Nina turns Carly Drew in GH
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In Robert’s office, Holly interrupts Robert and Diane as they are about to kiss. Robert is surprised to see Holly and rushes over and embraces her. Holly fills them in on going to South America, where she ran into Felicia and Tracy, and they worked to save Ethan. Diane asks Holly who her plastic surgeon is as she looks good as new. Holly says she knows she had some explaining to do.

Diane is angry GH

Diane assumes she fooled Victor into believing she was burned to a crisp, just like she faked drugging Robert to steal the Ice Princess, and they cast her as their stooge witness so Victor would believe everything. Robert says they never intended to use her. Holly explains this bought her time to find her son and kept the necklace out of Victor’s hands. Diane notes their plan still failed, as Victor has the actual Ice Princess, and taken hostages. Diane suggests next time Robert trust her a little more, and use her a little less.

Robert and Holly in trouble GH

Diane storms out, and Holly feels like she took that personally. Robert says a lot has happened since she left, and he and Diane were talking about a dinner they had last night when she interrupted them. They sit down and Robert brings her up to date on Laura going after Victor. Holly says both he and Anna need to hear what Ethan told her.

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Alexis pays Anna a visit in the hospital. She explains she just got a cryptic message from Valentin. Anna relays that he left with Laura, Curtis and Drew to find Victor and the hostages. Alexis shows Anna the message she got from him, wanting her to carry out the duties as executor of his will should he not return home. Anna feels awful being stuck in this bed and unable to help Valentin.

Anna reads text GH

Alexis is worried about Valentin. She admits she used to lump him in with the horrible Cassadines, but now he’s one of the good ones, and it’s because of Anna. Anna feels they’ve changed one another for the better.  Later, Alexis gets a text from Diane, who is summoning her on an emergency. Alexis has to go and tells Anna to be well.

Alexis visits Anna GH

Later, Robert brings Holly to see Anna. Anna says it’s good to see her. Holly thinks that’s generous given what she put her through. Anna knows Victor had her in a hard place, and she’s been forced to do things she didn’t want to do to help someone she loves. Anna asks how Ethan is. Holly says he’s alive and on his way to Australia. Holly informs Anna that while Ethan was held captive, he learned Victor is planning to revive an old technology the Cassadines developed in the 1980s.

Holly shares important news GH

Alexis meets with Diane at Charlie’s, where she’s downing a martini. Alexis inquires as to what’s wrong, and Dian says it’s Robert Scorpio. She fills her in on their date, and that they kissed. She says they might have kissed again today but were interrupted by his ex-wife, Holly. Diane vents about how they used her, and now Holly has returned right as she risked a second date with Robert. She says Robert can have Holly, but Alexis says he might not want her. Alexis advises life is too short, so if she feels something, say something.

diane stews over Robert GH

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At the gatehouse, Wiley finds Willow looking at the wedding rings. Wiley asks what they are, and she says they are a special gift for her and daddy, but they need his help. She explains he is going to carry the rings down the aisle tonight to give to her and daddy. He asks if he has to wear a tie, and she says he does because he is a big boy now.

Wiley talks to Willow about rings GH

At the mansion, everyone is stunned when Tracy storms in venting about Monica’s choice of flowers for the front walk. Tracy asks if anyone isn’t going to welcome her home. Ned suggests she give them notice for once, which she thinks is a poor greeting. Michael welcomes his aunt Tracy home, and she snaps that’s better. Tracy asks what “she” is doing here, referring to Carly. Carly says she was invited, and askswhat is Tracy doing here. Tracy says it’s her house, but everyone mumbles, “It’s Monica’s house, Alan gave it to her.” Ned asks if she’s home due to ELQ’s troubles. Tracy says there are more important things than those three letters, and while they’ve been entertaining AJ’s biggest mistake, she was saving Luke’s son Ethan. She fills them in on the details.

Ned and Olivia question Tracy

Olivia asks how long Tracy is going to be staying with them. Tracy wonders what exactly she’s walked in on. Michael explains he and Willow are getting married. Tracy laughs, “Because the first time went well.” Tracy snipes that serial marriage seems to run in his family. Carly quips Tracy’s had several trips down the aisle too. As everyone recounts Tracy’s marriages, Carly notes as fun as this has been, she needs to go deliver another shock to Willow. Carly departs, and Tracy asks what else they’re keeping from her.

Carly has to go give news

Michael reveals that Willow has stage four leukemia, and Tracy doesn’t understand why nobody told her. Ned explains Michael and Willow wanted to keep the news private, and by the time they told people, she was on her search for Ethan and unreachable. They also tell her about Obrecht, who was set to be a bone marrow match for Willow before Victor kidnapped her. Tracy tells Michael if he needs anything she has lots of contacts that can accomplish many things. Brook Lynn looks uncomfortable.

Tracy wonders what they are keeping from her

To give everyone a break, Brook Lynn tells her grandmother that she’ll take her to the guest room. Tracy says she has a room, but Olivia explains that’s Drew’s room now. Brook Lynn and Tracy head into the foyer, and Tracy vents about Monica giving her room to Alan’s latest illegitimate offspring. Brook Lynn stops her and wants to thank her. She owes her for helping her to get Chase’s badge back. Tracy assures her she won’t let her forget that she owes her.

BLQ thanks Tracy GH

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Carly stops by the gatehouse, and Wiley tells her that he’s going to be the ring bearer. Carly suggests he go practice, and he runs off. Carly sits down and breaks the news to Willow that Tracy is here. Willow says Tracy will be family soon, so she’s welcomed to attend the wedding. Michael enters and asks if his mom told Willow the news. Willow asks, “What news?”

Carly and Michael talk to Willow GH

Michael sits down, and Carly tells Willow that Drew can’t walk her down the aisle. They explain Drew is on his way to find Obrecht and Victor, as they have a location on them. Willow hates the idea of Drew risking his life for her. Willow says since Drew isn’t here, she’d love for Carly to give her away. Carly cries she’d be honored and goes off to get changed. Alone, Willow knows Carly is putting up a brave front, and worries to Michael that this could turn into a double heartbreak for her.

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At Sonny’s place, he invites Nina to drop everything and take a vacation with him to the islands. Nina says she loves him, and she knows why he’s doing this, so no deal. Nina assumes this is about her not being able to go to the wedding. He knows she wants to go, but she has put Willow’s needs first and that’s a good thing. Nina thinks back to her argument with Carly and tells Sonny she’s far from a saint. She is glad Michael put his anger aside for a day, and she really wants this to be the happiest day of Willow’s life. Sonny is sure it will be.

Nina and Sonny GH

Nina wants Sonny to be on guard, as the Michael Quartermaines love to laud his business ventures over him, but they’re known to play dirty if ELQ is at stake. She mentions Drew and Carly and then stops. Sonny asks her what about Drew and Carly. She says she is just upset that they were the ones to tell Willow that her aunt had gone missing. Sonny asks her to let go of this resentment towards Carly and Drew, and the only thing that matters is the two of them. She points out he’s going to be late if he doesn’t get a move on it, and asks him to take photos, lots of them.

Sonny and Nina vacay GH

Sonny leaves to get ready, and Nina calls Martin and asks if he talked to the SEC about Carly and Drew yet. She tells him she hasn’t changed her mind, and she wants him to go all out on exposing them, but keep her name out of it.

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