Spencer and Trina almost make love GH
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Outside of Sonny’s place, Sam stops Dante and asks if he dropped his suit off for the wedding at the dry cleaners. He forgot, and she tells him luckily, she did it already. She wishes him luck in his conversation with Sonny.

Inside Sonny’s place, Dex asks Sonny if the Pikeman shipment will interfere with the wedding. Sonny has no intention of letting anything ruin Michael and Willow’s big day. Dante enters, and Sonny sends Dex to deliver something.

Dante invites Sonny to lunch, but Sonny says he’s going to Michael’s wedding. Dante assumes he’s planning to crash the wedding, but Sonny assures him that Michael invited him. Dante is pleased to hear this, and that he and Nina are making progress. Sonny explains Nina’s not invited. Sonny details that Nina still wants him to go, but he believes Michael doesn’t want him there, and this is Willow’s doing.

Sonny and Dante chat GH

They sit down, and Dante asks his father if he’s back in with the family, and Nina is left out, what will that do to their relationship? Sonny believes they will be fine, and he’s seen real growth in Nina and Willow’s relationship. Dante hopes the same for him and Michael. Sonny believes it will all work out and one day they will be a family again.

Dante and Sonny talk wedding GH

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At Charlie’s, Gladys tells Sasha to stop feeling sorry for a grifter like Cody. Sasha says Cody has always been nice to her, but Gladys knows men like him and she can’t trust him or the nonsense he might spout.

Gladys badmouths Cody GH

Sam stops by Charlie’s and sees Sasha with Gladys. Kristina joins her sister and says, “Wow if looks could kill!” Sam hears Gladys badmouthing Cody to Sasha. Kristina sees Sam has a garment bag and asks if it’s her dress for the wedding. Sam says it’s her dress for the day, which she wants back unlike half the stuff she’s lent her over the years and never seen again.

Sam and Kristina GH

Back at their table, Gladys suggests to Sasha they take a vacation. Sasha wonders why she wants to leave town. Sasha soon realizes next month is the two-year anniversary of when she was shot. Gladys blames herself for getting involved with Cyrus and those shady people. Sasha tells her that she has come a long way since then. Sasha says she can’t get away, but she should take that trip. She has to run and takes off.

Sasha supports Gladys GH

Dex arrives to deliver an envelope to Kristina from Sonny. Sam makes herself scarce, and Kristina opens the envelope and is shocked. Sonny has provided her with a list of promising properties to foot the bill for The Corinthos-Davis House. Dex learns Sonny is backing her project to help homeless youth. Kristina isn’t surprised, as her dad supports those he loves, and would do anything for them. She tells Dex that she wishes everyone could see the Sonny she knows. She says nobody gets her like her dad, he’s always been her biggest champion, and she doesn’t know what she’d do without him.

Dex and Kristina chat GH

Sam approaches Gladys as she’s booking her trip to the Caribbean and sparing no expense. Gladys sees Sam and says she heard she bailed Cody out. Sam says she did, as she’s not sure he’s guilty. Gladys calls Cody a crook who is using Sasha, who is too trusting. Sam says the bracelet wasn’t even Sasha’s, and she wonders why she’s taking this so personally. Gladys notes she was the one wearing the bracelet, and would have been responsible for replacing it. She warns Sam that trusting Cody would be a mistake Sam asks, “A mistake for me, or you?”

Sam defends Cody to Gladys GH

Dex steps out and calls Michael and tells him the Pikeman shipment happens tonight.

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In the Quartermaine kitchen, Brook Lynn catches Cody sneaking around. He claims he’s out of cereal, but she assumes he’s trying to find out if he’s fired. Brook Lynn says her dad wanted to fire him, but she talked him out of it. She also knows Gladys is a walking mess, but wants to know how the bracelet ended up in his coat pocket. He swears he has no idea how it got in his pocket, and he was framed.

BLW questions Cody GH

Brook Lynn asks where his proof is. He says he doesn’t have any. Brook Lynn says if he was framed, does he have an idea of who set him up? Suddenly, Sasha enters. She has stuff from Deception for the wedding. Brook Lynn takes the box and makes herself scarce.

Sasha enters the kitchen GH

Cody tells Sasha he hopes she doesn’t believe he stole that bracelet. She doesn’t know what to believe. He swears he didn’t do it, and he’s made mistakes, but he’s grown a lot this past year. Sasha says Gladys made some good points about him. He tells her not to listen to Gladys as she’s the one who set him up.

