Laura's past holds the key GH
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Sasha stops by the gatehouse where Brook Lynn is visiting with Michael, Willow and the baby. She asks how things are, and Michael says they are just waiting for the news that the PCPD has located Obrecht so they can get this transplant over with. Michael excuses himself to call Dante for any updates.

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Brook Lynn and Sasha tell Willow they know she’s being strong for Michael, but she can talk to them. Willow says Michael is trying to believe everything will be okay, but the fact is the PCPD might not find Obrecht in time to save her. In light of that, Willow wants to throw this wedding as soon as possible, so that Michael has happy memories of her that he can show their children. However, she worries that is like telling him that she’s giving up hope.

Willow, BLQ and Sasha GH

Brook Lynn says she’s known Michael for most of her life, and he is a great multitasker and can focus on this wedding and the transplant. Sasha is sure Brook Lynn is right and Michael will understand. Michael returns and asks, “What will I understand?”

Sick Willow GH

At the PCPD, Dante and Jordan are discussing the Haunted Star going missing. Gladys interrupts them and explains she’s here to give her statement against Cody Bell.  Dante says this isn’t a good time and storms off.

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Dante heads into the interrogation room where Cody is. He asks his friend if he ever plans on growing up. Cody swears he is innocent, and even if he did steal the bracelet, he wouldn’t be dumb enough to hide it in his jacket pocket. Cody assures him that he’ll sort this out himself and help is on the way. Sam enters and gives Dante a hug. She says Cody called her and tells Dante she can help Cody, so he should focus on finding Victor and the hostages.

Dante leaves, Cody thanks Sam for coming. He needs her to bail him out, and promises he’ll be good for the money. She notes, “Says the guy with the hot bracelet.” He swears he’s being set up by Gladys. Sam wouldn’t put it past Gladys, but why would she be out for him? Cody says he warned Sasha that Gladys couldn’t be trusted. Sam asks what Gladys has done, but Cody can’t say as he likes his kneecaps where they are.

Cody swears he's innocent GH

Sam needs the names of those who are involved, but Cody assures her that she doesn’t want to know, and Dante sure doesn’t. Cody explains Gladys is in trouble and this could blow back on Sasha. He knows he can help Sasha, he just needs out of here, and he won’t run. A cop enters to take Cody to his arraignment. Cody begs Sam to back him up with the judge, but she says he’s given her no reason to trust him. Cody says Dante trusts him, so that should be enough.

Sam needs answers GH

In the station, Gladys continues to bug Jordan until the commissioner assigns someone to take her statement. Dante asks Jordan if anything new has turned up, but she says it’s as if the boat has vanished. Dante may know someone who can help.

Dante has an idea GH

Later, Cody is brought out, and Gladys vents to Sam that she knew he couldn’t be trusted, and he’s going to end up behind bars. Sam assures her he won’t be in jail today as Cody will make bail. Gladys can’t believe Sam is falling for his act. Cody stares down a worried Gladys.

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Carly stops by Josh’s dorm room to let her know Willow isn’t having the transplant today and brings her up to speed on Obrecht going missing. Joss can’t believe that Obrecht, Spencer and his brother are all missing. Carly says the police are looking for them, but they may have to prepare themselves.

Carly speaks to Joss GH

Joss vents that Willow has been through so much and can’t seem to catch a break. They decide to head over to see Michael and Willow when Dante knocks at the door. Dante is looking for Trina, hoping she may have a lead on Spencer. Joss explains she hasn’t seen Trina since the ball, and the last she saw her was when she left to check on Spencer. Dante realizes nobody’s seen Trina since last night. Joss checks her texts to Trina, but none of them were delivered. Dante calls her number, but it goes to voicemail. Joss wonders if Victor has Trina as well as the others.

Joss is worried GH

Dante departs, and in the hall calls Jordan and informs her there’s been no sign of Trina since the ball. They decide to head to the hospital and talk to Portia.

At the hospital, Valentin paces as he waits for news on Anna. Portia arrives, and Valentin confronts her about the fact that they haven’t heard anything for hours about Anna. Portia tells him that Anna isn’t her patient, and a member of her team will be down soon to speak to them. Valentin demands answers, and Curtis arrives and tells Valentin that’s enough. Valentin asserts this doesn’t concern him, but Curtis says it does when he’s berating his wife. Portia says she’ll try and find out what she can and excuses herself.

