Victor spills his plans GH
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Spencer stops by Portia and Curtis’ place to pick up Trina for Cam’s party, but Marshall insists Spencer stay for a chat. Marshall convinces Trina to give them space to talk privately. Once alone, Spencer says he knows Marshall and Trina’s family don’t approve of their friendship. Marshall states they are more than friends so that changes everything.

MArshall has words for Spencer GH

Spencer understands Marshall is upset with him for hurting Trina, and he hates what he did to her as well. He swears he’s trying to become a better man, though Marshall has no reason to believe him. Marshall says he’s wrong about that, and Trina tells him that he’s stepping up to fight for his brother. However, Marshall advises him if he wants to change, he has to do it for himself, not others.

Spencer and Marshall chat GH

Trina returns, and Marshall tells them both to have fun tonight, and he leaves them. Trina asks Spencer about their conversation. Spencer relays that Marshall reminded him that he needs to be a better man because he wants it, and to keep an eye on what he really wants out of life. He’s not sure what that is, but she makes him happy, and he wants her in his life. Trina says she has no plans to go anywhere, and they kiss.

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Marshall returns and clears his throat, and Trina and Spencer quickly pull apart. Marshall reminds them this party won’t decorate itself. Trina goes to Marshall and whispers, “Whatever you said to Spencer, thank you.” Spencer and Trina then take off.

Spencer and Trina talk to Marshall GH

At Laura’s, Esme decides to take off with the money Laura left her, only to find Cam at the door when she opens it. He asks if she’s going somewhere. Esme says she doesn’t have to answer him, but he says this is his grandmother’s house. She realizes he is Cameron Webber, one of her alleged victims. Cam assures her that she ruined his life. Esme invites him in to tell her more about what a horrible person she was.

Cam catches Esme GH

Esme swears she doesn’t remember doing what she’s been accused of, though she’s sorry. He tells her to save her fake apologies. He asks where she was going, and she claims just for a walk. He says the old Esme lied a lot better. She thinks he’ll be happy to tell Spencer and Laura she was about to run off, and he must love seeing her stuck here. Cam reveals he’s one of the reasons she’s free.

Cam stops Esme GH

Cam explains why he and the others dropped the charges against her and is honest that they didn’t want her found not guilty out of sympathy and not being able to be convicted again if she got her memory back. He also says they wanted to keep Ace out of prison, and Spencer was willing to delay justice for his brother. Esme appreciates his honesty and says it’s the first real thing someone has said to her.

Esme and Cam talk GH

They sit down, and Esme worries that if she never gets her memory back, that everyone will still see her as a town pariah. Cam says perhaps not and speaks about Franco turning his life around. Cam reminds her that she has a support system here, and if she skips town she’ll have no one. He points out it also won’t help prove to everyone she’s a changed person. Cam gets a message and says he has to get going but asks if she’ll be fine. She says he doesn’t have to act as if he cares.

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At the safe house, Anna paces and wonders why they haven’t heard from Eileen. Valentin says to give it time. Anna is sure the codes in the diamonds are coordinates, but Victor may not fall for these fake codes. Valentin reminds her that Victor thinks they are dead, so he has no reason to be suspicious.

Anna Valentin safe house GH

Valentin realizes they could very well be going home tonight. He asks Anna what she’ll do first with her freedom, and she says she wants to visit Robin. Valentin plans to take a road trip with Charlotte, and then dive into ELQ and work. Anna realizes after all these months together when they go home, they won’t be spending as much time with each other.

Anna is worried GH

Valentin assures her they’ll have plenty of time together in that big bed of hers. Anna admits with Victor put away that their futures will look very different. She wonders if he’ll be itching for a new adventure. He tells her anytime they are together it’s an adventure.

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In his suite, Victor examines the diamonds with a jeweler’s loop and locates the fake codes in the necklace. Eileen asks if they are done, but he says, “We’re just getting started!” Eileen admits she’s curious as to what this is all about. Victor tells her that she deserves some answers. He writes some notes down and hands the necklace to Eileen as a thank you. She’s surprised he doesn’t want it, and she doesn’t know what to do with it. He says she can return it to the lockup if she doesn’t want to keep it.

Victor examines Diamonds GH

Confused, Eileen asks if he doesn’t want the necklace then what is this about? Victor replies, “Saving the world.” Victor reveals that many years ago he and his brothers developed a means to put the world back to right, mitigating the harm humanity has done to it. However, he found out Mikkos was overcome by power and money, and Luke and Laura showed up and ruined everything. Now they are running out of time. Victor says there was a contingency plan in case their original one failed, and Mikkos put a code into the diamonds as a key to the backup plan. Now he has to crack the code.

