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Nina sits alone at Kelly’s when Sonny arrives and joins her. He guesses that she’s thinking about Willow. Nina asks if he has news. Sonny says he doesn’t on Obrecht or the others, but he has been digging to find out who tipped off the SEC. He hasn’t found out anything yet but has contacts in DC looking into it and what Drew will face when he comes back. He is also working to make sure Carly isn’t left holding the bag on this one.

Sonny Nina trip GH

Sonny damns Ned for putting Drew and Carly in this position in the first place. He vows to do whatever he can for his family, as when someone messes with one of them, they mess with all of them. He says Ned better brace himself if he did this. Nina changes the topic to his earlier suggestion they go to the islands and thinks now would be a good time for a trip. She says they could use the time to recharge and regroup, and then when they get home they can deal with everyone who needs their help. Sonny says he’ll make some calls.

Nina Sonny SEC GH

In Joss’ dorm, she and Dex try and watch a movie for a distraction, but Joss can’t help but worry about her family and friends. Dex says she has to have hope as it’s a powerful thing. She knows Sonny has bought Drew time to find Obrecht, but even if everything works out, he will still go to prison. She can see Dex is having second thoughts about that, and he sees something in Sonny that she and Michael don’t anymore. She knows it’s not easy to turn him in.

Dex Joss talk Sonny GH

Dex says was hired to do a job, and Sonny deserves to be in prison. He says his part in this is over, and it’s up to her brother now. Joss just wants to enjoy this last little bit of time before the fallout and her family is broken into team Michael and team Sonny. They kiss but are interrupted when Dex gets a call from Sonny.

Dex has no regrets GH

Dex takes the call and Sonny asks him to charter him a private plane as soon as possible, explaining Brick is using his private jet. Joss meanwhile gets a call from  Carly about Willow. Joss says she’s on her way. She and Dex head out together, but to deal with separate issues.

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Back at Kelly’s, Sonny tells Nina they’ll stop by their places to pack and head out immediately. Dex arrives and says everything has been arranged, but there’s been a development with Willow. Dex informs them that Carly called Joss and said Willow collapsed and was taken to GH. Sonny tells Dex to cancel the flight, and he and Nina rush out.

Sonny Nina Dex news GH

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At the hospital, Carly assumes the exhaustion of the day must be why Willow passed out. TJ says it’s more than that, Willow has bleeding that isn’t clotting. He says this is an indication her body is breaking down and not healing itself. Michael knows they are running out of time, but what are they going to do about it? TJ advises they keep her here to buy her more time until Drew gets here with Obrecht. However, TJ says she will be in terrible pain. Michael doesn’t know what to do as the hospital is the last place she wants to be, and walks off to think.

Carly TJ Michael talk Willow GH

Michael heads into Willow’s room and sits by her side. Willow stirs awake and asks what happened. He explains she passed out and he brought her to the hospital. She remembers they were talking about Sonny. He says they are done talking about him, and they need to focus on her health. Willow wants to be home with the kids. Michael wants that too, but her only chance is to stay in the hospital. He explains TJ believes she needs to stay here and be monitored to buy her time for Drew and Obrecht to get home. He knows this isn’t what she wants, but this is their last shot. Willow says if Drew is risking his life for them, she’ll stay and fight.

Michael gives Willow news GH

Joss arrives, and Carly tells her that Willow’s only shot is a transplant and they are running out of time. Carly says Willow was fragile before, and she hopes this SEC thing didn’t push her past her breaking point. Joss says that’s on Ned. Carly can’t believe he could be so cold and do this to Willow and Michael now of all times. She blames herself and says she gave Ned this opening, and Drew and Michael both told her not to buy the stock. Joss says she was just trying to help someone she loved. Joss notes what she did was good, and what Ned did was harmful.

Dex calls Joss and tells her that he just saw Sonny and Nina and they know. Just then, Sonny and Nina enter. They approach Carly, who has a grim look on her face.

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Robert is dragged to the elevator in cuffs and demands that Agent Hensley call the new director and stop the bombing of the island. Hensley says that’s not his decision to make, and Robert’s under arrest. Diane and Jordan step off the elevator and say he’s not taking Robert anywhere. Hensley insists this is a matter of international security and they have no jurisdiction. Diane talks Robert’s civil rights and legalities to the agent, and orders Robert to be let go. Hensley uncuffs Robert but says the bombs won’t be stopped. Robert says he needs to contact the new director and talk him out of this.

