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In Greenland, Trina calls Jordan from the Haunted Star. Jordan warns her drones are headed to bomb the island, and they need to get to the seaplane. Spencer won’t leave his grandmother, and Trina doesn’t want to leave Curtis. Felicia, who is with Jordan, says Laura would want him to go, and she believes Curtis would want the same for Trina. Trina tells them they’ll go to the plane, but they need to tell the others about the strike. Jordan promises they will.

Trina and Spencer boat

On land, Holly orders Victor to drop his gun. Obrecht yells at Holly to shoot Victor, even if it means she’s hit. Victor holds up the canister and says if anything happens to him, they all die. She warns him that backup is on the way, and she’s already rescued Ethan, so he’s failed again.

Holly it was me moment GH

Holly taunts Victor with the fact that his condition was her doing. She laughs no more heirs for Uncle Victor, and he can’t even try to make them if he wanted to. Victor screams, “You bitch” and aims his gun at Holly, but Drew arrives and knocks him out as shots are fired. While Victor goes down, so does Obrecht. Drew and Holly rush to her and find she’s bleeding from the back of her head.

Victor cannister GH

Holly notes Obrecht has a pulse. As they are preoccupied with her, Victor begins to move. Holly notes it’s not a bullet wound, and she just hit her head. Obrecht comes to and notices Victor is gone. Drew says he’ll go after him, and Holly needs to get Obrecht to the plane. Obrecht says no, Valentin is dying and needs the cure.

Obrect it's just a scratch GH

Spencer, Trina and Ace make their way towards the seaplane but hide when they hear someone coming. Victor rushes by with the pathogen. Spencer realizes he must stop him. Spencer gives Ace to Trina, and asks her to get him to the plane. He rushes off.

Spencer and Trina hide GH

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Victor makes it back to the Haunted Star and learns Spencer took off with Ace and Trina. He intends to leave, with or without his family. Victor pours himself a drink and wishes he could have killed Holly when he had the chance for what she did to him. He says he needs to get this pathogen and antidote someplace safe. When he opens the canister he screams, “No!”

Victor haunted Star GH

Back on land, Obrecht tells Drew and Holly she stole the antidote when Victor wasn’t looking, and they need to get it to Valentin.

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In the bunker, Valentin assumes Anna is an illusion just like Helena was. Anna says she is real, and he needs o hang on. He cries Anna is in the hospital, and he wishes she was here to hold her and tell her how much he loves her one last time. She cries she loves him too, and she’s going to get him out of there.

Anna not real GH

Valentin tells Anna she can’t open the door as he’s infected, and Obrecht and Victor have the cure. He asks Anna to tell Charlotte that he loves her, and that she was the best thing in his life. He also wishes he had seen Alex wasn’t her all those years ago, and if he hadn’t let anger control him, then they could have found one another sooner. He says if this is how he dies it’s okay, as he thanks her for redeeming him. He gasps he will always love her.

Anna begs Valentin GH

Valentin passes out momentarily, only to wake up and find Anna in the room. He cries he’s contagious and asks what he’s done. She reminds him that there is a 20 percent chance they can beat this, and she’s willing to risk it to be with him.

Anna goes to Valentin GH

In the lab, Laura recognizes the display on the computer, it’s the weather machine program, and it’s targeting the Mid-Atlantic states. Laura fears there is another weather machine out there. She explains how the original weather machine worked to Curtis, using carbonic snow to create blizzards, and though it was destroyed, this computer is running the same program. Curtis says it could just be the old program running, and it may not be connected to anything. Laura says Mikkos never did anything without a reason.

Laura and Mikkos computer

Curtis assumes this bunker was Mikkos’ retreat should he need it, and he had two weapons here, the pathogen and the weather machine. Laura notes the program has targeted Port Charles. They try and shut it down, but to do so they need to input the formula for carbonic snow. Curtis wonders who knows that? Laura notes she does and remembers finding the formula after dealing with Mikkos years ago. She says she burned the paper with the formula, but she memorized it, and Robert always feared someone would come after her for it. Laura enters the formula, and the program terminates.

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As Curtis and Laura try and leave, they run into Holly. Holly has a satellite phone for them. She says they need to contact Robert and Jordan. She warns them Victor has escaped to the Haunted Star with the pathogen.

Back in the observation room, Anna tells Valentin she couldn’t let him die alone. She cries they both know each other’s darkness, but their capacity for good as well, and they have a special kind of connection because of it.

