Lucky lays into Luke, but Holly defends her former love. Lucky grows furious and Luke tells his son to take his anger out on him instead of Holly and Ethan. Holly won’t apologize for what’s gone down between her and Luke and doesn’t think he should judge Luke for one mistake. Holly wonders if Lucky is error free and suggests he stop being self-righteous and appreciate that he has a father who loves him. She tells him Luke should get credit for walking away from her in Singapore because he loved his family. Luke tells his son Ethan is a fact and there’s no wishing him away, but Lucky is past caring.

Ethan and Lulu talk on the pier and Ethan wonders how Lulu can be okay with Luke having an affair with Holly. Ethan recounts his nice life with his adoptive parents, but thinks that Holly could have kept him. Lulu thinks she had her reasons and no matter what, she is his mother and she gave him to a couple who loved him. She thinks maybe he should thank her for that.

Michael tells Morgan it’s time for him to spend more time with their father. Carly tells Morgan things won’t be like they used to be, but he can see Michael whenever he wants. Morgan doesn’t care if things are different; he just wants Michael to come home. Morgan wonders why Michael doesn’t want to help him take care of their mother when she’s sick and pregnant.

After Sonny asks about it, Jason tells Sonny and Claudia the recorder is something he’s working on with Spinelli. Claudia says that no matter what the two of them think of her, Michael likes her and he is more important. Jason lets her know he is protecting Michael from her right now and Sonny wants to know what Jason is accusing her of.

Maxie visits Spinelli at his office and Johnny walks in with Spinelli and Sam’s P.I. license paperwork from Bernie. Maxie accidentally sits on Spinelli's computer, which triggers the tape of Claudia.

Michael calls Sonny and tells him he changed his mind and will live with Carly after all.

Out in the hall at the hospital, Carly is floored that Michael did what was best for Morgan and she’s starting to believe he is coming back to them. Jax hopes so, but thinks they need to be realistic. Jax worries about Michael’s temper and thinks the results could be disastrous for everyone.

Sonny doesn’t think Michael should be living with Carly right now and Claudia thinks Carly guilted him into it. Jason and Claudia spar again and Claudia leaves. Sonny tells Jason there has to be a reason for him going from merely disliking Claudia to intensely hating her and asks him to give it to him.

After Lucky leaves, Holly and Luke discuss his first-born and Luke hopes Ethan likes him better than Lucky does. Holly believes he already does, but thinks their son hates her. Ethan walks in and says he’d like to work on that and thanks her for giving him to a good family and seeking him out years later. Luke notes Holly is leaving now and Ethan is shocked. Holly only wanted to introduce the two of them and now she wants to leave on a positive note. Ethan doesn’t like getting played. He wishes her a good trip and is sure he’ll hear from her again the next time she needs something.

Maxie finds Johnny breaking into Spinelli’s office and wants to know what he’s doing. Johnny recognized Claudia’s voice on the recording and plans to get rid of any evidence against her. Johnny explains to Maxie that even if it’s Claudia’s fault, he has to bail her out.

Sonny needs concrete proof about Claudia and Jason says he’s got it. Spinelli comes in and talks to Jason about the recording of Claudia. Sonny’s ears perk up and Spinelli stutters about Johnny. Sonny tells him to spit it out or leave and Spinelli chooses the latter. Sonny asks Jason what they are going to do about his brother-in-law. Jason thinks Johnny will always be loyal to Claudia and Sonny wonders if Johnny could have been involved in Michael’s shooting. Sonny wants Jason to get close to Johnny so they can keep tabs on him.

Carly and Claudia run into each other in the lobby at the hospital. Carly assumes she’s there to see Michael and tells her rival she will never let her son go home with her. They have words and Carly tells Claudia she won’t make inroads with Sonny by having his baby and she will not let her do it through her son.

Lulu and Lucky meet on the pier and she tells him Ethan doesn’t deserve his anger.

Jax and Carly leave Michael’s room to take Morgan home and Claudia comes in his room. She tells her stepson that Sonny is really disappointed that he won’t come live with them. She plays on his guilt and Michael starts to fall asleep. He snaps out of it and recalls how she used to talk to him while he was in a coma. He doesn’t remember her words exactly, but her tone.

Holly and Luke toast to their son and Luke tells her he doesn’t hold a grudge against her. Holly hopes one day they have their chance and Tracy comes in as the two of them are in a close moment. Furious and fed up, Tracy admits she tampered with the DNA test and Holly says that was cruel. Tracy tells her that’s the pot calling the kettle black. She tells Luke to have his Holly and to never come after her again. Luke is so mad at Tracy he could kill her, but he won’t because she is the reason he is alive to enjoy being a father to Ethan. He tells her he is not leaving her for anybody. Holly tells Tracy if she mistreats Ethan or fails to cherish Luke she will be back to claim them both. Holly leaves and Tracy and Luke engage in their special brand of banter, thereby making up. Luke makes her a martini and Tracy tells him her life is in his hands.

Ethan runs into his siblings on the pier and Lucky and Ethan physically fight.

Next on General Hospital:

Michael is determined to go home.

Claudia witnesses a close moment between Sonny and Carly.

Johnny defends Olivia to his sister.

Alexis learns about Rebecca’s past.

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