Victor orders Lucy killed GH
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Backstage at the ball, Maxie asks Bobbie to get everyone together for the opening number. Nina stops in and wishes them luck tonight.

Linc barges in on Blaze in her dressing room while she’s in her dressing gown. She says she has to change, and he tells her not to let him stop her.

Blaze Linc GH

In his car, Victor talks with his man about the location of the cabin where Lucy is. Victor says there they’ll find Anna, Valentin, and the necklace which is the key to saving the world.

At the safe house, Lucy screams as she turns on the TV and the ball begins.

Lucy sees the ball on TV

Back at the ball, Bobbie and Maxie take to the stage to welcome them to the ball. Maxie says this year they’ve turned things up a notch to celebrate the 60th anniversary of General Hospital. They then announce the nurses and their opening number.

Bobbie and Maxie introduce GH

TJ, along with the nurses, open the show with their rendition of, “Lovely Day”

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At their table, Gladys shows her bracelet to Sonny, which Sasha got on loan from a Deception photo shoot. She thanks Sasha for everything she’s done for her. Sasha says she couldn’t have recovered this year without Gladys. Sonny feels that means soon the court-ordered guardianship will end and Sasha will be on her own again.

Sam, Dante and Cody sit at a table together, and Sam is impressed that Cody agreed to perform. He jokes every once in a while he does the right thing. Cody looks over and sees Gladys laughing at the other table.

Chase and Finn chat with Liz, and she tells him she’s looking forward to Chase’s big duet. She urges them to enjoy the ball. Chase and Finn head to the bar, and Finn can tell Chase wants to say something about Liz and tells him not to.

Brook Lynn goes to check on Blaze in her dressing room and finds Linc in there. Blaze appears in her gown from behind a dressing screen, and Brook Lynn tells Linc to get out. Linc explains Blaze needed help with her zipper, but Brook Lynn says she’ll manage that and shoves him out. Alone, Brook Lynn asks Blaze if Linc tried something, and if she’s okay.

BLQ shoes Linc out GH

Curtis and Nina chat at their table. She noticed his traffic jam earlier with Portia and Jordan. Curtis suggests they make a deal and neither asks about the other’s life right now and they just enjoy the show.

Curtis and Nina agreement GH

Austin and Ava have a table, and Austin thinks they should go talk to Mac, who is sitting with Felicia. Ava says they don’t want to seek out the cops, just let them notice they are together and having a good time.

Austin and Ava laughing GH

Trina orders a club soda from the bar, and Spencer says hello to her. He tells her how beautiful she is and admits he should have asked to escort her tonight. She asks why he didn’t. He reminds her they told Sydney they were just friends. She says they were in front of cameras, what were they supposed to say?

Trina Spencer talk

Sonny interrupts them to ask for a moment alone with Spencer. Trina excuses herself, and Sonny asks him if he knows where Victor is. Spencer admits he thought he’d be here tonight. Sonny wonders when he last saw him, and Spencer admits a few hours ago and asks what is going on. Sonny explains Victor checked out of the Metro Court, and they think he may be leaving town.

Sonny questions Spencer GH

Cody confronts Gladys in the lobby and asks if she’s headed to the pawn shop to get that bracelet appraised. She explains it’s not hers, it’s on loan. Cody notes Brando’s garage wasn’t hers and she sold it. Gladys calls him a jackass and orders him to stay out of her business. He says he will if she tells Sasha the truth, and if she doesn’t, then he will tell her Glady is using her money to settle her gambling debts.

Cody threatens Gladys GH

Joss happens to bump into Dex at the bar, and he tells her that she looks amazing. He reminds her they shouldn’t be seen together, but she says they are just two people waiting for the bartender. He caresses her hand.

joss and dex at bar GH

At their table, Jordan toasts TJ for being great on stage. She realizes he and Molly aren’t drinking, and TJ explains they are abstaining from alcohol. TJ admits they are trying to get pregnant, and Jordan is thrilled.

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Chase asks Finn what exactly happened between him and Liz at Cam’s goodbye party. Finn doesn’t hear him as he has earphones in and is listening to a message from Violet. Chase tries to ask about Liz, but Finn continues to ignore him and listen to Violet.