Cody warns Sasha about Gladys GH

Sasha refuses to believe Gladys would do such a thing. Cody insists she did, so Sasha asks why. He can’t tell her but says she can’t trust Gladys. Sasha states the person she can’t trust is him. She storms out, and BLQ returns and asks if everything is okay. He says, “Just great…”

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Drew and Curtis go to a storage facility that contains some of his belongings that Kim Nero kept after he went missing years ago, along with some of the things he gave to Oscar. They begin searching the boxes for any clue on Project Demeter. Curtis finds a book on Greek mythology, which Drew remembers was his and he gave it to Oscar. In the book, they find a map, and it’s marked up with the notes, “likely site,” and it’s in Drew’s handwriting. Drew doesn’t remember marking the map up.

Drew and Curtis discover a map GH

Curtis notices the sign for Virgo in the corner of the map, and Drew says he was born in September. Curtis finds a canteen with the same sign. Drew looks through the book and learns the sign Virgo is tied to Demeter in Greek mythology. They realize they’ve found something, and Curtis knows what they should do next.

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At the hospital, TJ asks if Molly doesn’t want him to go with her to her appointment. Molly insists it’s just a routine follow-up. TJ can’t believe this time next year they might have a baby.

Molly meets with Dr. Navarro, who says she’s concerned about her ultrasound and the pain she’s been having with her monthly cycle. She wants to do more testing and a biopsy. Dr. Navarro feels she could have endometriosis. After she takes samples and sends them off to the lab, Dr. Navarro believes just from what she saw in the sample, she does have endometrioses. Molly asks how this will affect her plans to have a baby.

Molly gets bad news GH

Laura talks to Alexis and says they have some leads on Spencer and Ace. Alexis wishes for once she was part of the Cassadine’s inner circle and could help. Alexis asks if she’s heard from Nikolas. Laura says nobody has heard a word from him, and with this story going international, he should have reached out. Alexis suggests Nikolas could be captive too. Laura says she doesn’t think so, and thinks Nikolas fled due to his legal problems.

Alexis wishes she could help GH

TJ appears and overhears them. He promises them that his mother is working to find the Haunted Star. Laura knows and tells TJ it’s nice to see him again. Laura takes off to make some calls.

Alexis asks TJ about ALS and claims she’s asking for a friend. TJ tells her it is a rare and devastating disease with no cure. Alexis asks if there is any hope. TJ refers her to a doctor in the hospital doing research on the disease. A nurse tells TJ that Molly is finishing up with Dr. Navarro. Alexis asks why Molly is seeing an OB. Later Molly appears, and Alexis can tell something is wrong.

TJ bad news GH

Drew and Curtis find Laura and tell her they may have a lead, and it comes from Drew’s past. They fill her in on the map, his link to Project Demeter, and he circled several locations where “it” could be on the map. Laura believes that based on the coordinates Trina gave them, one possible location stands out. They realize they may know where Victor is headed.

Laura and the map GH

On the Haunted Star, Trina is thrown into Spencer’s room and has been given clothes from the lost and found to wear. He promises not to let Victor hurt them, and right now his uncle is drunk with power. He believes there is a shred of humanity somewhere inside of him, but Trina says they can’t count on that. Spencer knows and says they can only count on each other now. He jokes she must be wishing she hadn’t followed him, but she’s not. She tells Spencer that meeting him has been an adventure, and he challenges her. She wants to experience everything she hasn’t before with him. He says, “Everything?” She replies, “Everything.”

Trina and Spencer's new clothes GH

Spencer says this is not how he pictured their first time, and he doesn’t want Trina to regret it. He wants it to be special. Trina says where or when she does it doesn’t make it special, what makes it special is it’s the two of them. They kiss, and she says this could be their only chance as they don’t know what tomorrow will bring. As they kiss on the bed, they are startled when the boat jars. Spencer looks out a porthole and realizes they’ve docked.

On the next General HospitalMichael notes to his family, “I’m getting married today!” TJ tells Molly, “This might be a speed bump, not a dead end.” Robert tells Laura and the others that he thinks he’s figured out how to find them. Valentin is on the phone and says his attorney will be handling that. On a plane, Tracy says she will not rest until she proves that man murdered Luke. Portia asks Anna how much danger her daughter is really in. Holly asks someone, “Tell me everything!”

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