Holly and Felicia bid on Ethan GH
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Robert’s car has broken down on the side of the road as he and Diane were on their way to dinner. She gets a notice from roadside assistance that they can’t get there for two hours. Robert thinks he can fix it himself quicker than that. Diane challenges him to do so, as she wants to see this. Robert gets to work while asking Diane why she continues to work for Sonny.

Diane Robert car break down GH

Diane tells Robert that Sonny pays her extremely well, but she also finds the work challenging and exciting. She says not to get her wrong, she knows where the line is, and she won’t cross it, because there is no hill that exists on which she would risk her legal career. Diane feels he thinks less of her, but he doesn’t as she knows her limits.

Diane won't cross a line GH

Diane gets another text and complains that roadside assistance has been delayed another hour. Robert thinks he’s fixed the car and asks her to place her finger on an area of the engine while he gives it a try. When he starts the car, oil blows all over her. She changes into a spare PCPD baseball jersey Robert had and he tells her it looks good on her. She doubts that, and suddenly he pulls her into a kiss.

Robert kisses Diane GH

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At the gatehouse, Willow tells Michael she wants to talk to him about Sonny. He moans, “What has Sonny done now?” She says nothing. Willow admits she thinks they should invite Sonny to the wedding. She explains she wants Sonny there for Donna and Avery, who will love being flower girls. Michael points out that Sonny will want to bring Nina, but Willow hopes Nina knows she has no place at their wedding. She assures Michael that she’ll handle Nina. She tells Michael he is the centerpiece of his family, and every time he doesn’t include Sonny, he’s laying the seeds for Donna and Avery to have to choose between him and their father.

Willow makes request GH

Michael agrees for his sisters’ sake that Sonny should be at the wedding. He says Donna and Avery are more important, and he’ll invite Sonny. Willow says she’s jealous of the bond he has with his siblings because she never had any. She says seeing those bonds makes her happy to know Wiley and Amelia will have one too. She tells him she knows there is this scary thing looming over them, but she doesn’t want it to overshadow their wedding and their love.

Michael and Willow discuss Sonny GH

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At the review committee meeting, the committee tells Chase that he is to be reinstated and Commissioner Ashford will be in touch. Chase and Brook Lynn hug, and Dante appears and is glad to have his partner back. Chase says Brook Lynn is to thank, and turns around, only to find she’s gone.

Chase gets his job back GH

Chase and Dante head to the coffee shop, and Chase can’t believe Brook Lynn left like that given she is who got him his job back. Dante tells him not to count himself short, he fought for this and didn’t give up. Chase appreciates Dante for being there for him. Dante presents him with his badge and welcomes him back to the force. He says Jordan gave it to him this morning, as they all knew how the meeting would go. Dante tells him to clip it on so they can get back to work, and Chase does so.

Chase and Dante celebrate GH

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At the hospital, Sonny promises Nina that they’ll bring Obrecht home. Nina says she’s learned the Haunted Star is untraceable. Valentin appears and has an update for them. He tells them about Trina getting in contact with her mother from the boat, which she stowed away on. Nina thanks him for the update, and Sonny notes this is a good bit of news. Sonny excuses himself to make some phone calls.

Nina embraces Valentin and is glad he’s okay. Valentin asks if Sonny is treating her well, and she says he is. Valentin is sorry he didn’t reach out to her earlier about Willow but also doesn’t know if it’s his place to do so anymore. She thinks it’s more his place than anyone, as nobody knows how much she’s wanted a child if not him.

Nina and Valentin chat GH

Nina admits to Valentin that she and Willow were in a bad place when they found out the truth, but things are slowly getting better. However, there is a deep and wide gulf for them to navigate, and they may not have much time left to do so. Valentin urges her not to give up hope.

Brook Lynn arrives to pick up Leo from a technology class and runs into Sonny. They sit down as she has time to kill, and he asks what is going on with Chase. She says he got his badge back, but he notes that is good news, yet he can see something is bothering her. She admits she may have called in a little favor. Brook Lynn gets a text that it’s time to get Leo. She talks about how much she has to do for Michael and Willow’s wedding and quickly realizes Sonny doesn’t know they moved it up until tomorrow. She is sorry to tell him like this and heads off. Sonny looks over and sees Valentin talking to Nina.

Sonny asks what Brook Lynn did GH

Sonny approaches Nina and Valentin, and Valentin decides to get back to Anna. Sonny tells Nina he just got some news concerning Willow.

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In Alexis’ office, Gregory collapses to the floor and she says she’ll call 911. He gets up and tells her no ambulances. She helps him into a chair, and he explains this will pass. She gives him some water and insists he goes to the hospital to be examined. Gregory says they won’t tell him anything he doesn’t know, and what comes next makes this look like child’s play. He says he knew this was coming, and that’s why he had to quit teaching. He couldn’t stand the thought of an episode causing him to become publicly incapacitated in front of his students, much less his sons.

Alexis doesn’t know his diagnosis but notes that if Gregory isn’t in treatment then he may eventually have an episode in front of his sons. Gregory says there is nothing that can be done and reveals he has ALS. Stunned, Alexis says she is so sorry. He explains how the disease works, that there is no way to reverse the degeneration it causes to his brain and nervous system, and his doctor simply talks about managing his symptoms through supportive care.

Gregory is ill GH

Gregory stands up and tells Alexis eventually he’ll lose control of his movement, and then he’ll be entirely in the care of his sons. That is why he hasn’t told them, as he wants them to live their lives as long as possible before having to deal with him. He assures her that he knows when the time comes he’ll need help, and he’ll ask for it then. Alexis wishes there was something she could do, but he tells her that she has already helped him.

Alexis is shocked GH

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In Venezuela, Holly and Felicia cannot believe Ethan (played by James Ryan) is being auctioned off to be killed. Holly notes her son has been busy making a lot of enemies these past few years. The first bid for one million comes in, and a mysterious woman in a large white hat and gown is shown using a computer to place a bid. Holly counterbids with two million. As more bids continue to come in, Ethan works to try and get out of his bonds. Holly finally bids ten million and wins the auction. Felicia asks Holly, now what? Holly tells Felicia to follow her lead.

Ethan acutioned off GH

Holly tells the man running the auction that her account manager will be in touch with the money. He says that isn’t necessary, all she must do is enter the account details into his tablet. Holly laughs that she doesn’t walk around with her account numbers, so he says she’s lost to the next highest bidder, who just transferred the funds. The man says they will be escorted off the property as the winner is here to collect her property.

Holly wins Ethan GH

The woman in the white hat enters, and when Holly grabs her to keep her from Ethan, her hat falls off and it’s Tracy. Felicia asks what she’s doing here, and Tracy says exactly what they are doing, only doing it better. The man is furious and assumes the women are working together, and orders them all to be seized. Suddenly Ethan frees himself. Ethan, Holly and Felicia knock the men out as Tracy watches the excitement unfold. Ethan thanks the ladies for the assist, and they all run for it.

Tracy wins the bid GH

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