Trina gets in touch GH
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Finn, Gregory and Chase work out at the yoga studio. The review board meets today to reconsider Chase’s case, and Gregory says he heard Brook Lynn helped him get that second chance. Chase notes he wouldn’t need this second chance if Brook Lynn had written the first letter when asked. Chase vents that Brook Lynn disappointed him again by selling out to Linc for her songs. Gregory says he heard Brook Lynn redeemed herself at the Nurses Ball. Chase says she did expose Linc, but he still can’t trust her as she’s always put herself first.

Finn, Chase, Gregory Work Out GH

Gregory says people can change, and he raised them to know everyone deserves a second chance. Finn asks, “When does Alexis get hers?” Gregory says his situation is different, and they are just friends, not in love. Chase doesn’t understand what Alexis did that was so bad. Gregory explains Alexis overstepped and violated his confidence. Finn defends Alexis and says she oversteps when she thinks she’s doing the right thing, and perhaps his dad owes her another chance.

Chase defends his choice GH

Finn has to pick up Violet and wishes Chase good luck at the meeting. Chase has to get going too, and notes if he gets his job back then he’ll be seeing a lot more of Alexis given many of her family have been abducted by Victor. He says she must be worried sick.

gregory gives Advice GH

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Sam drops by her mother’s office, where Alexis is working to find anything, she can on the Haunted Star. They fill each other in on what they know about the situation with Victor, and both agree to keep each other in the loop about what they find out. Alexis brings up the fact that Sam was in court today and asks why she bailed Cody Bell out. Sam says he’s Dante’s friend and tells her the whole story about him claiming to be framed. Sam says she’s handling this and her mom has enough to deal with so not to worry. Alexis says, “Fine, I won’t interfere where I’m not wanted.” Sam asks if she’s been hit in the head. She quickly realizes this has something to do with Gregory.

Sam chats with Alexis about Gregory GH

Alexis confides in Sam that Gregory doesn’t have a drinking problem, but he does have a problem and refuses to let her help him. Sam says sometimes being a good friend is waiting for them to come to you. Alexis isn’t sure that will happen as he’s even cut his children out of what’s going on with him, which she told him was a mistake. Alexis doubts she’ll ever see him again.

Alexis doubts she's seeing Gregory again GH

Later after Sam leaves, Alexis is shocked when Gregory shows up to see her.

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At the gatehouse, Brook Lynn calls someone and tells them to drop everything and get over here as she has a critical mission for them, and she doesn’t care that they are at the hair salon.

Brook Lynn calls in a favor GH

Maxie arrives, and Brook Lynn complements her new brunette look. Brook Lynn needs Maxie to plan Michael and Willow’s wedding, which is happening tomorrow. Maxie thinks that is impossible, but BLQ says after the Nurses Ball this should be a piece of cake. Maxie agrees to help and tells Brook Lynn to start a pot of coffee.

Maxie's new hairdo GH

Maxie wants something to elevate the occasion and make it special and suggests Brook Lynn write a song for Chase to perform. Brook Lynn doubts he’d work with her again. Maxie assumed after she exposed Linc that she and Chase would get back together. Brook Lynn says she’s let him down too many times, and besides the CCRB meeting is today and Chase will get his old life back, the one before she came along. Maxie suggests she go to that meeting and help him get his badge back and she’ll watch the kids. Brook Lynn worries she might be the last person Chase wants to see.

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Chase arrives at the CCRB meeting and is early as no one else is there. He is surprised when Brook Lynn appears, and he smiles at her.

On the Haunted Star, Spencer grabs a knife off the table and holds it to Obrecht’s throat. He tells Victor, “No Obrecht, no plan!” Obrecht tells Victor to do something! Victor relaxes and tells Spencer, “Have at it!” Spencer tells Victor that he will kill her, he will do anything to save his brother from Victor. Victor says killing Obrecht will seal his brother’s fate, and his blood will be on Spencer’s hands.