Anna with Valentin at the end

In Port Charles, Nina and Sonny arrive at the hospital and ask Carly and Joss what happened. Carly explains Willow collapsed, and her condition is deteriorating. She says Willow is going to have to stay in the hospital.

Nina learns about Willow GH

Sasha arrives after learning about Willow and she embraces Nina. Nina explains Willow is getting worse.

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Carly and Joss walk off, and Joss notes, “Michael won’t like this.” Carly adds, “Hopefully they have the sense to keep their distance.”

In Willow’s room, Michael is glad Willow has agreed to stay in the hospital. She says she’ll fight with everything she has to stay with her family. Later, Carly heads into the room, and tells Willow and Michael that Nina and Sonny are here. He doesn’t want to deal with them now, but Willow says, “Wait.”

Michael gives Willow news GH

Michael heads out to see Sonny, Nina and Sasha. Nina swears she’s not here to cause trouble. Michael relays that Willow wants to see her.

Nina heads to Willow’s room, where Carly still is. Carly reminds Willow she needs her rest, so no excitement. Carly leaves, and Nina asks how she’s feeling. Willow says the fluids are helping. Willow asks Nina to do something for her and to leave Carly alone. She wants her and Carly to make peace. Nina says she can try. Willow knows they’ll never be friends, but just let all the animosity go and stop keeping score of whose done what to who. She asks Nina to drop her vendetta against Carly. Nina promises not to get into it with Carly anymore. She says she’s not perfect, she’s made mistakes, and she’ll try and be a better person. Willow just wants her to keep her promise.

Nina visits Willow GH

Elsewhere, Joss vents to Michael and Carly that she doesn’t understand what Willow would have to say to Nina. Michael wonders if he made a mistake letting her go in there, but Carly says he did what his wife asked of him.

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Michael goes back to Willow’s room, and Carly gets a call from Drew. She rushes into Willow’s room with her phone. Drew and Obrecht say they are okay and are on their way back. Obrecht jokes, “No you can suck the life from my bones.”

In her office, Portia prays to God to bring her family home. Liz stops in to check on her. Portia explains Marshall was with her, but she sent him home to rest. Liz feels she needs rest too. Portia can’t without knowing what will happen to Curtis and Trina. Portia says she doesn’t know why she waited to talk to Trina and make things right when she had the chance. Liz assures Portia when Trina gets back they will work things out.

Jordan stops in to tell Portia she just heard from Trina. She says Trina and the others should be back by daybreak, and she said to tell her mom she loves her. Portia is overjoyed but then notices it’s snowing outside. Jordan says it can snow in May, and Liz says it happened a few years ago. Liz notes it’s odd though as it was in the 70s this morning.

Later, Jordan gets a call from Curtis, and she warns him they have to get off of the island as the WSB has ordered a drone strike. Laura says bombing the island won’t do any good, as Victor has escaped with the pathogen to the boat. Robert tells Agent Hersley he has to stop the strike as Victor’s left the island. The WSB finally listens and calls the strike off, and Robert lets Laura know.

Yet another Call GH

Back on the Haunted Star, Victor tells someone approaching him from behind to turn the boat around as they need to go back for the antidote. He finds it is Spencer, and hopes he’s not here to make beg for forgiveness. Spencer tells his uncle it’s over and demands he hands the pathogen over. Victor says he’ll have to rip it out of his cold dead fingers. Spencer says fine and slams his head into the bar.

Spencer confronts Victor GH

In the bunker, Holly bursts into the observation room with the cure for Valentin and Anna.

Out on the island Trina, with Ace, finds Curtis and Laura. She warns them there is going to be an airstrike. They tell her the strike has been called off, and the Haunted Star is the new target. Trina exclaims, “Spencer’s on that ship!”

Back on the ship, Spencer checks his uncle for a pulse, which he still has. He grabs the canister when suddenly he hears drones screaming overhead.

On the island, Trina, and Laura, watch in horror as the Haunted Star explodes.

haunted star explodes gh

On the next General Hospital: Michael tells Willow that won’t happen. Willow responds you don’t know that. Sam tells Nina that sometimes knowing makes things worse. Dante warns Carly the feds are moving pretty fast and it looks like they have a case. Sonny notes to Diane it’s a little late to be a stickler for rules. A man tells Valentin and Trina that a body has been pulled from the wreckage.

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