Curtis scolds Valentin GH

Portia soon returns and tells Valentin, Laura and Felicia that Anna is out of surgery and being taken to a room. Valentin thanks her and apologizes for how he spoke to her earlier. He rushes off, and Curtis asks to speak with Portia alone.

Valentin is sorry GH

Curtis asks Portia if she’s heard from Trina lately. Portia says she stopped by her dorm room, but she wasn’t there. She asks what is going on. Curtis explains Spencer’s gone missing, so a panicked Portia texts Trina. She is shocked when her texts shows up undelivered. Curtis calls her, but the call doesn’t go through. Suddenly Jordan and Dante appear, and Portia cries, “No, not Trina.”

Portia is upset GH

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Valentin goes to see Anna, who is on a ventilator. He speaks with Dione, who explains the surgery was very long, that Anna lost a lot of blood, and her heart stooped again. She says there is no way to predict when she will wake up. Dione leaves them, and Valentin sits by Anna and holds her hand.  He promises her that no matter what it takes, he will bring his father down, but for now, he needs her to wake up. He cries, “I just want you to wake up.” Anna’s eyes flutter and open.

Valentin with Anna GH

Elsewhere, Laura talks to Felicia about how she was kidnapped as a kid by the Cassadines and held on the Haunted Star, which was then the Titan. As she flashes back to then, she worries history is repeating itself with Spencer. She feels something in her past could be the key to finding him. Felicia grills her about where Victor might go to hide, and where said place could be reached by the Haunted Star. Laura recalls an isolated bunker in the rainforests of Venezuela, and you could only get to it by boat. However the country has changed so much, and getting access to it could be difficult. Felicia knows just the person who can help them.

Felicia has an idea GH

On the Haunted Star, Trina sneaks back into Spencer’s room. She tells him that she thinks she found a way off the ship, and located the communications room at the bow of the ship. She thinks she can sneak in and get the word out about them. Suddenly they hear Victor’s voice outside the door saying he’s sure Spencer will come around soon. Spencer tells Trina to hide, but she asks where?

Trina found a way out GH

Outside the room, Victor sees the door is unbolted, and he and Ambrose head in and find the room empty. He orders Ambrose to search the ship. Suddenly a shirtless Spencer appears from the bathroom in a towel, as Trina hides under his bed.

Spencer in a towel GH

Spencer dresses, and Victor asks if he’s been enjoying the sea air. Spencer vents that he’s been kidnapped and doesn’t have much of a choice. When Spencer spots Trina’s purse hanging out from under his bed, he keeps his uncle busy by arguing with him about what he’s planning until she can pull it under the bed. Victor says he’ll send for breakfast, and they’ll discuss everything over a meal. Spencer demands to at least be let out of this room, as it’s not as if he’s going anywhere without his brother. Victor isn’t sure about that, so Spencer accuses Victor of being afraid of him, afraid of what he might do.

Spencer and Victor argue GH

Victor asks Spencer what might he do. Spencer says anything to be free. Victor sees his point, but freedom isn’t a right, it’s earned. Spencer only wants to be out of this room and see his brother. Victor agrees they’ll have breakfast in the dining room, and he’ll send for him shortly. Victor leaves and locks the door behind him. He warns Ambrose not to let this door go unbolted again.

Back in the room, Trina climbs out from under the bed, and Spencer believes his uncle has made a terrible mistake. Spencer and Trina plan their escape. Spencer will cause an epic diversion so she can sneak into the radio room. He tells Trina in case he doesn’t get another chance to tell her, that she is the best thing to happen to him. She kisses him and says, “This isn’t the end, we got this.”

Spencer and Trina's plan GH

On the next General HospitalSpencer warns Trina, “He’s coming.” Jordan tells Portia and Curtis, “There is something you can do.” Dante says to someone, “I wouldn’t be so sure about it.” Valentin welcomes Anna back. Victor tells Obrecht that sometimes sacrifices have to be made. Sonny promises Laura that he’ll pay more than he’s ever paid before. Willow says to Michael, “I want to get married, today!”

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