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At the gatehouse, Drew and Carly drop by just as Michael and Willow are heading to bed. Willow asks if something is wrong, and they explain it’s about Obrecht. They inform her it appears Obrecht is nowhere to be found, and it doesn’t look like she disappeared willingly. Willow wonders who would kidnap Obrecht. Drew states they don’t know what happened, but that is one theory. Carly says sometimes Obrecht can be eccentric, and she could turn up. Michael doubts she’d sabotage Georgie and James’ magic act.

Carly delivers bad news GH

Willow agrees with Michael, and thinks Nina and Maxie must be sick with worry, and so must Georgie and James. Carly says only she’d be worried for others at a time like this, and she needs to rest and not stress. Michael asks if the police have any leads. Carly says not only are the cops looking for Obrecht, but so is Sonny.

Willow processes news GH

Eventually, Drew and Carly leave them, and Michael tells Willow it’s okay if she’s not fine. Willow says she could use some warm cocoa right now, so he excuses himself to get her some. Alone, Willow crumbles to the floor and muffles her cries. Michael returns and finds Willow upset. She cries, “I was so close to forever.”

Michael comforts Willow GH

Outside, Carly and Drew can’t believe how much Willow has been through. They embrace.

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At the Metro Court, Scott shows up and asks Nina what was so important that he had to come straight here. Nina tells him Obrecht has gone missing. Sonny fills them in that he has Brick tracking some of Obrecht’s fitness devices, her phone and earbuds. Scott can feel it in his bones that Obrecht is in trouble and reminds them that Victor is obsessed with her. Nina asks Sonny if Victor could have taken her aunt. Sonny promises he will find out.

Nina gives Scott news

Sonny departs, and Scott tries to stay positive and believes Obrecht will be fine, and so will Willow. He tells Nina that her surgery will only be delayed. Nina knows that and feels she should be the one telling Willow the same right now.

Scott is upset GH

At the hospital, Diane arrives and tells Robert she heard Anna was shot, and that it’s been quite a night. He asks if she’s here working late, but she explains she’s checking up on him as she knows what Anna means to him. Suddenly she gets a call about a new client. Diane apologizes but she has to dash.

Diane comforts Robert GH

Dante and Laura arrive to see Esme, and Jordan, who is still with her, promises Esme that they’ll find her boy. Jordan and Dante leave to follow up on some leads, and Laura breaks the news to Esme that this was Victor’s doing. Laura says it’s just a matter of time before they locate Victor and bring her son home. Laura tells Esme she is proud of how brave she was in fighting back Victor’s man for her son.

Esme bad news GH

Later Laura tries to call Spencer, but he’s still not answering his phone. Esme ponders Spencer helped his uncle take Ace, but Laura believes Spencer is in just as much danger as Ace is. Laura decides to go find Esme’s doctor and see if there is any news on her tests.

Laura defends Spencer GH

In the halls, Diane tells Robert that she hopes Anna’s surgery goes well and departs. Dante and Jordan approach and fill Robert in that Victor has kidnapped Esme’s baby, and it also appears Obrecht is missing and evidence suggests a struggle. Robert knows Victor has been obsessed with Obrecht for years, and asks them to keep him updated on anything they hear.

Robert Jordan Dante cases GH

Sonny arrives and meets with Diane. Sonny needs her to talk to Victor’s man who tried to kill Lucy who is currently being held at the PCPD. He tasks her with getting him to talk about Victor. He suggests she offer him services as a lawyer in return, noting Victor’s left him out to dry.

Sonny has job for Diane GH

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Later, Sonny locates and speaks with Dante and Jordan about the search for Victor. Jordan theorizes Nikolas could be involved, and Victor may have taken Ace for him. Sonny states they need to stop Victor. Jordan thinks if this is about his family, he may try and take other Cassadines as well. Dante contacts Sam, who warns Alexis and her sisters, and they all plan to stay in lockdown. Laura joins the group and tells Sonny that Victor may have taken Spencer along with Ace.

