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