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In Victor’s suite, Anna calls Eileen and orders her to get out of there. Eileen sees the flash drive on the floor and says she can’t talk now, but when she gets there, she’ll have the answers. After hanging up, Eileen tries to distract Victor by flirting with him and offering to make him feel better. There is a knock at the door and it’s Victor’s man, who says he has the information he needs. Victor and the man head into another room, and Eileen picks up the flash drive.

Eileen talks to Victor GH abc

At the safe house, Anna calls Eileen back, but she’s put her phone on silent. Meanwhile, Lucy paces and waits for Maxie to answer her text. Felicia arrives and speaks with Anna and Valentin. Anna realizes Eileen may have been hinting to her that she’s going after the decryption key. Felicia thinks that will put them one step ahead of Victor, but Valentin worries people who try to outsmart Victor end up stabbed in the back.

Felicia one step ahead GH

Diane gets off the Metro Court elevator and finds Robert waiting in the lobby. She asks what brings him here so late. He says he was meeting a contact for a drink, but feels he’s been stood up. As they chat, Robert has to excuse himself when Anna calls. She warns Robert that Eileen is still with Victor and that he needs to get her out.

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Anna gives orders GH ABC

Back in Victor’s suite, after Victor and his man talk, Eileen explains to him that she must get to a meeting. Victor tells her that she leaves when he says she can. He orders her to return the necklace to the PCPD locker room, which will give his people time to work on the key. Eileen thought this would be finished tonight. Victor says she’ll be done very soon, there is just one more thing he needs her to do.

Victor gives the orders GH

Robert heads to the elevator, and Diane joins and explains Alexis just called her to join her in her office for a late-night desert.  When they get off the elevator, Diane notes Victor has a suite on this floor and asks if that is who Robert is meeting. Robert says it’s Eileen he’s after, and bangs on Victor’s door. Nobody answers. Robert warns Diane she should go find Alexis as he’s about to kick in the door. Diane leaves, and Robert can’t believe that worked.

Robert Diane lobby GH

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Diane returns with a key she got from a maid so that Robert can get in without kicking the door down. He thanks her as he realizes he is not 25 anymore. He opens the door, but the suite is empty.

Robert Diane empty suite GH

Robert begins searching, and Diane says she can help him if he tells her what he’s looking for. Robert explains Eileen is working for Victor, and they’ve been forcing her to double cross him, but fear Eileen betrayed them. Diane asks what Victor did. Robert reveals he killed Luke.

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Back at the safe house, Anna gets a call from Robert that the suite is empty, and they assume Victor has taken Eileen.

At Charlie’s, everyone is speechless when Cam arrives with Esme and Ace. Esme insists this wasn’t her idea, and Cam invited her. Liz says Cam can invite anyone he wants and tells Esme it’s nice to see her. Esme scoffs, “I don’t do well being locked up, as you know.” Cam tells Esme that this is his party, and he doesn’t want her disrespecting his mom. Liz says it’s okay, and Esme suggests she go. Cam reminds her if she wants a life here then she has to make an effort. Esme agrees to stay.

Cam arrives with Esme GH

Cam speaks with Laura and Spencer and explains he stopped by his grandmother’s and found Esme about to take off. He talked her out of it but brought her here just in case.

Laura Spencer GH

Scott arrives and tells Cam that Port Charles won’t be the same without him. He sees Esme in the corner and exclaims, “What the hell is she doing here?”

Joss asks Trina why Jake and Aiden aren’t here. Trina says they’re going to have a family breakfast before Cam leaves. Joss vents to Trina about Esme and says memory or no memory, she is still bad news.

Later, Spencer fumes to his friends about Esme. Cam suggests since Esme doesn’t remember anything they should tone down the overt hostility toward her.

Cam gives orders GH

Joss approaches Esme, who remains alone in the corner holding Ace. Esme knows what she’s accused of doing to Joss and doesn’t know why she’d do that. She swears she doesn’t remember, doesn’t want to, and just wants to be a good mom for Ace. He’s all that matters to her now. Meanwhile, Spencer thinks about Victor promising him that Esme won’t raise a Cassadine heir.

Joss Esme chat GH

Liz, Scott and Laura chat. Liz again apologizes to Scott for the problems she caused between him and Obrecht. He is just happy to learn Liz gets to keep her job. Liz notes the good news comes with bad news and fears she lost a friend. Laura and Scott are sure Epiphany is just busy, and she’ll hear from her when she gets back in town.

