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At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael asks Willow how she’s feeling. She’s worried about Carly. Ned thinks this will blow over. Sonny reveals he talked to Diane, the SEC got a tip that Carly and Drew were involved in insider trading. Willow asks if Michael will be charged too, but Sonny says they only are interested in Carly and Drew, and no mention of Michael was made. Sonny says he’ll go down to the station to check on Carly and Joss.

willow is worried GH

Later, Michael tells Willow he’s sorry this went down on their wedding day. She says this isn’t his fault. Michael suggests there is still plenty of food and champagne, so they can still celebrate. He suggests she go upstairs and rest a bit.

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Ned tells Michael that he’s sorry things went down this way. Michael says, “Why, this is what you wanted.” He accuses Ned of tipping off the SEC as he threatened to last fall. Ned says if he thinks he’d send his mother to prison while his wife is dying then he doesn’t know him at all. Michael says, “You’re right Ned, I don’t.”

Michae blames NEd

Brook Lynn returns with Willow, who is now in sweats, as Michael lashes out at Ned for selling them all out to stay in power at ELQ. He yells, “Hell you sold your own daughter out!” Brook Lynn says, “That’s enough!” Ned agrees and storms out, and BLQ follows.

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Michael tells Willow he’s sorry for losing his cool. She knows he’s worried about his mom. She suggests they get back to the gatehouse and celebrate as planned.

At the station, Jordan calls Curtis and gets his voicemail. She says this is urgent and to call her back. She then calls Laura, who she heard is taking personal time off and leaves her a message also asking her to call her back.

Joss arrives and asks Dante where her mom is. He explains she’s in with Diane and the SEC, and she could be in trouble. Jordan enters the squad room, and Joss insists her mother did nothing wrong to her. Jordan hopes that is true, and Dante explains they’re looking for Drew too and Carly won’t give him up. Jordan realizes Drew is radio silent too, and excuses herself.

In the interrogation, the SEC feds tell Carly they got a tip that she and Drew colluded to inflate the price of Aurora’s stocks before a merger with ELQ was made public. They question her about her relationship with Drew and show her a photo of the two of them looking close. Diane explains they are connected through family, and their family is dealing with a sick family member right now, so they need to do better than that photo.

SEC wants Drew GH

The SEC explains they aren’t looking to make an example of her, she’s just a standard citizen, and it would be best if she cooperates and tell them where Drew is. Carly tells them to go to hell. The SEC advises Diane to encourage her client to cooperate as the timing of her seven-figure investment in Aurora is suspect and enough proof of her crimes. They can even hold for 24 hours. Diane asks if her client can at least be permitted a coffee break.

Carly won't give up Drew GH

Carly steps out of the interrogation room, and Joss tells her mom how worried she is about her. Sonny appears and says, “We all are.” Carly tells Sonny the SEC knows about her and Drew and asks him if he said anything. He says he didn’t, and neither would Olivia and Brick, who also know. Carly explains they want Drew, but he left town to try and save Obrecht. Sonny excuses himself and calls Brick.

Sonny makes a call GH


Later, the SEC tells Carly she’s free to go as they found out Drew boarded a plane in San Diego headed to Maui. Carly’s confused as to why they think he’s headed there. Sonny lurks in the background, and she realizes this is his doing. She tells Sonny didn’t have to do this. Sonny says he knows things aren’t great between them, but they are still family. He hopes this keeps the SEC busy long enough for Drew to come home with Obrecht and the others. He says to keep him posted and walks off.


Carly calls Michael and fills him in on what happened, and how Sonny stepped up to help Drew.

Later, Diane warns Carly that due to the investigation into all this, Aurora’s accounts have been frozen, and so have Carly’s.

Dante speaks with Joss and says he knows she and Michael think Sonny did wrong by Carly, but hopefully, this is a sign that one day things will be right between them all again.

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Back at the mansion, Ned stews in the foyer about how Michael could accuse him of this. Brook Lynn tells her dad that this does sound like his standard tactics.