Diane saves Robert GH

On the Haunted Star in Greenland, Spencer is shocked to learn his grandmother is here. Curtis won’t leave them, but he needs Trina and Spencer to get to the seaplane with Ace. Trina rushes into Curtis’ arms and hugs him in tears and says she can’t lose him. He says she won’t. Trina says there is a satellite phone she can get and call Jordan for help. When she leaves to get it, Curtis tells Spencer that the plane has orders to take off with them, and not to let Trina talk the pilot into waiting for him or the others. Trina returns with the phone and begs Curtis to be safe. She tells him a lot has happened between them and becomes at a loss for words. He simply tells her, “I know kiddo, and me too.”

Curtis gives Spencer orders GH

Trina thinks the baby will need another blanket as it’s cold out, and runs off to find one. When she leaves, the nanny appears and tells Spencer he and that baby are going nowhere. As she radios for backup, Trina returns and smashes a bottle over her head, knocking the nanny out. Spencer stashes the nanny from hell, as he calls, her in a stateroom. Suddenly they hear gunshots in the distance, and Trina remembers she was supposed to call Jordan. She makes the call, and Jordan warns her of the drones coming with bombs. Jordan says they need to get to the seaplane now.

nanny from hell GH

In the bunker, Victor warns Laura if she drops the vial she will die. Laura says so will he, and that might be worth it. Victor tells Laura to think of Willow, as Obrecht is her only hope. Laura says it’s better if one innocent dies in order to save the world. Obrecht tries to warn Laura of something, but she’s muffled by one of Victor’s men.

Laura threatens drop vial GH

Victor tells Laura to hurry up and die for this cause before he kills her. Laura smashes the vial, and everyone looks at one another. Victor reveals the pathogen has to be activated by light, so she has failed. Victor’s men grab Laura and Drew. As Victor orders Drew to be executed, suddenly gunshots are heard in the distance. Victor orders some of his men to deal with it when the door to the lab is blown open and Anna enters gun drawn. Victor takes cover and orders his men to get Anna.

Anna busts in GH

Drew races to help Anna, and as Laura grabs the pathogen canister, Victor holds a gun to her back and says, “Don’t.” He orders her to step away and snatches the canister from her.

Laura at gunpoint

Victor grabs Obrecht to escape, and Laura tries to stop them. He says, “Goodbye Laura…” and shoots her. Laura goes down.

Laura shot GH

Curtis appears and together he, Drew and Anna deal with Victor’s guards. Laura gets up and reveals the shot only grazed her arm. Anna asks where Valentin is, and Laura breaks the news to her about Victor injecting him with the serum. Anna runs to find him, and Curtis tells Laura they should get to the seaplane.

Suddenly a computer monitor beeps and green scrambled images appear on it. Laura says she knows that sound and this computer is like the one that controlled Mikkos’ weather machine. She tells Curtis they can’t go yet.

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In the observation room, Helena continues to torment Valentin. She begs him to let her take him away from everything and everyone. He cries he’s going nowhere with her. Helena says he’s dying, and everyone he loves will be better off without him.

Valentin struggles GH

As he cries in pain, Helena tells him not to fight it as it will soon be over. He says he will take agony over an eternity with her. Helena urges him to let go, it’s easier that way. Suddenly he sees Anna looking in from the window, and he smiles at her.

Helena taunts GH

Above ground, Victor drags Obrecht along as he heads toward the Haunted Star. Suddenly they are ordered to stop by Holly who aims a gun at them.

Holly stops Victor GH

On the next General Hospital: On the phone, Carly asks someone what happened. Michael tells someone that Willow wants to see them. Willow asks someone to do something for her. Anna screams through the window at Valentin, “This is not how you die!” Trina tells Spencer, “I’m not leaving you.” Victor holds the canister up and says to Holly, “If something happens to me, we all die.” Jordan calls Curtis, and tells him and Laura the WSB has ordered a drone strike on the island. Holly tells Victor, “You’ve failed, again!”

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