Victor takes hostages GH
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At the not-so-safe house, Valentin hands over the necklace to Victor to save Anna. Victor tells him that his betrayal broke his heart, so he’s going to return the favor. Victor raises his gun, shoots Anna in the chest, and tells Valentin to consider them even. Victor walks out, and Valentin tries to see how badly Anna is wounded. She manages to gasp at Valentin to go after Victor.

Victor shoots Anna

Valentin refuses to leave her and puts pressure on her wound, and says he has to get her to a hospital. He calls 911, and Anna tells him if anything happens to her that she was lucky to find him. He jokes some might disagree with her. She says they don’t know his heart, and she loves him. He tells her he loves her too as the ambulance arrives. Anna passes out, and Valentin sobs.

Anna flatlines GH

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Victor and one of his henchman board the Haunted Star. Victor asks what he found about Holly Sutton. The man tells Victor she’s not in the hospital where she is supposed to be. Victor assumes the explosion was rigged and she is looking for her son. He says it’s time to offload Ethan for a profit. Victor takes a call from Tobias, who hasn’t found Lucy. Victor orders him to go to the Metro Court as that is likely where Lucy will be headed.

Victor discusses plans GH

At the ball, everyone begins to wonder where Obrecht disappeared to. Backstage, Nina asks Maxie what happened to her aunt. Maxie explains it’s a mystery, as she vanished from the vanishing cabinet.

Obrecht just vanished GH

Gladys’ bodyguard, who is guarding the bracelet, can’t find Gladys. Sasha suggests she went to the ladies’ room. Elsewhere, Gladys slips out of the dressing area.

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Gladys returns to her table, and Sasha notices her bracelet is missing. Gladys screams out she’s been robbed. The bodyguard returns and learns the bracelet is missing. Sasha says perhaps the clasp just broke. He asks when she was sure she had it last. Gladys remembers she went backstage to tell Maxie what a good job she was doing, and she also saw Cody Bell.

Gladys no bracelet GH

Joss asks Trina how she’s handling Spencer’s outburst. Trina says it seems like Spencer went after Dex and picked a fight on purpose. Trina feels something is going on with Spencer, and she’s going to find out what it is.

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Sam finds Spencer brooding at the bar, and he admits he blew it with Trina again.

On stage, Maxie introduces the Magic Wands who give a performance as doctors trying to save a patient. Dex, Cody and TJ perform along with Yuri and Milo.

Milo and the wands GH

After the performance, Maxie tells Milo backstage that he was great as usual. A little girl (played by Grace Cheetwood) runs by and into Milo, and Maxie tells her that she needs to join her group. She leaves Milo and comments, “Cute kid.”

Nina finds Maxie and Maxie tells her Obrecht still hasn’t been found. Nina says this is not like her aunt and she knows Willow’s transplant is tomorrow. Sonny joins them, after Nina texts him, and they tell him about Obrecht going missing from the cabinet.

The men from the previous act change back into their tuxes and head back out to the ballroom. Backstage the bodyguard tells Sasha and Gladys the bracelet has been found by someone in the wardrobe department and fell out of a tux pocket. They ask whose. Suddenly Cody turns up without a jacket. The bodyguard has his jacket and asks if it is his. He says he doesn’t know as they all look alike. Cody asks what is going on? Sasha asks him if he found a bracelet, but he says he didn’t. Gladys immediately accuses him of stealing it, as it was in his tux.

Cody gets arrested GH

Cody says he never took the bracelet, and if it was found in his jacket, then someone put it there. Mac arrives, and the bodyguard demands Cody be arrested. Cody explains he didn’t take the bracelet, but Gladys says he has been following her all night and was clearly casing her. She asks if he denies following her. He says he doesn’t, but followed her for other matters and not to steal a bracelet. Mac asks how he knows Gladys. Cody says they’ve crossed paths a few times. Cody says his prints won’t be on the bracelet so they should check it. Gladys snaps that he could have wiped them off. Mac is forced to arrest Cody. As Mac takes Cody off in cuffs, Sam spots them and asks what is going on. Cody says he’s been framed, and this time he’s innocent.

