Felicia reunites with Holly
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Carly and Joss arrive at the gatehouse as Michael and Willow called them. Willow explains they need their help to pull off their moved-up wedding which is happening tomorrow. They are surprised but offer to do whatever they can to help make this happen.

Carly and Joss are shocked GH

Willow asks for a moment alone with Carly, so Michael and Joss step out. Willow tells her that Michael doesn’t like talking about what is to come, especially if she doesn’t make it, but she has to. She wants her children to grow up in a family surrounded by love, and she’s worried about the divide between Michael and Sonny. She’s afraid Kristina, Avery, and Donna may one day side with Sonny and miss out on knowing their children.

Willow asks Carly for a favor GH

Carly realizes Willow is asking her to broker peace between Michael and Sonny. Willow isn’t, she knows neither of them can make Michael do anything he doesn’t want to, but part of Michael’s anger at Sonny is because of how he treated his mother. She asks Carly to try and build a bridge between them. Carly promises to do her best.

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Outside, Joss tells Michael that Sonny knows about her and Dex, and has known for months. She says he wasn’t happy, but he wasn’t mad, and he even gave Dex another task to find Obrecht. Joss tells Michael that Sonny is doing everything to find her. Michael knows and says Sonny called him and admits for a moment Sonny sounded like… like his dad. Joss embraces Michael.

Joss informs Michael that Sonny knows GH

Joss and Michael head back inside, and Carly tells them she was just telling Willow she’ll do everything to make their wedding what they want it to be. Carly hugs Michael, and she and Joss take off.

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At the hospital, Sonny bumps into Robert and says he just dropped off some flowers for Anna. Robert was bringing her tea, but lets Sonny know he has a problem with how he used Diane to circumvent the law and get Victor’s man to talk. Sonny reminds him the information Diane got was helpful to all of them, so who cares how they got it? Robert doesn’t approve of his methods.

Sonny and Robert have issues GH

Nina arrives as Robert takes off. Sonny asks what she’s doing here. She wanted to talk to Terry about alternative treatments for Willow, but there are none. Nina reiterates they must find her aunt, and assumes Sonny is using any means necessary to do so as she asked him to. Sonny explains he arranged for Diane to represent Victor’s enforcer and get information out of him. Nina knows Sonny has resources the PCPD to look for Obrecht, and she wants to help him. He wants her to focus on Willow, and leave this to him as it could get dangerous. Nina doesn’t want him to feel the need to shield her, and she loves and trusts him to put her and their family before anything else. Sonny leans in and kisses her, and then assures her he’ll do whatever it takes to bring Obrecht home.

Nina and Sonny talk GH

Robert runs into Diane, and he says he was just bringing tea for Anna but she’s preoccupied. He asks if she’s here to meet with her boss. Diane says she is her own boss and is here to talk to a doctor being accused of malpractice, one of her clients of which she has many. Robert apologizes but hates seeing her compromised by her association with Sonny. She asks if he wasn’t compromised by working with Anna and Holly for the WSB for all those years. Robert feels that was different, but she doesn’t see it that way just because he was working for the crown and country. She notes they choose to work with and for complicated people. Diane points out it’s been weeks since he promised to take her out to dinner and explain what happened with Holly, which was complicated by Eileen’s murder and now this ghost ship floating around. Robert suggests he take her out to dinner tonight, and she is shocked at his assuming she doesn’t have plans. He apologizes again. She laughs that she doesn’t have pans, but in the future, says a lady likes advanced notice.

Robert asks Diane out GH

Brook Lynn arrives before the CCRB meeting begins and sees Chase sitting alone. He asks why she is here, and she says to make him presentable and fixes his tie. Brook Lynn advises him to look each one of the members in the eye when he talks to him. The committee arrives, and Brook Lynn asks if she can stay. Chase says he’d like that.

Brook Lynn meets Chase GH

The committee notes Chase’s work record is exemplary, but it’s his temper that is the issue. The committee says this is an open forum for those for and against him getting his job back to speak. Suddenly, Blaze appears to speak on Chase’s behalf. She introduces herself as Chase’s former singing partner. She says Chase always made her feel safe, protected and respected. He also protected her from her sleaze of an ex-manger and did so in a professional manner. The committee thanks Blaze for her testimony, but has to question Chase’s commitment to the badge given his new music career.

