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At the hospital, Dione explains the procedures Willow is about to go through, including being put in isolation after a tough round of chemo which will continue after the transplant. She explains the aspects of isolation, which include a barrier between her and visitors, and no physical contact. Michael asks for a moment alone with Willow. Dione leaves, and Michael says they knew this was coming. Willow admits she’s scared as this could be the last time that she holds his hand. He promises her this won’t be the last time, just until she’s well again. Willow tells Michael there is a chance she won’t live through this. Michael won’t hear that and knows she’ll beat the odds once again. She cries that his love is what has gotten her through this, and they kiss. Dione returns and says it’s time.

Michael and Willow before surgery GH

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In the hall, Sam talks to Dante about her conversation with Nina, and how she has a bit of history with her, but she’s willing to make an effort for Sonny’s sake. Dante says he wishes Carly and Michael would make the same effort. Sam calls that ironic as she just suggested to Nina that she make an effort with Carly.

Sam and Dante talk Nina

Near the elevator, Nina tells Carly that she was wrong and that she’s sorry for all the blame she heaped on her for her being estranged from Willow. She counts down all the ways she wronged Willow on her own, and she regrets her actions more than she can say. She cries she desperately wants a connection with her daughter and asks Carly to please help her. Suddenly Drew and Obrecht step off the elevator.

Nina begs Carly GH

Nina embraces her aunt, and Obrecht calls Drew a hero for saving her and giving Willow a chance at life. Nina takes her aunt away to talk, and Carly pulls Drew aside. She tries to warn him what’s been going on when suddenly the feds arrive looking for him. They tell him they need to speak with him about accusations of insider trading. Obrecht defends Drew as a hero, and tells him not to pay these bureaucrats any attention. However, Drew is willing to go with them to talk.

Obrecht and Drew return GH

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Diane shows up to see Robert at his office as he asked to see her. He apologizes for using her during the business with Holly, and he thanks her for stepping in to help him with the WSB. Robert says that brings them to where they are now and they are crossing ethical lines between sparing and flirting unless they do it with mutual consent. Diane admits she looks forward to spending more time with him on a personal level. Robert decides to break out the champagne, and Diane points out it’s barely noon. He jokes that is the great thing about champagne, you can drink it at any time. As they toast, they’re interrupted when Diane gets a call from a client.

Diane smiles at Drew GH

At Dex’s place, Joss keeps waiting for word about Trina, or Obrecht and the transplant. To distract her, Dex suggests they cook something together. They end up discussing Sonny catching them together. Dex says that’s the thing about Sonny, he knew they were together for months and didn’t do anything to retaliate. He even again noted Dex saved his life. Sonny told him that he wasn’t going to be the romance police, that was Joss’ mother’s role. Joss thinks they can take him for his word then and don’t have to worry about him or anyone else now. Suddenly Joss gets a call from Michael.

Dex and Joss get real GH

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned is about to leave for the office when Olivia and Brook Lynn confront him for turning Carly and Drew into the SEC. He says once again he did not turn in Drew and Carly, especially when Willow is fighting for her life. He says he’s not that heartless. Brook Lynn continues to doubt her father’s innocence, and Olivia reminds him he already sold out Michael and Drew to Valentin.

Ned argues with family GH

Ned storms off into the living room where Tracy complains about the lack of coffee and croissants. Olivia says they are in the middle of something. Tracy assumes another crisis she wasn’t told about. Ned says they believe he turned Drew and Carly in for insider trading. Tracy says, “Of course you did, and good for you.” Ned again defends himself and points out that if Drew is investigated it spills over to ELQ, which is bad for business and not what he wants. Tracy applauds his technique, and says, “Deny, deny, deny just like my father always did.” Olivia vents that’s what she’s afraid of, he’s turning into Edward right before her eyes! Tracy defends her father, but Olivia says he was a philanderer and a misogynist.