Victor explains it took decades to find the decryption key his brother made, and now he has the codes that will allow him to save the world and ensure a place for his family. However, saving the world comes at a cost, and countless souls will pay the price for generations. Victor enters the code into a program on his laptop, which decrypts them and turns them into a set of coordinates. Suddenly Victor says this can’t be right, and accuses Eileen of betraying him.

Victor realizes Something is Wrong GH

Victor rants there is no way these coordinates are correct. He asks where Eileen got the necklace, and she explains she bribed an officer to get to it from the PCPD lockup. He wonders if Laura or Robert did something to the necklace, but she says they wouldn’t have had time. She suggests his brother toyed with the key, and Victor thinks she’s probably right. He damns Mikkos for taking this secret to his grave and throws the decryption key, which is on a flash drive, across the room.

Suddenly, Eileen gets a call from Anna, but she plays as if it’s the DA’s office. Anna tells Eileen her time is up and she has to get out, but Eileen looks at the flash drive and says she can’t as she’s in a meeting. Anna worries to Valentin that Eileen is about to blow this operation up.

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Outside of Kelly’s, Maxie corners Joss to try and convince her to perform at the Nurses Ball. Joss says performing is Cam’s thing, and it would be weird to do it without him. Maxie says she can perform with Trina, and all the performers get a plus-one ticket.

Maxie works on Joss GH

Suddenly Dex appears, and Joss smiles at him. Maxie sees Dex, and he introduces himself as someone who works for Sonny. Maxie asks Dex if he dances, and he replies, “Not in public.” Maxie tells Joss to tell Dex how much fun performing at the ball is. Maxie excuses herself to get coffee but tells them not to go anywhere.

MAxie meets Joss GH

Alone, Joss didn’t expect to see him so soon. He wanted to check on her given how intense Cam was earlier. Maxie returns and asks if they will be in the ball or not. Joss says they’re still considering, so Maxie says she’ll reserve their tickets and their plus-ones. Joss says she’s going solo, and Dex relays he is too.

Dex is flattered GH

At Charlie’s, Liz prepares for Cam’s goodbye party. Laura enters and asks how she is. Liz knows Stanford is an incredible opportunity for Cam, but she just wishes he would be closer. Laura understands as a mother and says it’s why they need to talk about Nikolas.

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Laura and Liz sit down, and Laura assures her that she doesn’t blame her for anything that happened and that Nikolas took advantage of her and their friendship. Laura does wish Liz had come to her. Liz didn’t want to pull her into this mess as the mayor, plus she didn’t want Laura to be ashamed of her.

Liz and Laura talk GH

Laura tells Liz she’s not ashamed of her, and she’s proud of her bravery. She also wishes Nikolas had confided in her, and he keeps making the same bad choices over and over. Liz wishes she could have realized the huge mistake she was making at the time. She knows she’s let down so many people, like Epiphany, who she hasn’t heard from. Laura embraces her and says everyone makes mistakes, and what matters is how you move forward. She assures Liz the people who love her still love her.

Laura supports Liz GH

Later, Joss arrives and says hello to Liz. Joss knows Liz is likely upset with her for hurting Cam, but says she will miss him. Liz knows, and she’s certain she and Cam will find their way through this problem and remain friends.

Joss sorry to Liz GH

Spencer and Trina arrive, and he asks Laura if Kevin is okay taking care of Ace. Laura explains Kevin had to leave and Esme is with the baby. Spencer can’t believe he left her alone with the baby. Laura says Esme is a guest in their home, not a prisoner. Suddenly, Cam enters, followed by Esme and the baby.

Cam and Esme appear GH

Back outside of Kelly’s, Maxie finds Dex is still hanging out, and continues to try to persuade him to consider performing at the ball as anything can happen there.

On the next General Hospital: Liz worries to Laura that she’s lost a friend. Cam tells Joss and Spencer that he has a better idea. While planning the ball, Brook Lynn tells Sasha and Bobbie, “Now onto the hard part.”Maxie cries to someone, “You have to trust me to do what’s right.” Diane tells Robert, “I don’t buy that for a second.” Felicia declares they’ll be one step ahead. Victor tells Eileen she will leave when he says she can leave. Anna orders someone to get in there and get her out.

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