Scott, Laura and Liz chat GH

Scott calls everyone’s attention and wishes Cam luck at Stanford and says they’re lucky to have him. Cam, his friends and his family all have a big group hug.

Scott toasts Cam GH

After all the well wishes, Esme thanks Cam for inviting her and says his grandma is taking them home. She says it figures the one person who is nice to her is leaving town. Cam reminds her that his grandma has been nice to her as well. Laura joins them, wishes Cam luck, and she leaves with Esme and the baby.

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After almost everyone is gone, Cam thanks his mom for the party and says while he hates the idea of leaving, he can’t wait to get there. Liz understands, and they share a hug.

Cam takes off, and Liz calls Epiphany. A state trooper answers her phone, and Liz explains she’s looking for her friend. He says he’s sorry but has bad news. Liz begins to tear up and the trooper fills her in, the details the audience doesn’t hear.

At the Nurses Ball rehearsal space, Maxie, Bobbie, Sasha and Brook Lynn work on the final preparations for the ball. Maxie receives a call from Lucy, so she excuses herself for privacy. As the others continue to figure out the order of the acts, Chase shows up in a white tank top.

Nurses Ball planning GH

Chase explains he’s here for rehearsal, so Bobbie directs him to Felix as he’s the stage director. Felix asks Chase where Blaze is. Chase explains she got caught up with something else, but he’ll fill her in. Felix frets as this is the last rehearsal before the ball.

Chase Felix talk GH

Meanwhile, Sasha urges Brook Lynn not to give up on Chase. Brook Lynn says Chase made it clear yesterday, there is no hope for them.

Elsewhere, over the phone Maxie tells Lucy she agreed to text, not call. Lucy complains that Maxie doesn’t know how it feels that the Nurses Ball is going on without her. Maxie says she can’t get the Nurses Ball going while talking with her. Lucy has an idea…

Maxie vents to Lucy GH

Maxie returns to the ladies and Lucy is listening in over her phone and chatting in Maxie’s earbuds. Lucy screams when Sasha suggests Bobbie be the mistress of ceremonies since Lucy can’t be here. Lucy rants that it can’t be Bobbie. Suddenly Maxie yells, “Stop it!” She quickly apologizes and says all this talk of Lucy has just upset her. Sasha tells Maxie she’s sure the ball will be great, and Felix agrees. Felix also thinks Bobbie is an excellent choice to host. Lucy fumes, and Maxie says she just needs to stop listening to the contradicting voice in her head and hangs up on Lucy.

MAxie hosts the ball GH

Maxie tells Bobbie that she is the perfect person to host the ball. Bobbie jokes if anything could bring Lucy back from the grave it would be seeing her on the stage instead of herself.

Elsewhere, Felix brings Brook Lynn over to talk to Chase and give him advice about his song, and how best to tackle the lighting given it’s a love song. They bicker, but end up agreeing it’s a song about love being lost but then found again. Felix can work with that. He asks if being a couple once upon a time will be a problem, but they promise it won’t.

Felix, BLQ and Chase GH

Meanwhile, Lucy calls Maxie again and rants that no one, least of all Bobbie can take her place. Maxie explains they’re having different GH staff introduce the different acts. Lucy says that’s a terrible idea! Maxie warns she’s blocking her if she calls one more time and hangs up on her.

Back at the safe house, Lucy knows Maxie’s plan won’t work and she has to be there. She exclaims, “The Nurses Ball needs me!”

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Victor takes Eileen to the footbridge, and Victor’s man searches her pockets and finds the key. Victor asks why he shouldn’t kill her right now. She says she knows things, including that Anna and Valentin are alive and in Port Charles. She tells him Lucy is alive too, and they are working with Felicia and Robert. She explains they have the real necklace, and she promises she can get it for him.

Victor and Eileen on bridge GH

Eileen calls Anna and says she thought she could get the decryption key, but it didn’t work out. She tells them Victor hasn’t suspected the necklace is a fake. She cries she can’t do this anymore, she’s out and she’s leaving town.

Eileen hangs up and says she did what Victor wanted. He says there is just one more little thing. He then pushes her over the railing footbridge, and she screams until she splashes down into the water below.

Eileen is dead GH

Back at the safe house, Anna says Eileen sounded terrified. Felicia worries Victor will suspect her when she leaves town. Anna says as long as they have the real necklace, they stand a chance.

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