Victor Obrecht inject Valentin GH
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In the bunker in Greenland, Valentin is brought in, and Victor is impressed that he found him. Victor warns him that his men will soon locate his accomplices, but Valentin claims he came alone. Obrecht asks about Willow, and Valentin says she’s still alive. Valentin asks about Victor’s hostages, and Victor says they too are alive, for now. He orders Obrecht to get on with the testing. Valentin asks, “What testing?” Victor says he’s saving the world, and Valentin will help.

Valentin brought to Victor GH

Valentin learns Victor’s plan off-camera and calls his father delusional. Victor hoped to have Valentin by his side in this new world, but his betrayals have changed his mind on that. Valentin tells his father it’s not too late to end this madness, and he can have his son back. Valentin says together they can set the world right without lives lost. Victor says he was foolish enough to trust him once, he won’t again.

Valentin begs Victor GH

Victor demands to know who he came with, but Valentin insists he came alone. Victor explains this is what is going to happen, Obrecht will inject him with the pathogen, and then he’ll give him the answers he wants for the antidote. He warns if he doesn’t give them any answers and dies, then they’ll test the antidote on Trina and Spencer. Victor has his men drag Valentin off, and he tells Obrecht, “Let’s go make history.”

Victor Obrecht make history GH

Valentin is strapped in a chair in a room, and Obrecht enters with a syringe. Victor watches through a window as Obrecht pleads with Victor, “He’s your son.” Victor says not anymore. Obrecht injects Valentin and tells him that she’s sorry. He replies he knows. Obrecht leaves the room and tells Victor what he’s doing is insane. Valentin asks how long before he’s dead. Victor says he thinks he needs a tissue, as blood drips from his nose.

Obrecht injects Valentin

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On the Haunted Star, two men try and escort Spencer to his room. Spencer struggles to break free, stomping on one’s foot, who says he’ll pay for that. As he goes to punch Spencer, Curtis appears and says, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Curtis says the boss doesn’t like those who rough up his family. Spencer says he just wanted to check on Trina, whose room is next to the engine room and there are a lot of fumes so he’s worried about her. Curtis tells the guards not to harm the boss’ family and takes off. The one guard then punches Spencer in the stomach.

Curtis warns guards GH ABC

Curtis finds Trina’s room, takes out the guard outside, and enters. Trina runs into his arms. Curtis promises to bring her home and needs to get her off this boat. He says once she’s safe he’ll come back for the others. She refuses to leave Spencer behind, which Curtis assumed she’d say. He orders her to do what he says, which includes running if he tells her. They head out to find Spencer.

Trina curtis reunite GH

In the main salon, Trina yells at the two guards who are beating up Spencer to stop it. One of the men tells the other to get her, and he rushes Trina. Curtis appears and takes down the guard, but drops his gun in the process. The other guard rushes Curtis.

spencer gets beat up GH

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At the Quartermaine gatehouse, Michael tells Willow there was one tradition they forgot to do, and carries her outside and then back over the threshold. Later they talk about how the wedding ended, and what Sonny did to help Drew. Willow says if the worst happens, she hates the idea of the family divided between him and his father. She asks him to think about how many people at the wedding love both him and Sonny, and how this rift affects them all. She says all those people don’t want to choose, and can he for their sakes find a way to coexist with his father?

Willow Michael talk GH

Michael tells her there is something she doesn’t know, and it’s better he shows her. He pulls out his phone and plays the video of Sonny making a deal with Pikeman and explains what she’s seeing. He says this footage will send his father to prison for the rest of his life. Willow asks why would Sonny do this, and Michael guesses money. Willow notes he’s rich enough. Michael says Port Charles is Sonny’s territory, and the Pikeman Group owes him favors for this and likely has politicians and businessmen who can be useful to Sonny.

willow not happy Michael GH

Willow asks how got the video. Michael admits it was from Dexm who actually works for him, and has been working to get him information on Sonny’s criminal activities. He says with this information, Sonny will be out of their lives for good. Willow cries, “What about your brother and sisters?” He says they’ll finally be safe from Sonny. Willow becomes upset, starts breathing heavily and passes out.

Willow faints

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Dex stops by Joss’ dorm room, and they quickly make their way to the bed. After making love, Dex asks about the wedding. Joss says the wedding was wonderful. She says she saw Kristina, which was tense, as she’s loyal to her dad and thinks he’s done nothing wrong. However, they all put their grudges aside to enjoy the night. He asks about the reception, but she tells him there wasn’t one. She fills him in on the SEC coming to take her mom for questioning on insider trading, and how Sonny was able to help Drew evade them for now and continue looking for Willow. She says this complicates things given Michael is trying to bring him to justice. She knows Sonny’s broken the law and has to face justice, but then he stands up for them and she realizes he’s complicated.

Dex questions Joss GH

Dex admits he got the evidence Michael needs tonight, and this will be over if he turns it into the authorities. Joss asks what if Dex goes down with Sonny? Dex doesn’t believe that will happen as he turned over the evidence and can cut a deal. Joss asks if there is any way Sonny could get out of this. Dex doubts it, and wonders if she wants him to get out of it. She notes Kristina, Donna and Avery will be devastated by this. Dex says he’s sorry and didn’t mean to hurt her family. She assures him he didn’t Sonny did, and he never thought he’d get caught.

Joss Dex complicate things GH

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In Portia’s office at the hospital, Marshall drops by to check on her. When she realizes he hasn’t talked to Curtis about what’s happening, she tells him about Trina’s call, and that Curtis and Drew left to try and rescue her. Marshall knows there is nothing Curtis won’t do for his family, especially someone who might be his daughter.

Marshall and Portia talk Curtis Trina GH

Portia cries that Curtis has been there for her through all of this, and when Trina called, she told her that she loved her. She sobs she never thought she’d hear that again. She would give anything to just have Curtis and Trina home safe. She feels stuck and unable to help her daughter. Marshall promises to stay with her no matter how long this takes.

Portia and Marshall GH

In Anna’s room, Robert leaves a message for Diane as Scott snores. Liz knocks on the door and says she’s coming in. Robert slips out and tells Liz that Anna is sleeping. She insists on checking on her, but Robert can’t let her do that. Robert says Anna is exhausted so she should come back later.

Robert stalls Liz

In the room, Scotty finally wakes up. He grabs the phone, but the cord is missing. He finds it on the floor and plugs it in and asks the operator to connect him to the WSB.

Scott makes a call

In the hall, Liz asks what the real reason Robert doesn’t want her to go in there is. He tells Liz something is going on that is highly confidential and she has to trust him. Suddenly, an agent from the WSB arrives and demands to get in the room.

Liz needs answer GH

The agent bursts in and Liz sees Scott inside. She asks what is going on. Scott says Robert drugged him to keep him from telling the WSB about Victor’s biological weapon. Robert yells, “You idiot, you’ve just killed the woman you purport to love, along with three innocent hostages.“

Scott ruins everything GH

On the next General Hospital: Brook Lynn asks Tracy how long she thinks she can hold this over her head. TJ says to Liz, “It’s like nothing else matters.” Ava warns Nina she better never find out you tipped them off. Robert demands to be let go. Victor warns Obrecht, “Try it and it will be the last thing you do.” Curtis continues to fight with the guards on the Haunted Star and Trina begs an unconscious Spencer to wake up. Michael calls for paramedics.

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