Tracy defends Ned GH

As Ned continues to defend himself, Joss and Dex walk in, and Tracy exclaims, “Good God what are they doing here! Has Monica instituted an open-door policy?” Olivia says Joss is always welcome, and Brook Lynn says she’s Michael’s sister which makes her extended family. Tracy asks who Dex is, and Olivia notes he works for Sonny. Tracy insults Sonny and asks when they began welcoming his employees. Joss says they aren’t staying, and Michael wants them to bring Wiley and Amelia to the hospital.

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Back at the hospital, Obrecht vents to Nina about the government dragging Drew off. As she rants on and on, Nina blurts out, “Aunt Liesl enough!” She apologizes and says they need to focus on Willow and should go see her. They head to Willow’s room and find her missing and Michael sitting there looking defeated. Nina exclaims, “What happened to Willow?” Michael explains Willow is being prepped for the transplant. Nina apologizes for panicking. Michael tells Obrecht what she’s doing means everything to him and his children. Obrecht says it’s her privilege, and Willow is family.

Carly tells Dante and Sam that Drew is heading into this interrogation blind and had no idea this was coming. Dante decides to head to the PCPD to see what is happening. Carly tells Sam the irony is Drew told her over and over not to buy the stock. Carly says she only had good intentions, and she can’t believe Ned turned her and Drew over. Sam says when it comes to Ned, nothing matters more than ELQ.

Later, Michael tells Carly that Obrecht is being prepped for the transplant as they speak. Dex and Joss arrive with Wiley and Amelia. They meet up with Michael, and Wiley asks if he can see mommy. Nina listens from around the corner as Michael tells the kids he had them brought here to see mommy. Carly and Michael take them up to Willow’s room, and they wave at their mom through the window. Nina appears in the background but walks away. Willow waves at the kids.

Willow being prepped GH

Once alone, Dex asks Joss if she brought him along for help with the kids, or to make a statement to her family. Joss admits it’s true she wanted them to be seen together out in the open. She says her mom knows about them, but probably was hoping she’d change her mind. She explains her mom had someone like him and losing him almost killed her. However, she says history doesn’t have to repeat itself, and she doesn’t want to give this up because of what the future might bring. The two kiss.

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At the station, the FEC questions Drew in the interrogation when Diane shows up to defend him. She says her client has nothing further to say. Dante arrives in the squad room and is soon joined by Sam. Dante tells her Diane is representing Drew and got the agents to just leave. Sam worries Drew could be in trouble. Back in the interrogation room, Drew thanks Diane for coming to his aid, and doesn’t know what is going on. Diane fills him in on the tip and the charges. Meanwhile, Sam and Dante talk about who would gain the most by exposing Carly and Drew.

Drew is questioned GH

Back at Robert’s office, he pours the champagne from one of the glasses into a potted plant on his desk. He goes to leave with the bottle and finds Holly at his door. She assumes she’s just in time to celebrate. Holly grabs the other glass off his desk for herself, and he asks what happened in Greenland.

Holly appears to Robert GH

Holly fills him in on the showdown with Victor and that she had to save Valentin and Anna from Victor’s pathogen. Robert doesn’t know what Anna was thinking risking everything for Valentin. Holly says obviously she loves Valentin very much. She asks if he’s jealous. Robert says Valentin is Anna’s mistake to make. Holly is glad to hear that because there were moments she thought she was going to die, and there was only one thing she wanted to do. She kisses Robert, and he kisses her back, just as Diane returns to see it.

Robert and Holly kiss GH

After Joss and Dex leave the Quartermaine mansion with the kids, Brook Lynn fears this chemo is very aggressive and Willow might not make it. Olivia bans all dark thoughts from this house, and Ned says Willow held on this long and is a fighter. Olivia thanks God that Drew was able to bring Obrecht home. BLQ comments, “It would have been a real bummer if the SEC had picked up Drew before he left for Greenland.” Ned once again proclaims his innocence. Suddenly Drew walks in and punches Ned.

Olivia wants no dark thoughts GH

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