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At the ball, Joss connects with Dex in private. She informs him that she and Trina are going back to the dorms and then headed to an after-party, but maybe they can meet up later. Sonny discovers them talking and asks why he keeps finding them together.

Sonny busts Joss and Dex GH

They stammer, and Sonny reveals he’s disappointed in Dex and says he’s known they have been together for months, and he gave Dex every chance to be honest. He asks Joss if her mother knows she’s seeing Dex. Joss says she does, she doesn’t love it, but she respects it’s her decision. Sonny doesn’t like to be lied to, and Joss says nobody does. Sonny has a job for Dex, so Joss takes off.

Sonny hates being lied to GH

Sonny informs Dex that he has no interest in being the romance police, and if this is all right with Carly and Joss, then that’s their business. He just doesn’t want it to interfere with his work. Dex swears it won’t.

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Elsewhere, Carly asks Nina where in the hell Obrecht is as she’s supposed to donate her bone marrow tomorrow. Nina explains her aunt literally vanished from the vanishing cabinet, and it turns out there was a trap door below the stage. Sonny arrives, and Nina asks if he found Obrecht. He explains he has Dex looking for her. Sonny asks Carly about Joss seeing Dex. Carly knows about it and doesn’t like it, but now is not the time to discuss it.

Nina missing GH

Drew arrives to speak with Sonny. Sonny asks if this is about the safe house. Nina is confused, so Sonny brings her up to date on Anna and Valentin being alive at one of his safe houses. Drew explains something went wrong, Anna was shot, and she’s in the OR fighting for her life. Drew fills them in that Victor has the necklace, and he shot Anna to pay back Valentin for his betrayal. Drew believes at this point Victor’s plans no longer involve Port Charles, which Sonny notes makes him more dangerous. Nina becomes upset but remembers Carly’s advice that Sonny needs someone to stand beside him when things get rough.

Drew provides information GH

Dex returns, and Nina asks if he found her aunt. He says he checked the crawl space under the trap door on stage and found a charm. Nina recognizes it from a bracelet of Britt’s, and her aunt wouldn’t be so careless as to lose one of the charms. Drew and Carly depart to tell Michael and Willow the news, while Dex leaves to pull the car around.

Dex finds a charm GH

Nina admits for once she isn’t upset Carly is with Willow, as she’ll reassure her. Nina states she needs to find her aunt, and Sonny is going to help her. Sonny asks if she knows what she’s asking of him. She does, as her aunt is the only one who can save Willow, so do whatever it takes to find her.

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At the Quartermaine gatehouse, Michael wakes up Willow, who fell asleep, and says that it’s time to get her to bed. Willow can’t believe she fell asleep and missed the ball. He fills her in on what happened, including Obrecht’s disappearing act. He knows it was a trick, but it looked a little too real.

Sleepy Willow GH

Michael tells her about Lucy being alive, and the reports are Sonny saved her. Willow thinks he’s proud of his dad. He says his dad is courageous, but it doesn’t make him like the things he’s done. She says all they can do is move forward from the past, so Michael asks if that goes for Nina too. She admits she holds things Nina did against her, but she’s a big part of why Obrecht is donating her bone marrow, and she owes her for that.

Michael and Willow talk, bad news GH

Later as Michael and Willow get up to head to bed, Carly and Drew show up. Willow notices the worried looks on their faces and asks if something is wrong.

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Portia stops by Trina’s dorm, but nobody answers the door. Joss appears, and she explains she doesn’t think Trina is back yet. They head in, and the place is empty and dark. Joss notes Trina should be back soon, as they were going to head to a party. Portia thinks this was a bad idea, and asks Joss not to tell Trina she stopped by. Joss suggests she stay and see how Trina reacts. Joss decides to change, but will also text Trina she’s here so she doesn’t feel ambushed.

Portia stops to see Trina GH

Joss returns having changed, and Portia admits while cleaning up she found a book of art, with an inscription inside the cover, “With you, every day is a gift.” She assumes it’s from Spencer and has deduced he has become more important to Trina than just a friend. Joss says she’s known Spencer for a long time, and he can be a jerk, but if anyone can make him strive to be better then it’s Trina. Portia decides to leave and asks Joss to tell Trina she stopped by. Joss assures Portia that Spencer would never knowingly hurt Trina again. Portia notes it’s the “knowingly” part that scares her.

