Victor gets the fake necklace GH
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At Laura’s, Spencer brings Esme an organic herbal tea that is supposed to help promote lactation. She says, “If you say so.” Spencer tells her that drugging people is her thing. Laura interrupts and reminds Spencer that Esme is their guest and they want her to feel welcomed. Esme comments, “I won’t stay anywhere I don’t feel welcomed.” There is a knock at the door and it is Victor, who announces he’s come for his nephews.

Laura intervenes, GH ABC

Laura tells Victor that he’s not welcome here, and he either goes on his own or she calls security. Spencer says that won’t be necessary, and insists he speaks with his great-uncle in the hall. They exit.

Laura apologizes to Esme. Esme gets a bad feeling every time Victor is around. Laura says that is because he’s a bad man. Laura assures Esme that she’s protected here. Esme asks, “Even from Spencer.”

Laura is concerned about Esme GH

In the hallway, Victor warns Spencer that boy is a Cassadine and belongs with Cassadines. Spencer explains he is already working on putting Esme back into jail and gaining custody of his brother, who he won’t keep from his great-uncle. Victor asks if he still needs his help. Spencer does, but they can’t talk about it here.

Spencer heads back inside and tells Esme and Laura he’s sorry about Victor showing up. Spencer has to leave to pick up Trina for Cam’s going away party. He departs, and Esme asks Laura about Cam leaving. Laura relays the news that he’s going to Stanford. Esme says at least she didn’t ruin his life completely.

Esme knows she hurt both Cam and Spencer. Laura admits she did. Esme wonders why she’s letting her stay here. Laura explains in part she’s doing so for her grandson, but also she knows what it’s like to be separated from your baby due to the Cassadines. Laura also believes in redemption, and she’s trying to believe in Esme. Laura asks Esme if she can accept that she only wants what is best for her.

Can Esme trust Laura GH

Esme notes even if she could trust someone, why would they trust her? Laura realizes she needs someone to take a leap of faith, so she’ll be the first. Laura says they need to get to Cam’s party, so she is going to leave Esme with Ace alone. Laura gives her money, several hundred dollar bills, in case of an emergency. Esme asks what’s to stop her from just taking off. Laura believes she wants what is best for her baby, and she knows that means staying here.

Alone with Ace, Esme tells him that Laura sounded sincere. However, she doesn’t know what’s stopping them from keeping him and tossing her out on the street. She won’t let that happen and looks at the money Laura left her.

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Valentin and Anna take a hood off Eileen at the safe house after Felicia drops her off. They have a fake necklace, and they need her to deliver it to Victor today. Eileen realizes something has gone wrong. Anna admits they have had to widen their circle of trust, and they are running out of time. Eileen asks how they will protect her. They tell her Robert Scorpio will be monitoring everything, and she’ll be wearing a wire. Eileen flat out says no wire or the deal is off.

Valentin Eileen Anna safe house GH

Later, Eileen calls Victor, and he asks if she has what he asked for. She confirms she does, but they need to make the transaction immediately before the PCPD notices the necklace is gone. He tells her to meet him at his Metro Court suite.

Eileen again reiterates to Valentin and Anna no wire because it would be her death if Victor found it on her. Anna reiterates DA Scorpio and his men will be there, and if anything goes wrong, raise an alarm. Eileen hopes after this she’ll be done, but Anna says until they take down Victor none of them are free.

Nobody is free Anna GH

Spencer arrives at Victor’s Metro Court suite. He voices that he’s worried Esme may try and flee with Ace. Victor assures him there is no way in hell Esme will raise a Cassadine heir. Victor offers to help him return Esme to jail by manufacturing evidence against her. Spencer asks for time to think this over.

Spencer meets with Victor GH

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At Portia and Curtis’ place, Marshall catches Trina sneaking in as if this wasn’t her own home. She admits she’s not sure if this is her home anymore. Marshall says she’ll always have a home here.

Marshall and Trina talk GH

They sit down to talk. Marshall knows she’s sad that her friend Cam is leaving. She says she is, but Marshall can tell something else is bothering her. Trina admits Spencer is living with Esme again. She brings him up to speed on what is going on and that she doesn’t trust Esme. Marshall says she shouldn’t, and Esme should be behind bars. Trina admits she was the one to get the DA to stop pursuing the case for Spencer and Ace’s sake. Marshall feels she is the only one making sacrifices in this friendship and asks why she remains friends with this boy.

