Nobody Believed Ned GH
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At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned says for the thousandth time he didn’t turn Carly and Drew into the SEC. Drew arrives and punches Ned, who goes down. Brook Lynn tells Drew to back down as this is hardly a fair fight. Drew can’t believe Ned ratted him out to the SEC after he came to him to try and put this family back together. He says if he wants a war, he’s got one.

Drew decks Ned GH

Olivia suggests they all take it down a notch. Ned insists he didn’t make that call, but Drew doesn’t believe him. Olivia says no matter how angry Drew is, do not bring violence into this house. Ned reminds Drew that he and Michael screwed him over and that’s how this started. Drew says well now he and Carly may go to prison, so he got what he wanted.

Ned insists he is innocent GH

Drew storms out and Tracy follows. He says if she expects him to apologize, he won’t. Tracy says that’s the last thing she wants. She doesn’t condone violence, nor knows what Ned is thinking, but he saved Willow and avenged Luke, so he gets a pass from her. Tracy gives him some advice and says perhaps the SEC would leave him alone if he suggested to them that Carly could give them dirt on Sonny. Drew refuses to turn on Carly to save himself and walks off.

Tracy gives Ned suggestion GH

Back inside, Ned is furious at Drew’s accusations without a shred of evidence. Then again, his own family doesn’t believe him. Olivia and Brook Lynn both say, “We don’t.” Ned swears on Lila’s memory that he did not call the SEC. Olivia says nothing and leaves to get him an ice pack for his face.

Olivia doesn't believe Ned

Brook Lynn tells her dad that she may regret it, but she believes him given what he said about Lila. Tracy returns, and Ned thanks Brook Lynn for having faith in him. He leaves to find some aspirin. Alone, Tracy reminds Brook Lynn that she owes her still, and that there is something she wants her to do to settle her account.

Tracy calls in her favor GH

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At Maxie’s, Felicia insists Maxie has a sinus infection and needs rest and antibiotics. Maxie says the Home and Heart shopping channel is having them back after their last disaster, and her company’s future is at stake. Maxie reveals they are launching a new skincare product called Deceptor. Maxie sneezes but promises her mom she took medicine and will be fine. Felicia has to get to the station to see Mac and tells her daughter to delegate some of her work out and not do this all on her own. Alone, Maxie practices her television speech, but can’t stop sneezing and coughing.

Felicia worries about MAxie GH

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At the hospital, Sasha greets Carly and says she’s so happy to hear about Obrecht returning and Willow’s transplant. She knows Carly is going through a lot too. Carly asks how Sasha is doing after the whole Heather Webber fallout. Sasha says she got her closure and is doing better.

Sasha Carly talk GH

Elsewhere, Gladys calls to cancel the trip she booked for her and Sasha due to a family emergency, only to learn the trip is non-refundable. She asks if she can at least reschedule. Gladys soon joins Sasha and Carly, and tells Carly she’s so sorry for everything she’s going through. She tells Sasha that the trip they booked won’t give them a refund, and rebooking will cost them more because of the season. Sasha tells her to just rebook it as they can afford it. Gladys departs to call the resort back.

Gladys has bad news GH

Sasha tells Carly she doesn’t know what she’d do without Gladys. Carly suggests perhaps she doesn’t need a guardian anymore. Sasha admits things have been going so smoothly that she’s gotten complacent. Sasha gets a text from Maxie with a work emergency and must run.

Carly and Sasha talk more GH

Meanwhile, Gladys calls the resort back and rebooks their trip. She then gets a text from Selina about a game with a 5K buy-in. She soon heads out with Sasha.

Drew arrives at the hospital to see Carly. She asks how the SEC talk went. He says fortunately Diane came to save him. He reveals he punched Ned in the face, but the weird thing is he insists he didn’t make the call. Carly asks who else stands to gain from this other than Ned? Drew says one good thing has come from this, they’ve been outed and there is something he has wanted to do for a long time. He leads her off.

Drew Carly SEC talk GH

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Elsewhere, Taggert connects with Portia. He was delayed on an assignment and wishes he was here to help Curtis and the others in Greenland. Portia says everyone is safe, and Trina is on her way home, but she’s not out of danger if Spencer is in her life.