In the living room, Michael tells Willow how Sonny stepped up for his mom and Drew. Willow tells him, “He stepped up for you too.”

At a warehouse, Dex instructs Sonny’s men to check the parameter. Alone, he looks at a device when suddenly Brick enters and says, “Got you now kid.” Dex pockets the device, and Brick explains Sonny has been called away on emergency family business, so he sent him. As they talk, Sonny calls Brick for a favor. As Brick’s distracted, Dex plants the device, a small camera, on a shelf. Brick steps out momentarily to deal with Sonny’s business.

Dex plants camera GH

Later, Pikeman arrives and meets Dex and Brick. He asks where their boss is.  Sonny walks in and asks, “Are we going to get this started or what?”

Sonny arrives to make deal GH

At the hospital, Scott finds Portia in the hall thinking about Trina. He thought she could use some company since they’re both in the same boat. They discuss the situation, and Scott believes Anna and Robert know more about what is going on with Victor, and with Holly back, he thinks this is all connected to Luke’s death. He says the Cassadines and the Spencers have been warring for decades. Portia vows that Spencer will never go near her daughter again when Curtis brings Trina home. Scott stops her and asks what that means, what does she know? She says she only knows he left town, and that he should talk to Anna.

Scott and Portia talk the boat GH

Holly visits Anna and they discuss how to prove to the WSB that Victor has a biological weapon. Anna tells Holly she’s called in a favor for help, and Andrew Maddox arrives and asks what Anna has gotten herself into this time. Anna introduces Andre to Holly, who has been looking into the WSB’s files on the Cassadines. Andre couldn’t find anything on Operation Demeter, but he did find the original case files of the weather machine from 40 years ago.

Holly visits Anna GH

Jordan arrives and is surprised to see Andre. She notes given Valentin isn’t by Anna’s bedside, she assumes Laura, Curtis, Drew and Valentin have taken off to rescue Trina and the others. Anna can’t officially confirm her suspicions but explains they believe Victor has a biological weapon, one of mass destruction. Holly, looking through the files, finds something and fears the weapon will end civilization.

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andre is back GH

Holly hands the tablet with the files to Anna, who reads one of the weapons never recovered was a pathogen, one which would kill off 80 percent of the population. Holly wants to call the WSB, but Andre says they can’t. He makes them realize the WSB would bomb the island off the map, and that the lives of the people on the island matter less than the other eight billion on Earth. They agree to give Laura and the others time before turning to the WSB. Andre excuses himself to make some calls to contacts in Canada, and Holly says she’ll try to call Valentin. Alone, Anna asks Jordan to run interference when the WSB eventually contacts her. Scott arrives and listens at the door as Jordan understands the need to keep Victor’s biological weapon under wraps, as people would panic if they knew the truth.

Jordan needs answers from Anna GH

Laura, Drew, Curtis and Laura arrive in Greenland and transverse the mainland towards Victor’s Island. Curtis says they need to stick to the plan to rescue the hostages and leave Victor to the WSB. He says this is no time for anyone’s personal vendetta and asks Valentin if they are clear. Valentin agrees.

Greenland crew GH

Curtis checks in on Laura. Laura tells him she was Trina’s age when she was taken hostage on that boat by the Cassadines, a boat Helena gave her along with a curse. Curtis says if it’s a curse, then they will break it once and for all. Laura likes the sound of that.

Laura and the curse GH

They get closer to the Haunted Star when Drew notices footprints in the snow. They hear men talking in the distance and hide behind a rock as Victor’s men scout the area. In the scramble to hide, Valentin drops his satellite phone in the snow.

Val and Drew caught GH

Victor’s men prepare to return to base when suddenly they hear Holly calling on Valentin’s phone in the snow.

On the next General HospitalLaura suggests giving Victor what he’s looking for. Anna tells Scott that people’s lives are at stake. Willow asks Michael if that doesn’t count for something. Martin meets with Nina and asks why she was so desperate to see him. Victor tells Obrecht he has complete faith she can do it. Sonny tells Pikeman he’s the one taking all the risks here.

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