Back in Blaze’s dressing room, Blaze tells Brook Lynn that she can handle Linc. Brook Lynn offers to go to any meetings she has with Linc seeing she has a vested interest in her as Chase’s manager. Suddenly, Chase knocks on the door. Brook Lynn lets him in, and Blaze insists everything is fine and leaves to make a call.

Chase tells Brook Lynn that he can see Blaze is upset, but Brook Lynn says she can take care of herself. He wonders if she wants everyone to live like she does, only looking out for themselves. Brook Lynn says she’s used to going it alone but also knows signing that deal with Linc was a mistake. She let him down. He says what’s worse is she let herself down. Blaze returns, and BLQ tells them to let her know if they need anything.

Liz takes the stage and speaks about Epiphany, who performed many times at the ball over the years. She says they dedicate this year’s ball to their dear friend.

Liz and Epiphany dedication GH

Backstage, Maxie notices that there were three chainsaws with the props earlier, and now there are only two. She hears a chainsaw gas up in the background and rushes off.

Elsewhere, Spencer tracks down Trina to resume their conversation. He was going to ask her about the kiss, and if it means they are together. She says it does, and they move in for another kiss, only for to Joss interrupt. Joss tells Trina they need to get backstage and ready for their number.

spencer trina talk more GH

Bobbie announces the next act, Trina and her granddaughter Joss. They take the stage, along with backup dancers, and perform “In the Middle.”

Joss and Trina sing GH

After their number, Linc approaches Joss backstage and says he knows talent and she has it. He gloats in his hands she could go all the way to the top. She thanks him but says she’s not really interested in a singing career. BLQ appears as Linc urges Joss not to say no so quickly.

Linc approaches Joss GH

Sasha tells Cody his number is coming up and asks if he’s nervous. He jokes the stage is his old friend. Gladys finds them together and wonders what they are discussing. Cody says, “Old friends.”

Spencer tells Trina that she was amazing, and Carly joins him in her telling her the same. Carly wonders where her daughter is.

Back at the safe house, Lucy cries that it’s breaking her heart that she can’t be at the ball. She excuses herself to finish it in her room. Valentin tells Anna that he knows this is hard for her too. Anna says being there always makes her feel close to Robin.

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Later, Valentin surprises Anna with a mini piano he found in the attic. He’s decided to bring the ball to her, and plays the piano and sings something he wrote for her called “If You Believe In Love.” The song turns into a dream sequence where they dance in an elegant room.

Anna Victor number GH

After the song, Anna gets a text from Sonny that Victor checked out of the Metro Court. Lucy interrupts to get snacks and tells Valentin that she heard his song and it was beautiful. She also talks about the chaos going on at the Metro Court, and they wonder how she knows what is happening. She admits she did more than text Maxie early, she went to the Metro Court. Furious, they ask how she got there. She says she took a car service but met them way down the street. Anna exclaims, “We have to leave now.”

From his car, Victor instructs his man that when he finds the right house no one is to approach without his order.

Victor has big plans

Later, Victor speaks to another one of his other men, Ambrose, who has gained access to the backstage of the Nurses Ball. Victor assumes it’s done, and he reveals when he leaves Port Charles that he’s taking someone with him.

Victor informs his other associate who is with him to have the men engage the house, and take Anna and Valentin alive, but eliminate Lucy. He says Ambrose is in position at the Metro Court as they speak.

At the house, Valentin and Anna tell Lucy they have to go, though she’s reluctant to leave when the ball is still on. Valentin steps outside, and Anna notices a red laser target on his chest. She tells him to move as a gunshot goes off.

On the next General HospitalJoss tells Spencer he’s caused nothing but misery. Trina cries she guesses she was wrong. Sam asks Cody why she’d do something like that. Sasha tells someone they never need an excuse to talk to her. Jordan advises Mac to start with Victor. At the safe house, Victor announces he’s not going anywhere until he gets what he came for. Sonny tells someone. “That’s the least I can do.” Linc grabs BLQ by the arm and yells, “What the hell was that?”

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