Sonny worries GH

Laura returns to Esme and says the doctor is going to release her in the morning, so she’ll return to take her back home. Laura tells Esme that she can’t promise she can protect her from everything, but she can promise they will bring Ace home and she’ll make sure Victor is punished. Esme asks if she’ll find Spencer too. Laura says they will.

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At the station, Robert talks to Victor’s man in the interrogation room to try and offer him a deal to talk. Diane enters and has a better deal to offer him. Diane and Robert step out, and Robert wonders what she’s doing. Diane explains this man is her client, and she’ll handle getting him the information they both need. She advises him to trust her.

Robert Diane station GH

A while later, Diane exits the interrogation room and tells Robert she has the information they need. She calls Sonny and confirms Obrecht was taken on Victor’s orders, and if her client wasn’t caught, he was to join them on a spirited voyage out of town.

Back at the hospital, Sonny tells Dante and Jordan that he knows where they can find Victor.

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On the Haunted Star, Trina spies as Victor tells Spencer that they are never returning to Port Charles. Spencer says he has a grandmother, his Uncle Sonny and other people who care about him, but Victor says those people are against them. Spencer screams his uncle isn’t making any sense. Victor tells him all will be explained in time and asks Ambrose to escort Spencer to his estate room.

Spencer and Victor argue GH

Ambrose takes Spencer off, an Victor wonders why family must be so challenging. His other man tells Victor that his other guest is being a problem too. Victor expected that but thought Spencer would come around. He is sure he will in time and tells his man that he knows what to do for their other guest.

Spencer is taken to an estate room, reminded not to try and escape as Victor has his brother, and bolted in from the outside.

Meanwhile, Obrecht is brought out to Victor. Trina continues to listen from behind the curtains as Obrecht asks if this is a game for Victor abducting her over and over, and asks what is next. He says there is no next, she’s here to stay. She asks how many times she must reject him before it sinks in. He explains she’s here for a different reason than romance. He gushes that she is a woman of many skills, skills which are wasted in Port Charles. He plans to finish the job he and his brothers started 40 years ago and needs her talents. Obrecht refuses to go along with his plans and lunges toward him to attack. Trina uses the distraction to slip away.

Obrecht lashes out GH

Trina locates Spencer’s stateroom and opens the door. Spencer, thinking it’s Victor’s man, grabs a champagne bottle and almost clubs her over the head. He stops, sees her, and embraces her. He asks what she’s doing here. She admits she followed him. She informs him that Victor also has Obrecht, and they need to go. Spencer wants to but says he can’t abandon Ace. Trina says if they get away they can send help, but Spencer says Victor could be too far away to be located by then. Trina recalls Victor telling Obrecht this ship was untraceable.

Spencer and Trina together GH

Trina reveals her phone has no reception, but nobody knows she’s here, so she can float around to try and find a way to send the alarm. He jokes, “Like what? The phantom of the Haunted Star?” Spencer is in awe of her bravery but needs her to be a coward, not a superhero right now. She feels this is their only chance. He asks her to be careful as he couldn’t stand to lose her too. She promises he can’t get rid of her if he tried, and they kiss. Trina then sneaks out and latches the deadbolt behind her.

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Back in the bar area, Obrecht tells Victor she wants nothing to do with whatever demented plot he has in mind. Victor says if she works with him then what’s left of her family will remain safe and unharmed, and he’ll throw in Scott for good measure. Obrecht tells him that he suffers from delusions of grandeur and like his previous schemes, this one will blow up in his face, pun intended. Victor orders his man to get Obrecht out of his sight.

Victor and his plan for Obrecht GH

On the next General HospitalCurtis tells someone, “That’s enough!” Brook Lynn and Sasha visit with Willow. Willow says, “Isn’t that the same as telling him I’ve given up hope?” Sam speaks with Cody at the station and asks him what Gladys did that he needs to warn Sasha about. Portia tells someone, “So it’s too late for that?” Dante and Jordan speak, and he knows someone who might be able to help. Laura fears to Felicia that history could be repeating itself. Carly warns Joss they need to prepare themselves. Trina returns to Spencer and thinks she’s found a way off the boat.

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