Trina takes the DNA test GH
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At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy tells Brook Lynn it’s time to pay her back for her helping Chase get his badge back. She wants Brook Lynn to go back to work at Deception and to keep her eyes open, especially in research and development. Brook Lynn asks why she’s suddenly into the cosmetics industry. Tracy says she’s curious about what the next big thing is down the line. Brook Lynn says this sounds like corporate espionage and asks if Tracy wants her to be her spy.

Tracy blackmails Brook Lynn GH

Tracy wants to line her pockets with money, but Brook Lynn won’t give up her music career, which is her life. Tracy says her help comes at a price, and she wonders how Chase would react if he knew he owed his badge to her and the expensive strings she pulled, and not the speech Brook Lynn made. Brook Lynn insists Chase made a strong case to be reinstated and is a good cop. Tracy knows Chase is a straight shooter, which is why he’d hate that she went behind his back to help him. She says she’ll call him if she thinks she’s bluffing and has his number on speed dial.

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At Maxie’s, Sasha is stunned that Maxie wants her to go back on the show where she had a nervous breakdown. Maxie tells Sasha if she doesn’t do this, she’ll never forgive herself. She’s not just a partner, she’s the face of Deception, and this could be her redemption story with the viewers. Gladys, however, won’t allow this as Sasha’s guardian.

Sasha back on TV GH

Gladys and Maxie bicker, and Sasha says she needs to do this for the company, and herself, and it’s time she starts living her life again. Maxie says that’s the Sasha she knows. Gladys tells Sasha if she thinks she’s ready for this she won’t stand in her way. Sasha thanks her, and they embrace.

Gladys takes off, and Maxie tells Sasha that Gladys seems to see her as a perpetual victim, not as a strong and able woman. She asks Sasha before she steps in front of the cameras to make sure she’s okay with this. Sasha says part of her is scared, but she won’t know if she’ll fail until she tries.

Sasha admits to being scared GH

At The Savoy, Ms. Wu arranges for a private party in the back room for her nephew, a front for her poker game. Cody approaches and says she may need someone who knows his way around a deck of cards. Ms. Wu says his presence isn’t needed, and her players don’t want to play with known criminals.

Cody wants to play

Cody says he is innocent of stealing that bracelet, and she can vouch for him with the players. Cody explains Gladys set him up as he knows she’s fleecing her daughter-in-law. Ms. Wu doesn’t care about Cody’s problems. He thinks she should care about why the other players will wonder why he’s not there, and how a petty thief got into the games to begin with.

Ms Wu says no GH

Gladys appears and tells Ms. Wu not to listen to him, he is a thief, and she should get rid of him. Ms. Wu says she’s thinking about getting rid of them both. However, she agrees to give them both a place at the table and tells Gladys that maybe her luck will change.

Gladys interrupts Wu Cody

Chase is welcomed back to the PCPD with a round of applause, and Dante wastes no time in dumping work on his desk. They look over the file on Cody’s case. Chase notes things look bad for him, but Dante says things aren’t always as they seem. Dante says Cody is friends with Sasha, so why would he steal her mother-in-law’s bracelet and hide it in his pocket?

Chase and Dante at work GH

The topic changes to Brook Lynn, and Dante asks what is going on between them. Chase says before the Nurses Ball he’d say nothing, but then she stood up to her sleaze of an ex. Dante says so he’s saying there is a chance.

Chase gets a call GH

They get back to work, and Dante also wants to investigate the SEC case against Drew and Carly. He says the Quartermaines think Ned turned them in, but he’s not so sure. Just then, Chase gets a phone call from an unknown number. He’s about to ignore it, but Dante says it could be the person who tipped off the SEC. Chase answers, and it’s Tracy. She introduces herself and says since she’s back in town she wants to get back into community outreach. She suggests lunch and will be in touch. Chase asks Dante what he thinks that is about. Dante says it could be about Brook Lynn, but Tracy always has ulterior motives.

Back at the Quartermaine house, Tracy asks Brook Lynn if she’s going to do as she asked, or does she take that lunch with Chase? Brook Lynn says she wins and asks when she wants her to start back at Deception.

Brook Lynn blackmailed GH

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At the hospital, Taggert thanks Curtis for bringing Trina home, but Curtis says it was a team effort. Trina tells her mom she wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Curtis and Laura, but most of all Spencer. Curtis says all that matters is everyone came home safe, and Victor didn’t get his way. Laura wants to get Ace checked out, so Spencer and Laura take him to pediatrics.

Ace Spencer and Laura GH

Portia tells Trina that Ace will be fine, but she wants to know how Trina is. Trina says she’s fine but there is one thing she needs, which is to talk to her dad. Trina and Taggert depart, and Portia tells Curtis if anything had happened to him she doesn’t know what she would have done. Curtis says it’s over, but Portia asks if it is. They are interrupted by WSB Agent Hersley, who needs to ask Curtis some additional questions. Curtis heads off with the agent.

Portia is worried. GH

In private, Hersley tells Curtis the WSB was very impressed by his work in Greenland. They feel they could use a man like him, someone ready and able to help when needed. Curtis says he enjoyed kicking ass in Greenland, but he also enjoys his work at his nightclub. Hersley takes that as a maybe and gives him his private number. He says Curtis might find working in a nightclub boring after saving the world.

Curtis made an offer GH

Laura calls someone to come down to the hospital and then joins Spencer and Ace in the exam room. Later, Esme rushes into the room and Spencer hands Ace over to her as she cries. Spencer says they all made sure Ace was safe and warm, including Trina. Austin enters to examine Ace and says Laura and Spencer need to step out. Later, Austin, Esme and Ace exit the room, and Austin tells Laura and Spencer that baby Ace is fine. Laura says they should all get back home.

Esme and Ace reunion GH

In Portia’s office, Trina tells Taggert she’s decided to take the DNA test and learn the truth. She says no matter what the results say, he’ll always be her dad. Taggert asks why she changed her mind. Trina explains it was because of everything she’s been through these last few days. She says when things were at their worst, she saw how Spencer loved his brother, and that nothing was more important than family. She doesn’t want any more secrets in their family.

Trina wants to take the DNA test GH

Trina tells Taggert if Curtis is her biological father, that means she’s related to Stella and Marshall would be her grandfather. She asks her dad if she has his blessing to do this. He says she has his blessing today, tomorrow and forever. He also says these results will never change how he feels about her. Trina cries and they hug,

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Curtis returns to Portia, and Taggert and Trina join them. Trina tells her mom and Curtis that she’s decided to get the DNA test. Portia says she’s proud of her for wanting to know the truth.

Trina reveals her decision GH

Esme, Spencer, Laura and Ace step off the elevator and see the others. Spencer tells Trina that Ace got a clean bill of health, so they are taking him home. Trina says she’s glad his brother is okay. She watches as he leaves with Esme, Laura and Ace.

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