Obrecht stops Victor GH
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Brook Lynn finds Ned in the Quartermaine kitchen on the phone trying to mitigate damage. She asks what is going on. Ned explains there has been a stock dip at ELQ, which happened when news of Valentin’s faked death came out, and investors don’t like a conman as a CEO. Ned says they need to reassure the market and investors and Valentin hasn’t put out a statement on his actions. He’s starting to regret not siding with Drew and Michael in ousting him.

Ned and BLQ talk business GH

Ned rants that he, Alan, and grandfather always understood the importance of making time for the business. However, Valentin’s too wrapped up in his personal matters to take care of what needs taking care of. He says he has to go. Brook Lynn suggests Michael and Drew may not trust his motives in ousting Valentin, but Ned says he’s made some inroads with them lately.

BLQ advises her dad GH

Brook Lynn hates the idea of blindsiding Valentin while his life is in chaos. Ned tells her this is only business, and Valentin will understand that. She counters he’s also a Cassadine, and Ned doesn’t want him as an enemy.

BLQ cautions Ned GH

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At Wyndemere, Carly thinks about Ava telling her to rise above the occasion with Nina for Willow’s sake. Nina arrives to see Ava, and Carly explains she’s out, and she asked her to watch Avery. Nina says she can watch Avery until Ava comes home, and Carly can go. Carly doesn’t think so and says she promised Ava she’d stay. Carly suggests they just avoid one another so as not to wake Avery, picks up the flower girl basket, and tries to walk away. Nina stops her by asking if she encourage Michael and Willow not to invite her to the wedding when they did invite Sonny. Carly had no idea Michael was inviting Sonny but is glad that Sonny is finally choosing to put his family ahead of her.

Carly and Nina argue again GH

Nina says she encouraged Sonny to go and has never asked him to choose between her and his family. She says she is just sad that these could be Willow’s last days, and she isn’t able to be with her. Nina blames Carly for her not getting to know her daughter. Carly reminds her that she’s known Willow for years, and she ruined her relationship with her long ago. Carly continues that suddenly when Nina learned Willow was her daughter, like magic, Willow was wonderful. Carly tells her that Willow has always been wonderful, and she couldn’t see it. Carly informs her that Willow is a person with needs, but all she can see is Willow as her possession, her daughter. Nina says she owns her mistakes, but it’s Carly’s fault that she doesn’t have a chance with her, and now she’s dying.

Nina and Carly's latest argument GH

Nina blames Willow dying on Carly, but Carly says she didn’t give her leukemia. Nina says if they had known the truth months ago, Willow wouldn’t have gone through this lengthy search for her family and could have gotten her bone marrow match and donation long before now. Carly tells Nina she kept the truth secret for Willow’s sake, who didn’t want to find her mother because she feared it could turn out to be someone like Nina. Nina cries she should have had years to make it up to Willow, but now Willow has days and that’s on Carly. Nina says Carly stole that time from them.

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At the hospital, Ava finds Portia in her office and says she heard Trina’s been taken aboard the Haunted Star with the others. Portia cries Trina wasn’t kidnapped, she put herself in this situation because of Spencer. Ava asks what Trina was thinking sneaking onto that boat. Portia cries she wasn’t thinking, she was following like a moth to a flame. Ava says Trina is smart, but Portia notes not when it comes to Spencer.

Ava and Portia talk GH

Portia asks if Ava knows what happened after the wedding. Ava knows that Curtis could be Trina’s father. Portia says she screwed up, and now she is estranged from Trina and Curtis. Ava knows all about making mistakes when you think you are doing what’s best for your child, and Portia was just being the best mom she could be. Portia blames herself as Trina only trusts Spencer now, and she vows if she gets out of this, she’ll never see that boy again.

Portia cries about Trina GH

Ava tells Portia that she’s seen a change in Spencer, because of Trina, and if she keeps badmouthing Spencer, then she’ll keep pushing Trina away. Ava also points out Portia was the first person Trina reached out to when she could, and that meant something. Portia admits Trina told her she loved her, and she never thought she’d hear that again. Ava must get back to Avery but assures her that Trina will come home, and everything will work out.

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In the hallway, Curtin meets with Drew, and Drew learns about Trina sneaking onboard the Haunted Star. Curtis called Drew for a reason, as he recalls Victor was hell-bent on getting him to remember something and was using that tarot card to do so. Drew only knows that Victor wanted information on Operation Demeter. He assumes it was something he was involved in as a Navy Seal, but he has no memory of it. Curtis believes this could be the key to saving Trina’s life. Drew wishes he could help him, but he just can’t remember.