Taggert sees Portia GH

Taggert and Portia go into her office, and Portia rants about Trina always forgiving Spencer, who causes her nothing but trouble. She says there has to be a way to keep her away from Spencer. Taggert points out that they can’t tell Trina what to do, and if they forbid her to see Spencer, it will only make it worse and drive more distance between her and her daughter. Taggert advises her to think about what Trina and Spencer just went through. Portia knows it will only bring them closer, but Spencer is leading her into one dangerous situation after another.

Portia hates Spencer GH

At his office, Diane makes herself known to Robert and Holly. Holly apologizes and says the kiss was entirely her fault, and something about saving the world got her excited. Diane says how thrilling, and modest of her. She doesn’t want to interrupt, but Holly says she was just leaving and she’s sure they have important legal things to discuss.

Robert and Holly kiss GH

Alone, Robert apologizes to Diane. Diane says, “No no, I’ll settle for the truth.” Diane insists she will not build a relationship with a man who doesn’t want to be with her, and she will not be in competition for his feelings with the love of his life. Robert says he’ll always love Holly, but she is part of his past. Diane asks if he’s really left Holly behind. Robert explains that when he thought Holly was dead, it was a kick in the stomach. However, when he found out she was alive, he was elated. That doesn’t mean he wants to live his life with her. Diane can see he has a lot to think over and says not to call her until he knows exactly what he wants.

Diane sets terms

Sasha and Gladys arrive at Maxie’s place. Maxie explains they are in a jam, the Home and Heart spot is today and she’s too sick to do it. Maxie tells Sasha she needs to step up and take her place.

Holly heads to the PCPD and reunites with Felicia, who is glad to see her back and safe. Holly says Ethan is back in Australia, and with Victor dead she feels a like whole new woman. She says this whole ordeal has made her think about what she wants and admits she and Robert kissed. Felicia relays that Robert is kind of seeing someone. Holly figures that someone is Diane given the look on her face when she walked in on them, but she and Robert have history. She came back to Port Charles for Robert. Felicia asks if she knows if Robert feels the same about her. Holly knows Robert is a complicated man, who has a lot of feelings he needs to sort out.

Holly Felicia talk Robert GH

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On the plane back to Port Charles, Trina and Spencer snuggle with Ace. She can’t believe he jumped off that boat. He admits when he heard the drones he froze, but then he heard her calling him an idiot and to jump. He knew he had to get back to her, and he dove overboard just in time. He hopes Ace doesn’t remember any of this, as he wants his brother to have a chance to be a normal kid. He vows to protect him and will be his brother’s guardian.

Spencer vows to raise Ace GH

Curtis and Laura talk about finally defeating Victor. Laura thinks about all she’s lost and had to endure to reach this moment. She’s glad they got through this unscathed, but it’s the psychological scars that will take time to heal. She notes the Haunted Star, the last link between her, Luke and the Cassadines is gone. She tells Curtis how much her family owes him, but he notes he had an investment in this rescue mission too. Laura asks how things between him and Trina are going. He says it’s getting better slowly. Laura says it’s obvious she cares about him. Curtis knows, but he also feels Trina may never be ready to take the DNA test. Laura asks what about Portia? Curtis doesn’t know where things stand with her, as the wounds are still too fresh for him.

Laura and Curtis' talk about closure GH

Back at the hospital, Portia and Taggert step out of her office. She thanks him for talking her off the ledge. Just then Curtis, Trina, Spencer, Laura and Ace walk in. Trina rushes into her mother’s arms, and Taggert joins them in a group hug.

On the next General Hospital: Curtis tells Portia it’s over. Tracy asks Brook Lynn if that sounds like a good deal to her. Trina tells Taggert she wanted to tell him what she’s decided. Laura makes a call to someone and tells them they really need to get here. At the PCPD, Chase says to Dante, “Sometimes a person does the wrong thing for the right reasons.” Cody asks Ms. Wu to let him play in the game for his usual cut. Maxie tells Sasha she cannot say no.

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