Trina and MArshall chat GH

Trina defends Spencer, and Marshall realizes this is more than a friendship. Trina admits they are more than friends, and she hasn’t told anyone yet. He asks if that is because she’s not so sure about the relationship herself. Trina assures him that she has her eyes open.

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Marshall tells Trina it’s good to have friends, but better to rely on family. Trina asks what if you don’t know who your family is. Marshall says DNA doesn’t make a family, connection does. Marshall says he is here if she needs to talk about anything, and promises it will stay between them. However, he advises if Spencer’s life is always going to be this dramatic, maybe she should exit stage left. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and they answer it to find Spencer standing there.

At Kelly’s, Joss catches Cam as he picks up his last paycheck.

Sonny Joss friends GH

Outside of the restaurant, Sonny tells Dex that Brick couldn’t ID the contractor through the phone. Sonny places a call to someone and asks them to meet him at Pier 55 in an hour. Sonny tells Dex right now that they need to be focused on taking out the target.

Sonny advises Dex GH

Dex and Sonny enter Kelly’s and find Cam with Joss. Sonny congratulates Cam on Standford and then asks to talk to Joss alone, so they head outside.

Sonny congratulates Cam GH

Outside, Joss asks Sonny what this is about. He explains he’s rooting out his enemies and asks her to let him know if she notices anything while with her mother or sisters. When he says he can’t give her details, Joss comments she already knows. Sonny asks how? Joss explains her mom told her there was an incident, and she knows the drill. Joss laments that Donna and Avery are starting to realize this life of security is normal, and she wishes that broke his heart as much as it does hers.

Back inside, Cam tells Dex that Joss has been his friend ever since forever and still is. He warns Dex that if he hurts Joss then he’ll tell Sonny about them. Dex promises he’ll never hurt Joss.

Joss and Sonny return to the restaurant, and Sonny tells Dex that it’s time to roll. Sonny again wishes Cam luck at Stanford. Dex and Sonny depart, and Cam asks what Joss and Sonny talked about. She says about how his business affects them all. Joss changes the subject to Dex and would understand if he doesn’t want her at his party. He wants all his friends there. Cam says he’ll see her later and takes off.

Cam Joss talk GH

Laura arrives outside Kelly’s and talks to Valentin on the phone. She is sure Eileen won’t let them down. Laura heads in and Joss tells her that she just missed Cam. Laura asks her how she’s doing. Joss is having trouble with Cam leaving, but she’s proud of him and his dreams coming true. She worries Cam may never forgive her. Laura says he’s hurt right now and just needs time.

Back at Laura’s, Esme tells Ace that Laura may be on their side, but not the others. She says it’s time to split. She gathers up her things, Ace, and the money Laura left and heads to the door. When she opens it, she finds Cam standing there.

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At the safe house, Anna worries they are sending Eileen to her possible death. Valentin jokes, “At least nobody likes her.” Anna doesn’t find that funny. He reassures her that they are close to finding out what his father is up to.

Back at Victor’s suite, Eileen arrives and delivers the necklace to him. Victor says she did well, and she’s glad he’s pleased. She goes to leave, but he says she can’t leave now as they are at the most important part. He wants them to inspect the necklace together and pulls out a jeweler’s loop. Eileen appears worried.

Eileen Victor Necklace GH

Sonny and Dex meet with Ms. Wu on the pier. He tells her that someone is trying to take him out. She doesn’t know anything but states an attack on him is an attack on them all. They show her a photo of the hitman, but she doesn’t recognize him. Sonny says the man was spotted at the Highsider, which is her bar. She admits she owns it, but it’s just a business investment, she doesn’t handle any of her real business there.

Sonny meets the Wu GH

Sonny is disappointed in Ms. Wu. She tells him while her people may not know this man, she can have the locals at the bar questioned about him and will report back what she learns. Wu insists she values their association, and this enemy is one they share. Wu walks off, and Dex asks Sonny if she can be trusted.

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