Tracy is back GH
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At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia, Michael, Brook Lynn, Ned and Carly are pulling everything together for the wedding. Michael is busy on his phone, and Carly hopes he’s not working. He explains he’s just finalizing a project for later tonight.

Michael and willow's big day GH

Ned continues to fret that Valentin isn’t answering him, and now his voicemail is full. Brook Lynn offers to go to the hospital and talk to him, but Ned says it’s not her job. He realizes Michael and Drew were right, only a Quartermaine would make the company a priority, and only a Quartermaine should be running it.

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At the hospital, Molly tells TJ and her mom that she may have endometriosis, but they won’t know until her biopsy is back. They go to a private office to discuss the diagnosis. Alexis asks if there is a treatment. There is a hormone treatment, but it stops ovulation, so Molly wouldn’t be able to get pregnant. TJ says the therapy isn’t permanent, and this could just be a speed bump as they don’t have a confirmed diagnosis. Molly says he’s right and they need more answers. She is going to do research and come up with questions for the doctor.

Molly's news GH

TJ steps out to check on a patient. Alone, Alexis asks her daughter to talk to her. Molly breaks down and feels like she may never be a mom. She pulls herself together and knows there are other ways to be a mother other than biology. Alexis suggests she not get ahead of herself, and not to search the internet for answers.

Molly is emotional GH

TJ returns later, and Alexis leaves them, but not before saying she’s here for them both. TJ says she’s looking better, and she thanks him for giving her and her mom time to talk. TJ promises they’ll get through this together.

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Valentin returns to Anna’s room with coffee, and she complains about feeling useless and doing nothing. He tells her that her job right now is to heal, and Victor will be caught. Valentin ignores calls from Ned, and Portia stops in to see Anna. She asks them to tell her everything they know about Victor.

Valentin and Anna GH GH

Anna says she heard Trina made contact with them, and Portia says she did. Portia asks if Anna has heard any updates. Anna hasn’t, and she and Valentin know how she feels as they’ve both been in her position. Ned calls Valentin again, so he excuses himself.

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Portia asks Anna how much danger Trina is in, and if Victor could harm her. She immediately recognizes that is a ridiculous question as Victor shot Anna. Anna says she knows she’s frustrated, and while Victor is awful, Trina is the leverage he needs over Spencer. Portia asks if he even cares about his family. Anna notes he didn’t kill Valentin, so on some level he does. Anna promises her there are good people working to stop him.

Portia questions Anna GH

Outside Anna’s room, Valentin speaks with Ned, who needs him to put out a statement on his faked death to ease the shareholders and investors. He says the fact his father is a wanted man also doesn’t reflect well on the company. Valentin says he doesn’t have time right now. Ned orders him to either do his job or step down. Valentin refuses and says Ned can handle things until he’s able to return and give ELQ his full attention.

Valentin on phone with Ned GH

Elsewhere, Laura pulls Robert over to look at the map Curtis and Drew found that is marked up with possible locations where Victor could be. They believe he’s headed to an island off the coast of Greenland based on the coordinates Trina provided them. Robert makes a call and gets word that satellite imagery shows a ship docked on the island, but it is untraceable. There was also a research facility on the island in the 1950s. Laura asks how soon he can get the WSB there. Robert can’t as this is an international incident, and it involves a lot of red tape and will take time. Curtis and Drew say they are running out of time. Laura says, “To hell with the WSB, I’m getting our families home now!”

Robert looks at map GH

Laura makes arrangements for a helicopter to get them to an airport where they can take off for Greenland. Curtis and Drew offer to go with her. Robert wants in too, but Laura needs him here for Anna and to lean on the WSB for help. Laura suggests they all get what they need and meet back in an hour.

Anna makes plands GH

Laura finds Valentin and explains what they’ve found out, and if he knows anything about a Cassadine holding in Greenland. He doesn’t. Laura explains she’s leaving with Curtis and Drew for Greenland in an hour. Valentin wants to go but realizes he can’t leave Anna.