Portia and Joss talk Spencer GH

At Laura’s place, she rushes over to Esme, who is out cold on the floor. Esme regains consciousness, but her head is pounding. She cries it all happened so fast, and this man forced himself in and took her baby. Laura promises her that they’ll find her baby as Esme sobs.

Esme attacked GH

Soon Dante and the paramedics arrive, and Esme sobs that he took her baby. Dante asks who took her baby, and she says it was Nikolas. Shocked, Laura asks if she saw Nikolas. Esme admits she didn’t see his face, but if not him then who, Spencer? Dante says they need to get Esme to GH to make sure she’s not badly injured. Esme begs Dante to find Ace as he’s all she has.

Laura Dante see kidnapper GH

Later, Dante receives an email with the camera footage from the building surveillance. They look at the footage and see a man in a hoodie board the elevator with a gun. They later spot him leaving with Ace, and the man’s face flashes briefly on camera. Laura recognizes him as Ambrose, Victor’s bodyguard.

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At the hospital, Valentin feels powerless to help Anna. Jordan states Anna would be the first to want them to locate Victor. Jordan questions them if Eileen’s murder is part of what is going on, and they believe so. Jordan asks if Laura is involved, and Felicia doesn’t deny it. Jordan questions them as to what Victor wanted so badly he’d kill for it. Felicia explains it concerns the Ice Princess necklace. Robert and Felicia reveal that Holly’s injury, the explosion and the destruction of the necklace were faked.

Valentin distraught GH

Later, Felicia sits with Valentin and tells him that Anna’s a fighter. She urges him not to lose hope, and she won’t let him. He says she can’t speak for Anna. Felicia’s not and is speaking for Charlotte, who steps off the elevator. Valentin rushes to his daughter and embraces her in tears. Felicia gives them time alone.

Felicia encourages Valentin GH

Valentin and Charlotte sit down, and Charlotte asks how bad it is. Valentin admits it is bad, but Anna is in good hands. Charlotte assumes this is Victor’s doing, and Valentin admits it is. She seethes that she hates him, but her father tells her not to waste a second of her life hating Victor. He promises Victor will be stopped one way or another.

Charlotte and Val GH

Jordan gets a call and reports to Robert and Felicia that Esme Prince was attacked and her baby taken. Robert and Felicia realize Victor’s getting all his ducks in a row.

Jordan stops by Esme’s room, and she finds the girl having a nightmare about the man who took her baby. She doesn’t understand why this man took Ace.

Esme nightmare GH

Later, Valentin speaks with Robert while Felicia sits with Charlotte. Robert says there are no updates on Anna, which means she’s still fighting. Valentin tells Robert that he wants Victor found, then he wants him dead, and finally, he wants to bury him in a hole with his bare hands.

On the Haunted Star, Spencer demands to know where they are going. Victor says they are headed to the open sea and leaving Port Charles. Spencer insists he wants off at the next stop, but Victor says they won’t be stopping for a very, very long. The young Cassadine says he’ll swim for it then, but Victor’s man Ambrose blocks his path.

Spencer doesn’t understand what is going on here and thought they were working together, but now he’s taken him against his will. Victor states, “I’m not abducting you, I’m saving you!” Spencer asks, from what? Victor exclaims from himself. Spencer vents that maybe his grandmother was right about him. He wants to go home to his family. A woman steps out holding Ace, and Victor says his family is all on this boat.

Spencer Victor bicker GH

Spencer wonders where Esme is, and Victor says she is back in Port Charles with all the other mediocre people. He states they are Cassadines and they deserve better, so it’s full steam ahead. Spencer cries that leaving Port Charles means leaving people he loves and cares about. Victor tells him that it’s time he put his grandmother in the past, and as for Trina, soon he’ll forget all about her too.

Victor tells the nanny, Jane, to take Ace back to bed. Spencer offers to go with Victor wherever he wants, but he has to let his baby brother go home. Victor insists that the baby is home, as is Spencer. From behind a curtain, Trina spies on them.

Trina is spying GH ABC


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