Spencer takes Obrecht hostage GH

Outside the communications room, Trina bumps into a fire extinguisher, and Victor’s men hear it. Suddenly the men are called to the main salon on a security issue. Trina sneaks in and notices a CB radio and tries to use it to get a message out. She can’t get a signal, but then spots a satellite phone.

Trina gets into the radio room GH

Back in the main salon, more men arrive and surround Spencer. Spencer lets Obrecht go, and Victor says he knew he’d see reason. Victor orders, “Get rid of him.”

Spencer is surrounded GH

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In Portia’s office at the hospital, Curtis promises Portia that Trina will come home, even if he has to bring her home himself. She thanks him for wanting to help. He says he can’t sit back knowing his daughter is in danger. He quickly corrects himself and says, “Your daughter.” Portia tells him Trina is a part of his family now too.

Curtis supports Portia GH

In the halls, Jordan asks Laura why she didn’t tell her about this plan to take down Victor. Laura explains Anna was a fugitive at the time, and they didn’t want to compromise her. Jordan asks about the current situation. Laura explains Felicia is tracking down someone who can help, then it will be all hands on deck. Curtis appears and says to count him in.

Jordan and Laura chat GH

Laura excuses herself to take a call, and Curtis tells Jordan he wants to help. Jordan says Victor is dangerous, and right now, they don’t even know where to look for the Haunted Star. Curtis says if she won’t let him help, there are others he can turn to. She asks who, Sonny or Selina Wu?

Curtis wants to help GH

Back in her office, Portia tries to keep herself occupied with work. Her phone rings, and it’s Trina. Portia asks where she is. Trina explains she’s on the Haunted Star with Spencer, Ace and Obrecht. She says Victor doesn’t know she’s on board, she followed Spencer, and she needs help.

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Portia runs out into the hall and tells Jordan, Laura and Curtis that she has Trina on the phone. Portia puts her on speaker, and Trina says she’s calling on a satellite phone, and she has no idea where Victor is taking them. Jordan calls IT to pinpoint the phone’s location. Trina says she was trying to find a radio but couldn’t get it to work. Laura realizes Trina is in the communications room and asks her to find the radar screen and read the coordinates to them. Trina gets them the information, but the hears the men are coming back, and she has to go. Curtis tells her not to take the phone with her as they’ll notice it’s missing. Portia promises her daughter they will find her. Trina tells her mom she loves her, and Portia says it back and tells her to be careful.

Back on the Haunted Star, Victor has Obrecht and Spencer’s hands tied. Victor tells Spencer that he has disappointed him and calls him as weak as his father. Spencer tries to convince Victor with Dr. Obrecht’s brilliant brain, there has to be another way for him to get what he wants. Victor asks why he should trust Spencer when he betrayed him. Victor orders Obrecht to be taken back to her cabin so he can deal with Spencer in private.

Spencer Obrecht bound GH

Victor tells Spencer that this gives him no pleasure, and it hurts him that Spencer can’t see he’s doing this for him and his brother. Spencer says Victor can’t kill him, because he needs him as the Cassadine heir. Victor notes he has an heir and a spare, and he’s allowed his love of family to cloud his judgment for too long. He says they’ve all forgotten what it means to be a Cassadine, but it’s not too late for the baby. Victor taunts that he’ll raise Ace to be a true Cassadine. Spencer exclaims, “Over my dead body!” Victor replies “That can be arranged.” Spencer says if he wanted him dead, Victor would have killed him already. Victor doesn’t want him dead, but he must be punished. Victor calls him his prisoner now and will no longer be afforded the privileges of family, including food. Victor orders his man Watkins to take Spencer back to his cabin.

Victor threatens Spencer GH

In the communications room, Trina replaces the phone after the call, but then has second thoughts and takes it and splits just as the men return.

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As Spencer is taken back to his cabin, he spots Trina, who gives him a thumbs up.

In the communications room, the men notice one of the devices is missing.

Back at the hospital, Jordan tells Portia and the others that IT is working on the coordinates Trina gave them. Laura says the fact that Trina has avoided Victor for this long gives her and Spencer an advantage. Portia just hopes this nightmare will be over soon.

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