Valentin sees Helena GH
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In Greenland on the Haunted Star, Curtis drops his gun as he tackles Victor’s guards. Trina runs to Spencer, who has been badly beaten and urges him to wake up. Curtis manages to take the guards out and tells Trina they have to go and he’ll come back for Spencer. Trina refuses to leave him. Spencer finally comes to, and Curtis helps him stand. They then set off to find Ace.

Trina rushes to Spencer GH
The group locates Ace and his nanny, and Spencer grabs the baby. Curtis tells Trina and Spencer to take the baby and get to the seaplane. He refuses to leave without the rest of his group. Spencer asks who else is here. He tells them Drew, Valentin and Laura came with him.

Rescuing Ace GH

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Victor, along with Obrecht, watches as Valentin fights the pathogen. Victor tells him to reveal who his accomplices are, but Valentin refuses. As his vitals drop, Obrecht wants to test the antidote before it’s too late and he’s dead. Victor tells her not yet, as Valentin is made of strong stuff.

Valentin struggles GH

Victor yells at Valentin that he can end this at any moment by talking. Victor tells him that they will find his companions sooner than later and if he is really willing to leave Charlotte fatherless. He says he’ll try and provide for Charlotte, but she’d much rather have her papa. Valentin struggles to speak, but he begins screaming, “It’s burning,” and his vision fades and blurs. Obrecht says he’s delirious, and to let her save him as she knows Victor still cares for him. Victor says they’re done here and drags Obrecht away.

Victor and Obrecht argue GH

Drew brings Laura into the bunker and tells a guard the boss wants her with the other prisoners. The guard says everyone but the doctor is back on the ship. The guard decides to check in with the boss and radio him, so Laura begins faking pain. The guard is distracted by her and Drew knocks him out.

Laura Drew arrive GH

Laura and Drew head into Victor’s lab and look around. They find the pathogen canister but can’t read the label, which is in German. Victor, Obrecht and his guards enter and he says he’s sure Obrecht will be happy to translate for them. Victor goads Drew that they’ve come full circle, as he had hoped to access his memory to find the location of this island long before now.  Drew lunges at Victor, creating a diversion, and Laura removes something from the canister.

Victor taunts GH

Victor tells Laura this is a full circle moment for her too, as she gets to be here with him at the very end. Victor fills her in on his plan, the pathogen, its effects, and that Mikkos created it decades ago. Laura asks how he can be sure that a pathogen that’s 40 years old will even work. He tells her to see for herself. He turns on a monitor and they see Valentin in the room struggling.

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As Valentin fights, Helena walks in and says hello to her son. Helena says soon they will be together. Valentin begs her to help him. Helena laughs and says she’s not here to save him, she is here to drag him down where he belongs, to be with her for eternity. He seethes he is going nowhere with her. She says not yet, but soon, and his father has seen to that.

Valentin sees Helena GH

Back in the lab, Laura tells Victor he’s mad. Victor gloats he’s creating a world where only the strong will survive. Laura asks, “Are you sure about that?” as she holds up a vial of the pathogen.

Laura has upperhand GH

At the Quartermaine gatehouse, Michael calls an ambulance for Willow, who has passed out. As the paramedics arrive, Brook Lynn and Tracy enter and ask what happened. He says they were talking about Sonny when she fainted. He cries it was too much, and wonders if this is his fault.

Willow passes out GH

Michael heads out with the paramedics, and Tracy and Brook Lynn stay behind with the kids who are asleep. Tracy and Brook Lynn chat, and Tracy brings up Chase. Brook Lynn wonders how long she’s going to hold her contacting the CCRB for Chase over her head. Tracy didn’t do this for Chase but for her. Suddenly Wiley comes down the steps and asks where his mommy is. Brook Lynn says she had to go to rest but will be back soon. He asks who Tracy is, and she introduces herself. They try and occupy him with a story, and eventually, the boy falls fast asleep.

