Spencer and Victor argue GH
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At the hospital, Jordan and Dante arrive to see Portia, and she immediately knows it’s bad news. Curtis asks if something has happened to Trina. Jordan asks if they can go to her office, so they head there, but without Dante.

In Portia’s office, Jordan reveals Victor kidnapped Obrecht and Spencer’s brother, and they believe he took Spencer too and that Trina got caught up in it. Jordan says the GPS tracker on the boat was removed, but they are doing all they can to locate them. Jordan tells them she’ll be in touch with updates and heads out.

Jordan reveals bad news GH

Portia cries that Trina must be so scared. Curtis assures her that it will be okay, and they embrace. Curtis insists that Trina is tough and levelheaded, and right now is trying to find a way out of her predicament. He promises her that if he has to, he will bring Trina home himself.

Curtis supports Portia GH

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Sonny meets with Laura, who tells him Anna is out of surgery. Sonny promises that when he finds Victor, he’s going to pay. Dante approaches them and updates them that they believe Victor has Trina as well. Laura gets a call and excuses herself.

Laura and Sonny chat GH

Later, Laura runs into Jordan in the hall and says she just heard Trina is with Victor. She tells her that the mayor’s office is at her disposal, so don’t hesitate to ask for anything. Jordan knows she’s been working with Robert, Felicia and others to take down Victor, and says she wants to work with them.

Jordan wants in GH

Sonny asks Dante how Michael and Willow are, but Dante hasn’t talked to them since this fiasco with Victor began. Sonny notes when his dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, there wasn’t anything he could do. No matter what’s going on between him and Michael, Sonny doesn’t wish that feeling on him or anyone. Dante tells his father he’s wrong, he loved and cared for Mike, as well as Stone, and that was the best gift he could give them. Dante says has to get to work but advises his dad to try and reach out to Michael.

Sonny and Dante chat GH

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In her room, Anna wakes up and looks at Valentin. He tells her, “Welcome back.” Her doctor comes in to remove the breathing tube and tells her she’s on track to make a full recovery. The doctor leaves them, and Anna cries that before she blacked out, she saw all the faces of the people she loves. She believes it is what helped her fight as she’s not ready to leave them, and they’re stuck with her. Valentin says he’ll hold her to that, and they kiss.

Valentin and Anna GH

Anna asks what is happening with Victor. Valentin tells her that he escaped on the Haunted Star, and they haven’t been able to track it. He also says Victor has taken Spencer, Ace and Obrecht. Anna doubts it’s for ransom, and while Spencer and Ace are his family, perhaps he needs something from Obrecht. Valentin says no matter what happens, she needs to stay here and recover. He cries not much scares him, but watching her fade away in his arms terrified him, and he doesn’t want to be without her. He makes her promise not to do anything to put herself at risk.

Anna makes a promise GH

At the gatehouse, Willow tells Michael that she could be running out of time, so she wants to marry him today so they have as long as possible together as husband and wife. Michael tells her that he’ll marry her whenever, wherever she wants. Brook Lynn and Sasha say they’ll help them pull this off today, but tomorrow would probably be better and give them a proper ceremony. Willow agrees to wait a day.

Willow wants to get married GH

Sasha and Brook Lynn excuse themselves to put Amelia down for a nap and give Michael and Willow time to talk. Willow asks if Michael is okay with this, and admits she was afraid he’d think she was giving up. He asks if she is. He doesn’t blame her if she feels frustrated or hopeless. She is angry but isn’t giving up hope and is praying that Obrecht is found. However, they have to be realistic, and these could be her final days. She says if this is the end, she wants these days to be filled with joy and love. Michael says they don’t know what the future holds, but their wedding is an act of faith that they’ll have many years together.

Michael worries Wilow giving up GH

Sasha and Brook Lynn return and ask what they can do to help. Willow says everything is planned, they just need to contact the vendors about the change of date. Sasha says she’ll do that, and Michael sees her out. Alone, Willow asks Brook Lynn to help Michael through this.

Sasha and Brook Lynn help plan GH

Brook Lynn steps out and finds Michael having a moment. She tells him to have as many as he needs. Brook Lynn tells him it might be time for him and Willow to share their true feelings about what is going on. Michael gets a call from Sonny, so Brook Lynn heads inside.

BLQ gives Michael advice GH

Michael answers his phone and tells his dad it’s not a good time. Sonny says he just wants to say his piece and Michael doesn’t have to respond. Sonny tells him he knows what is going on with Willow must be tearing him up, he’s been there and knows what it’s like to feel you can’t do anything to help. He says if Michael ever needs him, he’s here for him, just say the word. Michael becomes emotional and says he has to go, but says he hears him.

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In Spencer’s stateroom on the Haunted Star, Trina tells him they got this, but first, they have to sneak her out of this room. She thinks there is no reason for the door to be locked when he’s gone, and they hear someone coming. Trina hides in the bathroom when Ambrose comes to get Spencer and sneaks out after they leave.

Trina ans Spencer's plan GH

Obrecht is brought out to the dining room where Victor has breakfast waiting. Spencer soon joins them, and he is shocked to see Obrecht. Spencer asks about his brother, and Victor says he’ll see him after breakfast. He orders them to sit, which they do.

Meeting for breakfast on haunted star GH

Spencer demands answers as to what his uncle is up to. Victor says this is about carrying on the family legacy and ushering in a new era for humanity. Victor explains when he was younger he was furious at the damage humanity was doing to the environment. Once upon a time, Mikkos shared his views, and they created a climate control device to try and right the wrongs done to the world. However, Mikkos’ greed became their undoing. Obrecht adds, “Along with Luke and Laura.”

Obrecht demands answers GH

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Victor reveals he and Mikkos developed a different set of tools to fall back on, should the weather machine fail, and Mikkos placed these in bunkers only he knew the location of. Mikkos put the coordinates of them in the Ice Princess. Obrecht assumes that is why he killed Luke Spencer, for the diamond. Victor says sacrifices must be made for the greater good. Obrecht asks how many people will perish in this scheme of his. Victor states the population has doubled in the 40 years since his and Mikkos’ original plan, and the strain is too much on the planet. He reveals he plans to release a pathogen that will drastically reduce the population levels. Spencer says he won’t let him get away with this, but Victor says he’s been working on this his entire life, and nobody will stop him.

Victor reveals his plans GH

Elsewhere, Trina sneaks around and locates the radio room, but two of Victor’s men are in it. She waits for Spencer to create a diversion.

Trina sneaks around GH

Back in the dining room, Spencer calls his uncle mad and asks what is to prevent them from dying from this pathogen. Victor explains that’s what Obrecht is for, she will make sure his chosen ones are properly inoculated against the pathogen. She tells him she will not go along with this absurd plan, but he warns there will be dire consequences if she doesn’t. Suddenly, Spencer grabs a knife off the table along with Obrecht and holds it to her throat.

Spencer bold move GH

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