Drew pushes Curtis to remember GH

Curtis thanks Drew and says even before he knew Trina could be his daughter, he loved her. He says she is an amazing young woman and is keeping it together in such a dangerous situation. Drew says he sounds like a proud father, and Trina sounds like him, unable to sit back and do nothing.

Drew doesn't recall anything GH

Curtis spots Portia checking in at the nurses’ desk. He asks if she has heard from Trina again, but she hasn’t. She didn’t know he was still here. He explains he can’t leave not knowing Trina is okay. They talk with Drew about Project Demeter, and Portia assumes there must be someone who has heard of it. Suddenly, Drew gets an idea.

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Ava returns home, and thanks Carly for staying. Ava senses something is up. Carly says Nina was here, and the next time Ava feels compelled to give her advice, don’t.

Ava thanks Carly GH

In her car, Nina reflects on Carly’s words about ruining her own relationship with Willow, and that she kept the truth knowing it would devastate Willow to learn the woman she hated was her mother. Nina cries, “Sanctimonious bitch, nothing is ever your fault is it.” She then recalls talking to Ava about Carly’s insider trading and thinks it may be time for Carly to face some consequences.

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On the Haunted Star, Spencer freaks when he sees Trina with Ambrose, and tries to rush to her, but Victor’s other man pulls and gun on him. Obrecht is brought out and learns Trina is onboard and has sabotaged the engines. Victor explains he knew something was going on when not only the sabotage occurred, but there was also the case of the missing walkie-talkie. That’s when he set up a trap to lure her into returning to Spencer’s cabin. Victor tells Trina she is clever, so perhaps she’ll help him decide what to do with her.  Spencer tells his uncle to leave Trina alone. Victor reminds him that he’s in no position to give orders.

Victor Obrecht Trina GH

Victor pulls Obrecht aside and asks her about the reading materials he provided her with. She says the pathogen is complex, but she has several trial vaccines in the works. He new she’d rise to the occasion. Obecht says she’s not agreed to help him.

Victor is happy with Obrecht GH

Meanwhile, Trina tells Spencer she’s sorry she fell into his uncle’s trap. He says because of her she may have saved them all, and they will get out of this.

Trina saved them all GH ABC

Victor takes Spencer, Trina and Obrecht to the side of the ship, and gives Spencer one last chance to join him in saving the planet. Spencer says his plan is sick, but Victor says hard choices must be made to balance the population of the earth. Spencer won’t be a part of this, but Victor knows he has the capability of being a Cassadine seeing how he took his brother from his father. Trina tells Victor that Spencer is nothing like him and nothing like him and Helena. Victor can’t believe Spencer would fall for the words of a pretty face. Spencer says Trina is the bravest person he knows, and she makes him a better person, which is why he’ll never join his side. Victor says Spencer breaks his heart, and orders Trina to be thrown overboard.

Trina and Spencer taken portside GH

Spencer and Trina fight Victor’s men, and Spencer swears to go along with Victor’s plan and stand by his side if he doesn’t harm Trina. Victor tells his men to release Trina, but quickly tells Spencer he doesn’t believe anything he says. He wanted a partner, not a whelp willing to stab him in the back at a moment’s notice, and says both Spencer and Trina can drown.

Spencer and Trina fight GH

As Spencer and Trina fight Victor’s men to save themselves, Obrecht tells Victor to stop this nonsense. He asks if she wants to save them. Obrecht says, “No, I want to use them!” Obrecht says she needs subjects to test her vaccine on. He asks if she is on board with his plan then. Obrecht says to call it self-preservation, and if she can develop a vaccine for this pathogen, it will be her singular greatest achievement. She says this challenge has awakened her, and not since Britt’s death has she felt so alive.

Obrecht stops Victor GH

Meanwhile, Spencer apologizes to Trina, but she says at least now they are together. Spencer says hopefully Obrecht can buy them time to figure this out before they’re turned into human guinea pigs.

Spencer and Trina have hope GH

Victor’s man informs him that the engine will be repaired within the hour. Victor is pleased and orders Trina and Spencer to be locked up. Obrecht tells Victor she needs healthy subjects so they need to be fed and taken care of. Spencer promises Trina that they’ll get out of this, but Victor doubts it. He says they’ll be at the bunker by morning, and then Obrecht can get to work.

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