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At the warehouse, the Pikeman Group brings in a large crate. Before any more are brought in, Sonny confronts them about the attempt on his life. The head of the group assures him they were not behind that, and Sonny has confirmed that. He believes whoever tried to kill him did it to get to them. Sonny says this clearly is about what they are shipping. He assumed they were shipping only weapons, now he thinks it’s something bigger.

Pikeman shipment Sonny GH

Sonny demands to know what they are shipping. One of the men open the crate as the camera Dex planted rolls. Brick looks inside and finds out it’s one of the world’s most powerful plastic explosives, and a single brick can take out a city block.

Sonny making all the sacrifices GH

Brick takes Sonny aside and says this stuff is in high demand, and the military keeps it under tight control. Sonny tells the Pikeman people he can’t believe more people haven’t taken shots at him for this. The man says great rewards come with great risks. Sonny yells he’s the one taking all the risks so it’s time to renegotiate their deal. He wants information on who tried to take him out, and the man from Pikeman agrees to find out who it was. Sonny has to go but says Brick and Dex will take care of the rest of this deal. Sonny tells Dex to make sure the cash transaction goes smoothly.

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After Sonny leaves, the men deliver a briefcase to Brick and Dex. Dex opens it up to count it. The man from Pikeman says the last thing they want to do is scam Mr. Corinthos, and this deal will be lucrative and life-changing for him. Later, Brick warns Dex if he wants to stay in this business, trust nobody but Sonny. Dex asks, “Not even you?” Brick responds, “Especially not me.” Brick leaves, and Dex reflects on what he’s done.

Brick gets paid GH

In Anna’s hospital room, Scott confronts Anna and Holly about Victor’s biological weapon. He refuses to allow them to sacrifice his girlfriend to Victor. Robert arrives and tells Scott to be quiet as he can hear him down the hall. Anna explains Scott thinks they don’t want to rescue Obrecht, which is not the case. Anna hopes Scott hasn’t done anything foolish with what he knows like informing the WSB.

Scotty demands answers GH

Scott says he hasn’t said anything to anyone, yet. Holly slips out as Scott goes on a tirade and warns them if they don’t tell the WSB, he will. When he goes to make the call, Holly chloroforms him from behind.

Robert Anna talk sense to Scott GH

Robert puts Scott, who is out cold, in a chair. Holly suggests they get on the next flight to Greenland. Anna says she’s ready and begins unhooking herself from all the machines monitoring her. As Anna finds her clothes to dress, Robert guesses he’ll go pack a bag, but Holly and Anna need Robert to stay here. They need him to buy time with the WSB if they get wind of what is going on. They leave Robert to deal with Scott, who begins to have nightmares.

Scott out cold GH

At the Metro Court, Nina meets with Martin and asks him to call off the SEC. He says he can’t, it’s a done deal and Carly was already brought into the station and questioned tonight. Nina never expected them to act so fast. She asks what is next. Martin says both Carly and Drew will face an investigation. He says if there is nothing else, he needs to visit his sister who isn’t returning his calls. He tells Nina she did nothing wrong, that’s on Carly and Drew.

MArtin and Nina meet GH

At the Quartermaine mansion, Carly arrives and apologizes to Michael for ruining his and Willow’s big night. Michael says they were still able to get married, and this is all Ned’s fault. She asks if he admitted to calling the SEC on them. Michael says he didn’t, but who else would have done it?

Carly is sorry GH

Carly and Michael head into the living room to see Willow. Willow is glad Carly is okay. Carly says that’s in part thanks to Sonny, who has thrown the SEC off Drew’s tail to buy him time to find Obrecht. Willow feels that means they are still important to Sonny. Carly agrees that Sonny came through for them. Michael says Drew is the one working to bring Obrecht home, not Sonny. Willow says Sonny redirected the SEC so Drew could have more time, and that must count for something.

Willow is hopeful GH

Michael still refuses to forget Sonny’s past mistakes. He asks his mom what happened with the feds, and she explains that her and Aurora’s assets have been frozen. Michael damns Ned for hurting them and their company. Willow isn’t sure Ned did this, as he’s always been so kind. Michael says Ned is a Quartermaine, and ruthless, and she always sees the best in the people. Willow mumbles, “That’s not entirely true.” Carly says this is all her own doing, and she didn’t listen to Drew or Michael when they told her not to invest in Aurora.

Michael keeps blaming Ned GH

Michael heads off to retrieve Willow’s bouquet, while Carly helps Willow into her wheelchair to take her back to the gatehouse. In the foyer, Michael gets a video message from Dex.

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Sonny and Nina meet at his office, and she asks about the wedding. He fills her in, and Nina is glad Willow had a perfect day. Sonny says it wasn’t perfect and informs her about the authorities hauling Carly in for questioning on insider trading. He says they’re currently looking for Drew, which confuses Nina as she thought Drew was at the wedding. Sonny tells her that Drew and the others got a tip on the location of Victor and have gone to find him.

Nina and Sonny talk Wedding GH

Sonny explains he delayed the SEC from finding Drew by throwing them off the trail and giving him more time to carry out the rescue mission. Nina says this is only temporary, and eventually the government will find him. She fears this could ruin the mission, and Obrecht is Willow’s last chance. Sonny promises her that Drew will find Obrecht. He says whoever tipped off the SEC is not only hurting Carly and Drew but also Willow.

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In Greenland, Victor’s men hear and investigate Valentin’s ringing satelitte phone. Valentin rushes out from behind the rock everyone is hiding behind and gives himself up. He tells them he’s alone, introduces himself, and demands to see his father.

Val gives himself up GH

In the bunker, Victor assures Obrecht he’ll let her go as soon as she creates an antidote serum. One of Victor’s men interrupts and informs Victor someone claiming to be his son has been apprehended on the island. Victor demands to speak to him, and Valentin says, “Hello Dad!” over a walkie-talkie. Victor demands they bring his son to him. He also orders his men to conduct a thorough search as his son didn’t come alone.

Obrecht and Victor argue GH

Back on land, Valentin is led off, and Drew checks to make sure the coast is clear. They discuss how to get into the bunker, and Laura suggests they give Victor what he wants, Valentin’s accomplice. She says Drew needs to deliver her to Victor as the accomplice while Curtis gets to the Haunted Star.

Laura has a plan GH

Laura plays hurt and screams “Help me!” to get two guards’ attention. When they go to her, Curtis and Drew rush them and take the men out. Curtis and Drew change into the guards’ outfits to finish the second part of their plan. Curtis heads to the Haunted Star, and Drew cuffs Laura to make her his prisoner and they take off for the bunker.

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Back in the bunker, Obrecht tells Victor now that Valentin is here, others are going to follow. She also says she can’t perform what he needs with these supplies, so they need to retreat and regroup. Victor agrees and says he’ll have to rethink things, but this is only a momentary delay. Obrecht notes he still needs an antidote, and she refuses to use Trina and Spencer as test subjects as they are young and innocent. Victor plans to give her someone not so innocent. Valentin is brought in and Victor says, “Perfect timing, Son!”

Valentin brought to Victor GH

On the next General Hospital: Valentin makes an offer. Joss and Dex are hopeful. Willow gets a shock.

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