After hearing Luke is his father, Ethan isn’t sure he should believe anything Holly says. Holly tries to explain why she never told Luke she was pregnant and why she gave Ethan up, but Ethan isn’t happy with her recounting of things. Holly gets emotional as she tells Ethan giving him up was the hardest thing she ever had to do, but she couldn’t keep him with her and drag him around from place to place. Ethan tells her his parents were wonderful, but it doesn't excuse all the lies she’s told since she found him. Holly didn’t know how Luke would react so she set the wheels in motion and left it to chance; if they were meant to connect they would. Luke tells her they could have had years together, but she kept Ethan from him. Holly doesn’t know why she played all these games, but she just wanted more. Ethan is proud to be Luke’s son, but Holly makes him sick and he walks out.

Carly tries to convince Jax the baby will be okay if they have sex. As they start to kiss, Morgan comes in saying they have to see Michael tonight. He can’t wait to see his brother, but Carly and Jax explain that Michael needs rest and he might not be the same person Morgan remembers. Morgan understands, but he just wants Michael to come home.

Jason orders Spinelli to analyze a tape to determine if it is real, which will prove Claudia is guilty. Spinelli and Jason listen to the recording and Spinelli runs some programs to determine if Claudia was actually speaking or framed. Spinelli hopes it’s the latter and Jason is stunned. Spinelli says she has been nice to him, but Jason tells him she’s working him. Spinelli determines that the voice is Claudia's and urges Jason to be careful with what he does with that information. Jason doesn’t think Claudia is deserving of his sympathy, but Spinelli thinks Jason should think of the baby.

Claudia and Sonny discuss her sudden bond with Michael when he calls asking Sonny to come back to the hospital.

Lulu and Lucky meet up at the house and debate the Ethan issue. Lulu defends Luke’s infidelity, but Lucky only sees it as Luke betraying their mother. Lulu wonders what exactly he can’t forgive and Lucky recalls how he thought of Luke as his hero before Lulu was born. Lulu tells her brother people aren’t perfect, but you have to love them anyway because they are the only family that you have.

Claudia and Sonny return to the hospital and Michael tells them he wants to live with them. Sonny reminds him he’s supposed to live with Carly, but Michael can’t stand her smothering him and he worries what will happen if he fights with her. Claudia says it’s fine with her and tells Sonny it might be better for everyone involved if he lives with them. Sonny doesn’t want to go behind Carly's back, but Michael says he can’t be calm and helpful to Carly right now. Sonny agrees to talk to Carly to see what she thinks.

Elizabeth comes to see Lucky and he tells her he has to let go of his childhood fantasy of his father. Elizabeth tells him what he had was real and that Luke and Laura genuinely loved each other. Lucky thinks Luke had a funny way of showing it and now he has to move on. Liz tells him he will never be able to move on from his father. Lucky says the only redeeming thing about Luke was how much he loved Laura and now that’s gone. Elizabeth reminds him people can cheat and still love their spouse and Lucky of all people should know that. Elizabeth knows Luke loves him because he’s still there and not giving up on him. She says the love Luke has for him, Lulu and Laura is real and she thinks Lucky should be able to forgive him. Lucky tells her she’s the one person who could show him how much he’s messed up.

Carly, Jax and Morgan run into Sonny and Claudia in the lobby of the hospital and Sonny asks Carly to talk. They send Morgan off and Sonny tells them Michael wants to live with him and he thinks it’s best. Carly gets upset, so Sonny explains. Jax agrees they have to do what’s best for Michael and Claudia chimes in with her opinion, but Carly doesn't want to hear it. Carly doesn’t know why Michael is angry with her, but she’ll have to accept it and storms off.

Morgan goes to Michael’s room and gives him a video game. Michael is happy and thanks his brother.

Lulu meets Ethan on the docks who tells her he is her brother. Lulu wonders if Laura will be able to forgive Luke for this and notes Lucky won’t be so happy. Ethan asks how Lulu feels and she tells him he is a decent guy and that it might be nice to be brother and sister.

Carly and Jax come to Michael’s room and see him and Morgan playing the video game. They smile as they watch the boys play together and Michael thanks Carly for letting Morgan come by. They all share some easy banter and Morgan asks if Michael can come home with them. Carly says Michael is going to live with Sonny, but Morgan appeals to Michael to come home with them.

Jason waits at Sonny’s house for him. When Sonny comes home he tells Jason Michael wants to live with him and asks Jason to talk to Carly to let her know it’s not her fault. Jason starts to tell him about the tape, but Claudia walks in and says she’s excited about Michael moving in. Jason says Michael should be with his mother, but they think it’s what Michael needs right now. Sonny notices the tape in Jason’s hands and asks what it is.

Holly wonders if Luke hates her too. Luke could never hate her, but this con makes no sense to him based on her sloppy work of it. Holly is just as confused and didn’t realize he’d have a life in Port Charles that he’s invested in. Luke says wanderlust aside, he is invested in his life there. Holly would love for him to come away with her, but she’ll accept it if he’d rather stay there. Luke tells her his kids are in Port Charles and he has a life there and a wife he loves. He says riding into the sunset with her is tempting and Holly tells him it’s an open invitation. Luke says goodbye for this roll of the dice and Holly looks forward to the next. Luke kisses her, as Lucky walks in and sees it. He yells at Holly to take his dad and get out of there!

Next on General Hospital:

Michael changes his mind.

Johnny warns Claudia.

Ethan confronts Holly before she leaves.

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