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Valentin returns to Anna, and lets her know the Haunted Star has been located, and that Laura, Curtis and Drew are going after Victor. She asks what about him? He says he knows where he is needed. Anna replies, “So do I.”

Curtis finds Portia asleep at her desk. He promises he will bring Trina home, and leaves her a note.

Portia finally sleeping GH

Robert heads to his office and makes calls to the WSB. Diane arrives and senses this is a bad time. He explains he’s waiting on news, and asks what brings her by. Diane was there for an arraignment and also has something for him. She hands him her dry-cleaning bill. He apologizes for the disastrous evening, but reflecting on the kiss, Diane says it didn’t end too badly. They smile at one another.

Diane and Robert GH

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Michael thanks the family for coming together and making this day so special. Meanwhile, Ned pours himself a drink and frets. Michael checks in with Ned and wishes he could help him with the EQL troubles right now. Ned says he’s handling it, but soon he wants to sit down with him and Drew and make some changes at ELQ.

Michael Ned talk GH

Drew arrives and asks Michael if Willow is around. Michael explains she’s resting. Drew relays that he can’t walk her down the aisle today as they have a lead on the Haunted Star, and he’s headed there with Laura and Curtis. Michael prays he rescues everyone and soon.

Drew delivers news GH

Carly takes a private moment with Drew to tell him to be careful, and they kiss. She begs him to come back to her, and he swears he will.

carly Drew goodbye GH

On a plane home, Holly doesn’t want to let go of Ethan. She asks about the auction, and how he’s made so many enemies. He chuckles he’s been robbing the rich and giving to the poor, more specifically supporting various orphanages. Holly begs Ethan to take time to recuperate but he says he can’t stay in Port Charles. He says too many people are after him, so he’s headed to Australia. He needs to get more cash and pay off the bastards after him, and help his various charities out as he’s been out of commission for six months.

Holly and Ethan GH

Felicia sits next to Tracy and can’t believe she showed up to save Ethan. Tracy wasn’t about to let Luke’s son die, and she will not rest until she proves Victor killed Luke. Tracy says she went to see Jennifer Smith in prison, and she swore she was framed for stealing the Ice Princess, and she believes her. Felicia notes the WSB just wanted the diamond back and to wrap the case up and didn’t care it made no sense. Tracy wishes she had known what Felicia and Anna have been up to as she’s been running around trying to avenge Luke’s death on her own. Felicia believes Luke wouldn’t want her spending her time and money chasing Victor to avenge him, and it’s good she’s coming home to spend time with her family. Tracy laughs and asks if she’s met her family.

Felicia and Tracy chat GH

Meanwhile, Ethan reminds his mother that going back to Port Charles may not be safe for her now that Victor knows she tricked him. He asks if there is anything worth going back to Port Charles for. She says she has unfinished business there. Holly asks Ethan if he learned anything about what Victor was up to while he was a prisoner. Ethan says his men talked more than they should have in front of him. Holly wants to know everything. He fills her in as the plane begins its descent. Holly wishes they had more time.

Ethan has a tale to tell GH

Back at Robert’s office, as he and Diane move in for a kiss, Holly knocks on the door and interrupts.

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At the mansion, Carly, BLQ and Olivia are happy to see Ned and Michael getting along finally. Carly is positive Drew will come home and Willow will have her transplant. Olivia is sure this family will get through this and nothing will break them. Suddenly they hear the front door slam. Tracy waltzes in complaining about how Monica planted so many daffodils along the front walk that it looks like the Easter Bunny threw up! Everyone is stunned to see Tracy’s home.

At the hospital, Drew meets with Curtis and Laura. They head into an elevator to take off for Greenland. As the doors close, Valentin juts his hand in to stop them and asks if there is room for one more. Laura smiles.

Valentin joins the mission GH

On the next General HospitalTracy asks what else her family’s kept secret. Willow tells Wiley they need his help. Diane says to Robert, “Trust me a little more, use me a little less.” Holly says they need to hear what Ethan told her. Carly has to go tell the bride about one more shock. Nina asks Sonny if he is on her side.

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