Victor's weapon GH
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Victor and his men arrive at the bunker in Greenland. Victor notes behind a door is the one thing that he’s been working decades towards. They get the door open, and inside is one of Mikkos’ old labs. He instructs one of the men to open a trunk, and the other to fetch the prisoners.

Bunker in Greenland GH

Trina, Spencer and Obrecht are brought in. Spencer calls the place a dump, but Victor says it’s where the future begins. Victor tells them they are about to witness the dawning of a new age. The men break the lock on the chest and open it. From inside Victor pulls out a canister that’s been on ice.

Hostages Victor GH

Victor orders Obrecht to get to work on an antidote for the pathogen, but he also needs her to check that it is still viable. Once he knows the pathogen is viable, he will release it into the atmosphere. He explains it is triggered by sunlight, which is why they have kept it down here in the dark for so long.

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Obrecht examines it through a microscope and claims it’s degraded and no longer working. Victor says if that’s the case, he wants her to take a vial of it outside and open it. She admits it is intact, but she needs to test it and the antidote on a human subject. Victor says they have plenty of subjects and looks at Spencer and Trina. Spencer begs Obrecht not to do this as Britt’s mother, and he knows she has a conscience. Victor says he’ll sweeten the deal, and send Obrecht home with enough of the antidote to save her family including that great niece of hers. She agrees, and Spencer screams and tries to rush her, but is held at bay by Victor’s men and their guns. Victor reminds Obrecht that Willow is running out of time, so she should work fast.

In Anna’s room at the hospital, Holly relays that Ethan said Victor’s plan is to revive old Cassadine technology from 1980 and has been decades in the making and only people close to Victor would survive. They assume that means his family. Anna knows that technology is likely deadly and means severe consequences for the entire world.

Holly fills Anna in GH

Holly wonders if Victor has a bomb. Anna ponders if he’s saving his loved ones then why take Obrecht, as they had a falling out years ago? Robert theorizes he wants something from her. Anna knows Obrecht was supposed to donate bone marrow to Willow so she wouldn’t have left town willingly with him. She suspects Obrecht is needed for her lab skills. Holly says then the weapon isn’t a bomb. Anna assumes it’s a biological agent, and he needs Obrecht to activate it.

Robert is shocked GH

Anna realizes Laura and the others don’t know what they are walking into, and they have to warn them. Robert tries to call Laura, but her and the other’s phones can’t be reached. Anna asks Robert to call the WSB, because Laura will need backup.

Anna wants to call the WSB GH

At Sonny’s place, over the phone Nina thanks Martin and hangs up. Sonny catches her and asks why she was talking to a lawyer. She says Scott’s been busy, and she wanted to open a trust for her grandchildren, so she contacted Martin.

Sonny questions Nina GH

Nina excuses herself as she has something she needs to get, and Ava arrives with Avery in her flower girl dress. Nina returns and tells Avery how beautiful she is. Sonny and Avery head into the kitchen as Avery asks for a snack.

Avery is a flower girl GH

Ava sees Nina has a box in her hand and asks what it is. Nina explains it’s a bracelet for Willow on her wedding day. Ava tells her that she can’t shower Willow with gifts, and she may think she’s trying to buy her way into her life. Ava tells Nina to honor Willow’s wishes and boundaries.

Ava sees something. GH

Sonny and Avery return, and Nina gives the bracelet to Ava to shove in her purse. Nina hugs Sonny and Avery, and Ava lets Sonny know she’ll keep Nina company. They head out, and Ava tells Nina that she did the right thing. Nina wonders why it feels so wrong.

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Ava offers to make drinks, but Nina says she doesn’t need to babysit her. Nina knows she has a lot going on with Trina. Ava says she can’t do much to help her, and she was reminded by her mother how strong Trina is. Ava knows Nina went to Wyndemere and got into it with Carly. Nina explains she can’t help it when she’s around her. Ava tells her she needs to get used to Carly as she isn’t going anywhere.

Nina wants revenge GH

They sit down and Ava pours herself a martini. Nina fears she’s running out of time to mend fences with Willow, and rants that if Carly had told the truth months ago then she wouldn’t be in this predicament. She seethes that Carly gets everything and never pays for what she’s done. Ava says life is not fair sometimes. Nina intends to balance those scales. She says she may not be able to do anything for Willow, but she can make sure Carly gets what she deserves. Ava asks, “Nina, what did you do?”

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At the Quartermaine gatehouse, Carly tells Michael and Willow they look so in love. They say they are, and it’s their wedding day. Joss soon arrives, and everyone shares hugs all around. Maxie, along with Dante and Chase, knocks on the door. When Michael answers, she claims they have a major problem. They enter, and Maxie says the hair and makeup stylists canceled. Fortunately, she has called in Brook Lynn and Sasha to bring some Deception products over. Dante and Chase have been instructed to remove the groom, so Michael and Willow share a kiss goodbye.

Maxie big problems GH

Chase, Michael and Dante head into the living room at the mansion and share a toast. Dante has something for Michael, a pair of cufflinks that belonged to Mike. Dante tells him that he’s proud of him, and that he knows what it took to invite their dad tofay. Michael says that was Willow’s doing. Dante still sees it as progress, and this thing between them is ruining them both, and they both need to give a little.

Chase Dante and Michael toast GH

Back at the gatehouse, Sasha and Brook Lynn help Willow with her hair and makeup. Willow tells Maxie there have been some changes, Tracy is here and Drew is out searching for Obrecht, who they have a lead on. Maxie is glad to hear that as she has been worried. Carly says Drew will bring her home and Willow will get her transplant. Privately, Joss checks in on her mom. Carly admits she’s worried, but if anyone can save Obrecht then it’s Drew.

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Joss and Carly tell Maxie and the other ladies that they’ll be handling getting Willow into her dress. Maxie and company leave, and Willow suspects Carly and Joss are up to something. They tell her as much as she’s looking forward to marrying Michael, they are looking forward to her becoming one of them. There is a knock at the door, and Bobbie arrives with Donna. Bobbie asks Willow if she’s ready to join their family.

Up to something GH Willow

The women all give Willow her something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Willow cries that she’s always dreamed of having a family like them, ones who love unconditionally. Carly tells her they aren’t about to let her go and embraces her.

Bobbie welcomes Willow into the family GH

Later, Bobbie asks Carly in private how she feels about Sonny attending. Carly says Willow wanted him here, and she and Sonny can rise to the occasion and get along.

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Back at the main house Sonny enters and sees Dante talking with Michael, and Avery runs in behind him. Sasha, Brook Lynn and Maxie soon arrive, and Sasha takes Avery out to the gatehouse to see Donna. Maxie needs Brook Lynn’s help with the flower delivery, so they exit. Dante asks Michael and Sonny if everything is okay. Sonny says he’s here to support Michael and Willow if they will let him.

Chase gets a moment alone with Brook Lynn in the foyer and asks about her not saying goodbye at the CCRB meeting. She says she had to pick up Leo, and he was talking to Dante. Chase thanks her for coming.

Chase and BLQ get a moment GH

Chase returns to Michael, Dante and Sonny, who are discussing Obrecht. Chase tells Michael to keep the faith that she’ll come home soon because if anyone deserves a miracle it’s Willow.

On the next General HospitalMichael and Willow’s wedding begins. Dante finds himself caught between two arguing people. Ned and Brook Lynn try and navigate a sticky situation.

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