Tracy BLQ and Wiley GH

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At Kelly’s, Carly tries to pay for her coffee and pie with a card, but the waitress tells her it’s been denied. Carly asks her to run another card, but it too is declined. Carly looks for cash when Nina appears and says she has this and hands over a card. Carly finds some cash and says there is no need. Nina says those card readers glitch all the time. She asks how the wedding was, and Carly says it was beautiful. She says it’s ironic that Nelle is the one who brought Michael and Willow together for their first wedding, and Nelle brought Wiley into their lives too. Carly calls those moves the only good things Nelle ever did, and then lists all the terrible things she did and says Nelle was a horrible person. She wants to remind Nina of that as she tends to romanticize her. Carly says back to the wedding, it was beautiful, and now they pray that Drew finds Dr. Obrecht before the SEC finds Drew. Nina asks about the SEC, and Carly tells her the agents are more interested in Drew than her, and they think he’s in Hawaii. She says they must hope Drew has a big enough lead on them to find and bring Obrecht home before they get to him.

Carly taunts Nina GH

Ava arrives and asks Carly how the wedding was. Carly says it was beautiful and a lovely evening for everyone who was invited. Carly walks out, and Ava asks Nina what she did to Carly now.

Ava and Nina sit down and order coffee. Nina fills Ava in about the SEC crashing the wedding, and she didn’t want to ruin Willow’s big day. Ava says she better hope Carly never learns she is the one who snitched. Nina says Carly isn’t the only one in trouble, Drew is too. Ava notes she had to expect that. Nina had no idea Drew would be out there trying to save her aunt and Willow when all this would go down. She laments after everything Drew’s done to save Willow, he‘ll come home to the SEC and could lose everything. Nina says it’s all because of her.

Ava gives Nina advice GH

Ava tells Nina that people are full of contradictions, and Drew may be a hero, but he also may deserve to go to prison. She says that’s not Nina’s problem. She reminds her that Drew and Carly broke the law and that what’s done is done. Ava says she can either let the guilt paralyze her, or she can be there for her daughter because Carly might not be able to.

Nina feels guilty GH

Outside of Kelly’s, Carly gets a call from Michael. He tells her Willow collapsed and they are at the hospital. Carly looks in at Nina but takes off.

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At the hospital, Liz asks TJ why he’s not dancing the night away at Michael and Willow’s wedding. He explains he was called in to cover for another doctor, and the reception never happened as the SEC arrived to take Carly away on insider trading charges. In spite of that, TJ says Willow and Michael were so happy to be married, and she looked radiant. They talk about how brave she’s been, and her strength has come from her family, especially her kids.

Liz and TJ talk about wedding GH

The WSB agent holds Robert in Anna’s room as Scott has been taken off to be debriefed. Robert and the agent scuffle as Robert tries to escape, but the agent secures him by handcuffing him to the bed. Robert tells the agent the WSB will bomb the island off the map, but he already has a team headed there to help.

Robert agent scuffle GH

Felicia knocks on the door and the agent steps out. She explains she’s looking for her friend Anna. Robert hears her and yells, “Call Frisco, tell him to call off the emergency protocol, the WSB knows about the weapon, and Laura and the others are on the island.” Having had enough of Robert, the agent heads in and gags him.

Felicia brings news GH

Felicia returns later with the WSB director on the phone and gives the phone to the agent. She takes the tape off Robert’s mouth and explains she called Frisco, and when he tried to call off the bombing, the board of directors replaced him immediately as head of the WSB. She says the new head has ordered the island to be blown up.

Elsewhere, TJ and Liz get to work stabilizing Willow. Michael paces outside her room and thinks about their vows earlier. Carly eventually arrives, and Michael cries he can’t lose Willow, and that he’s not ready for this. She promises he won’t and they embrace.

trying to save willow GH

In Willow’s room, TJ gets the results of Willow’s bloodwork. He reads them and looks gravely at Liz. He then steps out to give the news to Michael and Carly.

On the next General Hospital: Curtis asks if he can trust Spencer. TJ tells Michael and Carly, “There’s more.” Joss asks Dex if he’s having second thoughts. Robert begs the agent to have the director abort the mission. Valentin continues to tell Helena he won’t go with her. Victor says to Laura, “You drop it, you die.” Michael tells Willow, “This is our last shot.” Sonny says to Nina, “If someone messes with one of us, they mess with all of us.”

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