Blaze speaks GH

Brook Lynn stands to speak on Chase’s true calling and insists nobody knows where his heart lies better than her. She explains Chase wants to be a cop, and his only flaw is caring too much, which is how he got into this situation. However, someone who cares too much is exactly the type of person they need as an officer of the law.

The committee asks Chase if he has anything to add. Chase says no matter what the board decides, he will always be grateful for being able to serve as a detective. He says if they reinstate him, he will do everything to earn their trust back.

Chase faces Judgement GH

The committee adjourns, and Chase thanks Blaze for what she said. Blaze has to get back to the studio to record a new demo, but wishes Chase luck. Blaze leaves, and Brook Lynn asks Chase how he’s doing. He says no matter what happens, he’ll be okay, and that is because of her. He thanks her for what she said, and she takes his hand. The board returns and tells Chase that they’ve made their decision.

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Gregory arrives at Alexis’ office, and she swears she hasn’t told Finn or Chase about his illness. Gregory explains he’s come because of what her family is going through, which also happens to be the story of the moment. He put his feelings aside in order to offer her help. Alexis says, “So you get to help me, but I don’t get to help you? Interesting terms for a friendship.” Gregory knows she has her family and her daughters’ support, but a friend can sometimes offer a different perspective on things. She quips, “In other words, you missed me.” He says he did, and hopes she feels the same. She admits she does and tells him to sit down and get to work.

Gregory and Alexis make peace GH

Alexis says before they get to her story, she wants to talk about his story. Alexis worries that because she doesn’t know what is going on, she doesn’t know how to help him if something happens to him. He points out there are a million what-ifs that could happen to either one of them, and they don’t let those stop them from living. She tells him that he should have been a lawyer. Alexis says she’ll go along with this for now. She offers Gregory a copy of the front page and tells him to do his thing. Suddenly Gregory collapses.

Alexis and Gregory chat GH

In a hotel off the coast of Venezuela, a maid brings a stack of towels to Felicia’s room, which she did not call for. She’s about to call the front desk when the maid asks her not to and reveals herself to be Holly. They quickly embrace. Felicia asks why she’s in this disguise. Holly says she’s supposed to be a mummy in a burn unit, so she can’t be too careful. Holly assumes Felicia’s arrival has to do with Victor getting the Ice Princess. Felicia says it is, and Victor has taken hostages.

Holly and Felicia together again GH

Felicia says first things first, they need to find Ethan, and then find the person who killed Luke. Holly explains she just received a lead that Ethan is being held on this island. She needs to follow it up, but can’t do so dressed as she is. Felicia holds up outfits and tells Holly to take her pick.

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Holly and Felicia, dressed to impress and arrive at a private club. The head man informs them a private digital auction is happening tonight, so they’ll have to come back. Holly attempts to bribe him with a jewel in order to stay, but he tells her she’s made a terrible mistake. Two of his associates arrive and surround the women, who he orders to be escorted out.

Holly and Felicia in trouble GH

Felicia quickly explains they work for someone Victor Cassadine invited, and this person can’t risk having a digital footprint attached to him, so he sent them to bid in person. She hands him a wad of cash, and he agrees to let them stay. The man tells his associates to bring up the item and handle it with care per Victor’s orders.

Felicia and Holly sit as the man begins the digital auction and broadcast. He explains he has a one-of-a-kind item with a personal meaning to each and every one of them. A hooded man is brought in and sat in front of a camera.  His hood is removed and Holly gasps, “Ethan!” The man says the bidding will start at one million dollars, and the winner will have the satisfaction of ending Ethan Lovett’s life.

Ethan is a blond GH

On the next General HospitalWillow tells Michael she wants to invite “him” to their wedding. Felicia and Holly take part in the auction. Diane informs Robert she knows where the line is, and she will not cross it. Nina speaks to Valentin and says it might be more his place than anyone else’s. Brook Lynn tells Sonny she may have called in a small favor. Chase awaits the committee’s decision. Alexis shouts at Gregory, who convulses on the ground.

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