Michael and Willow married GH
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In the Quartermaine gatehouse, Carly, Bobbie and Joss tell Avery and Donna that they look like princesses. Later, Joss takes Amelia and the girls up to the main house with Bobbie. Carly and Willow are left alone, and Carly asks how she’s feeling. Willow is scared, and wants today to be the beginning of something, but is terrified it’s the end.

Flower girls GH

Carly tells Willow they never know when their time is up, and today she’s surrounded by family and friends and marrying Michael. Carly says if today is the only day they get, they should make it the best one. Willow agrees to focus on today and live in the moment. Carly tells Willow she loves her, and Willow says she loves her back. They embrace and cry.

Willow scared GH

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In the main house kitchen, Tracy asks Olivia what is going on. Olivia explains she’s preparing the food for the wedding. As she lays the trays of food out, Tracy quips that no bride wants a picnic buffet for their wedding. Olivia says Willow didn’t want some stuck-up dinner. Brook Lynn gets Tracy out of the kitchen by suggesting they should mingle with the guests. Olivia asks Ned how long they have to endure Mommy Dearest.

Tracy insults food GH

In the foyer, Sam and Kristina arrive, and Kristina gives Sonny a hug. Dante asks Sam if she’s ready for this. Sam can’t believe they asked her to officiate, but Sonny and Dante think she’s the perfect choice. Michael and Wiley join them, and Wiley is excited to see his grandpa. Molly and TJ soon arrive, and Dante insists on a family photo with Sonny, Michael and Kristina. Michael forces out a smile after Kristina prods him to try and look happy. Eventually, Bobbie, Joss, and the others arrive, and they take more family photos. Molly becomes emotional as she snaps them, and TJ offers to take the photos, but she says she’s okay.

family photos taken GH

Sam asks TJ if everything is okay with Molly, noticing she seems upset. TJ says she’ll be okay, and she’s lucky to have the support of her sisters. Kristina also notices something is wrong and asks her sister how her doctor’s appointment went. Molly admits getting pregnant might be harder than she and TJ thought.

Some worries about Molly GH

Brook Lynn and Tracy run into Chase, and Tracy says this is the man who owes her granddaughter a debt of gratitude for getting his badge back. Brook Lynn quickly pulls Tracy away and Chase smiles.

Chase meets Tracy GH

As they wait for things to begin, Dante lets Michael know he deserves all the happiness in the world today. Michael insists this is the happiest day of his life.

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Carly wheels Willow into the foyer, and Dante and Sam say they’ll see her in the living room. Wiley tells Willow that she looks pretty. She tells him she’s sure his daddy looks handsome,  but nobody is more handsome than him.

Carly and Wiley and Willow GH

In the living room, Sam tells Michael that Jason would be happy for him. Michael’s been thinking about him a lot. She tells him how happy she too is for him and Willow and is honored to be leading them through their vows.

Maxie asks everyone to take their seats and places as the wedding march plays. Michael and Dante stand at the altar with Sam. Wiley walks down the aisle, followed by Donna and Avery, and then Joss.

Willow walks down the aisle GH

Finally, Carly walks Willow down the aisle. At the altar, Michael tells Willow she’s breathtaking, and she returns the compliment.

Carly Willow walk GH

Sam welcomes everyone to the wedding of Michael and Willow. She says she’s known Michael since he was a kid, and they’ve been through a lot together. She adds she and Willow have had shared experiences, and she is a strong, beautiful, and brave person. Sam says she loves them both so very much. Sam steps aside as Joss reads a passage from Shakespeare’s sonnets.

Joss reads passage GH

After Joss speaks, Ned performs a song the bride and groom chose. Before Sam gets to the vows, Michael tells Willow how much he loves her, and how he couldn’t love her any more than he does today. Willow notes she’s been alone most of her life, and then came him. She says at first, they were friends, and the first time they married it was a legal maneuver. However with time, she fell in love with him, and that love has only grown. She is lucky to have him and this incredible family of theirs. Sam tells them they are both lucky.

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Sam recites the vows, and both Michael and Willow say, “I do.” Wiley presents the rings, and Michael and Willow exchange them. Sam then pronounces them husband and wife, and the couple kisses as everyone cheers and blows bubbles.

Sam gives vows GH

The doorbell rings, and Brook Lynn wonders who that could be. Tracy says she’ll get it. As Olivia tells everyone to make their way to the solarium, Tracy brings the feds in. She explains they are from the SEC. Michael says if this is about ELQ it will have to wait. One of them explains it is about ELQ, but it can’t wait, and they are looking for Drew Cain and Carly Spencer.

The SEC comes for Carly GH

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At Sonny’s, Nina tells Ava that she had Martin pass on the insider trading news to the SEC. Nina feels it’s time that Carly finally pays the consequences of her actions. Ava tells Nina if she sends Carly to prison it won’t be Carly who pays, it will be her.

Nina made a big mistake Ava GH

Nina rants of course she’ll be the one who pays, she always pays as Carly has come between her and Willow over and over. Ava agrees Carly is a piece of work, but tells Nina to admit the only reason she sicked the SEC on Carly was for revenge. Nina says Carly MO is revenge, not hers. Ava isn’t judging her but tells her if she wants revenge then it better be worth it to her because if this comes out, it’s the end for her and Sonny.

Ava sets Nina straight GH

Nina says Sonny will never find out, but if he does, he’ll understand. She says Sonny has sacrificed everything for her. Ava explains that is just it, he chose her over them time and time again. She says she’s learned the hard way that Sonny and Carly have a toxic relationship, and no matter what, will always have one another’s back. She notes if the SEC goes after Carly, she doesn’t see Sonny backing Nina.

Nina has regrets GH

Nina says they may not find out, and anyone could have turned Carly in. Ava says it wasn’t just anyone, it was her. Nina suddenly realizes she has just sent Wiley and Amelia’s grandma to jail. She also notes Willow has depended on Carly so much these past few months, and if Willow finds out, she’ll never forgive her. Nina thinks perhaps nothing will come of this, but Ava says the government doesn’t take kindly when people mess with the markets.

On the next General HospitalMichael makes an accusation. Victor has unwelcomed guests. Sonny lends his support.

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