Back in the ballroom, Spencer asks Trina if he’s screwed up the best thing that’s happened to him. She says it depends and asks what is going on with him. He is sorry he upset her, but he doesn’t like Dex and whatever is going on with him and Joss. She tells him that’s the wrong answer, and that what he said to Dex was awful. Spencer pleads that he’s trying to do better. She tells him to start by giving Dex an apology. Suddenly Victor calls, and Trina says, “You are not going to answer that now, are you?” Spencer says he must take it and excuses himself.

Trina Spencer Wrong answer

Victor tells Spencer if he wants to get his brother away from Esme, he is to come to the Haunted Star, and tell no one.

Elsewhere, Robert gets a call from Valentin and says he’ll be right there.

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Sonny finds Dex in the ballroom and tells him they have a problem. He instructs him to help him look for Obrecht.

Sonny has a proble

Lucy makes it to the backstage, but Victor’s man catches her and holds a gun to her. He orders her to come with him, and she stalls him by babbling, and then stomps on his foot and runs. He follows and corners her again, so she grabs a boa off a clothing rack and tries to whip him with it. Suddenly Sonny appears and knocks the guy out from behind. He says to Lucy, “A boa? Really?”

Lucy is trapped GH

Jordan chats with TJ and Molly when she gets a call about Anna being brought into General Hospital.

Carly takes the stage and honors her mother Bobbie for serving the hospital for the past 45 years. Bobbie tears up, and several flashbacks of her over the years are shown. The crowd gives her a standing ovation.

Carly honors Bobbie GH

Backstage, Lucy thanks Sonny but says she has an important errand to do. Sonny says he’ll take care of the guy.

Back on stage, Bobbie thanks Carly and says she also is here tonight to talk about Lucy Coe. A large portrait of Lucy is revealed from behind a curtain. Bobbie admits she and Lucy started off as enemies, and Lucy was a liar and a backstabber who seduced her husband. Lucy, backstage, hears Bobbie speaking about her and grows furious. Bobbie says Lucy found her passion for the Nurses Ball in 1994, and Lucy was the leader, the inspiration, and the nag that made it all happen. Bobbie says Lucy isn’t here tonight… Suddenly Lucy rushes the stage, trips, and bursts through her own photo. Everyone is shocked, and Bobbie says, “You’re alive?” Lucy says she is and to deal with it! Bobbie welcomes her home, and everyone stands and applauds.

Lucy shows up GH

At Laura’s place, Esme and Ace watch the ball. Laura arrives and explains she had an emergency to deal with, otherwise she would have been home sooner. Laura sits with Esme and notes Ace is looking better and goes to touch him. Esme snaps, “Don’t touch him.” She quickly apologizes and says she just can’t seem to stop being overprotective. She doesn’t even like it when Ace is out of her sight. Laura says she understands, but he can sense her anxiety, and that’s not good for him.

Laura esme and baby ace GH

Laura gets a call, which she takes. She asks where she is, and says she’ll be right there. Laura tells Esme that she has to go.

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At the hospital, Laura and Robert arrive, and Valentin informs them Victor shot Anna in the abdomen. He explains she coded in the ambulance, but they brought her back, and he doesn’t know how she is. Laura assures him that Anna is a fighter.

valentin blames himself gH

Robert asks Valentin about Victor. Valentin says he got away. They ask about Lucy, and he says she escaped but he doesn’t know where she is. Robert wonders how Laura knew to come to the hospital. She says the hospital called her, which they find odd. Laura asks Valentin if Victor said anything about his plans. He relays that Victor only said he’d chosen a new heir. A doctor comes out and says Anna is being taken to surgery, and they won’t know the extent of the damage until then.

Laura excuses herself to make a call. Felicia shows up and asks about Anna. Robert blames Valentin for this, and Felicia tells him it was Victor who shot Anna. Valentin says Robert is right, and Victor shot Anna to hurt him.

Jordan later arrives and asks Valentin what in the hell is going on. Valentin tells her that Victor shot Anna, and whatever he is planning is going to hatch soon, so they need to stop him.

Spencer arrives on the Haunted Star and asks his uncle what is happening with Ace. Suddenly Spencer hears the engines, and he asks his uncle what is going on. Victor says they’re setting sail.

Laura returns home and finds Ace’s pacifier on the ground outside her door. She heads inside and Esme is out cold on the floor and the place shows signs of a struggle.

Esme knocked out GH

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