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At the hospital, Gregory speaks with a nurse about getting an appointment with his doctor as he’s experiencing new symptoms, and others are worsening. Finn catches his father talking to the nurse but assumes he came to support Liz and was looking for him. Gregory lets him think that, and Finn leads him off.

Gregory needs appointment GH

Liz arrives and finds the committee is still meeting to determine if she has a job. Portia exits the room, and Liz asks how it went. Portia says she spoke on her professionalism, and the committee has also spoken with Finn and received letters from Patrick Drake, Robin Scorpio, and Griffin Munro. Liz asks what about Epiphany? Portia says they haven’t received her letter.

Portia calms Liz GH

Liz thinks this is bad as Epiphany was her mentor. Terry reminds her that Epiphany is at Johns Hopkins for her campus visit, and she may have forgotten to mail the letter. Portia excuses herself for a coffee run, and Liz tells Terry she’s so proud of Epiphany and she’ll be a great doctor.

Terry calms Liz

Finn and Gregory approach Liz, and Gregory says he’s rooting for her. Liz thanks him and can’t believe how great her friends have been since she came forward with what she did. Terry reminds her that Nikolas put her in a hard position. Finn tells her that she did the honorable thing coming forward, even though he originally thought it was a mistake.

Liz worried about future GH

Later, Finn and Gregory take a seat when Liz is summoned to speak on her own behalf. Gregory tells Finn how much he admires his friendship with Liz. Finn asks if this has something to do with Alexis. Gregory says that relationship can’t be saved. Suddenly Finn gets a call from Alexis. Gregory wonders why she is calling, and Finn says they’ve been friends for a long time, so it may have nothing to do with him. Gregory decides to head out and tells him to let him know how it goes with Liz.

Finn Gregory talk GH

Finn meets up with Liz after she gets out of giving the committee her side of the story. She says held it together and was even given a rose from Mrs. Walsh. Liz says she told them why she helped Nikolas and took care of Esme, and it has no bearing on her ability to be a good nurse. Suddenly Terry steps out of the meeting. She tells Liz she did her part, and now the committee is making a decision.

Liz tries to be hopeful GH

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Trina arrives at Kelly’s and runs into Curtis outside. He asks how she is, and she says she’s okay. She has no idea how to act around him. He admits he feels the same. She says she hasn’t come to a decision about the DNA test yet, and she’s been busy with school. He tells her to take all the time she needs. Talk turns to Portia, and neither has been able to forgive her yet.

Trina and Curtis talk GH

Trina never thought her mom would keep a secret like this from her. Curtis says Portia blindsided him too. Trina feels what hurts the most is her mom didn’t trust her. Curtis speaks about Marshall not trusting that his family could handle his diagnosis, and they lost a lot of years because of that secret. Curtis says she has every right to be upset, but how long will she go without talking to her mom? Trina isn’t ready yet. Curtis tells her that one of the reasons he was so enthusiastic about marrying her mom was he was also becoming part of her family. Trina says she wanted him to be part of the family too, and they hug. Curtis asks her not to let this come between her and her mom. Suddenly Portia appears.

Trina Curtis Portia GH

Portia turns to leave, but Trina stops her. Trina says she and Curtis just ran into one another and started talking, this wasn’t planned. Portia hopes the same can be said for them. Trina says she can’t talk now because Spencer texted her, and she has to go.

Portia is hopeful GH

Curtis decides to go too, but Portia stops him and asks how Marshall’s meeting went. He says she’ll have to ask Marshall as that’s private. Portia says they are family as they are still married. She suggests maybe they try counseling. He tells her that she doesn’t get to set terms as she lied to him over and over. Portia swears she’ll do whatever it takes to earn his trust back, and she wants to fight for their marriage. She asks if there is hope for their marriage. He says it’s more complicated than that. Portia asks if their love can get them through this.

Curtis turns back on Portia GH

Curtis tells Portia that she was the woman he wanted to spend his life with, but the trust is broken, and he doesn’t think their love can fix that. She cries it can if he gives it, gives them, a chance. He turns and walks away.

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Spencer and Laura arrive at Spring Ridge, and Spencer thanks his grandma for putting him up as Sonny’s place is getting crowded. Esme steps out with Ace and tells Laura while she’s welcome to visit, Spencer is not. Laura says they have come with wonderful news, the DA is dropping the charges, and she’s going to be released. Esme is stunned but says she and Ace aren’t leaving.

Laura and Spencer news GH ABC

Esme tells them all she’s known is life in a hospital and prison, where is she supposed to go with no money or resources? Spencer says he’s paid for a room above Kelly’s for her, and he’ll cover the rent until she can find work. Esme can’t believe Spencer would do this, but Laura says Spencer wants what is best for the baby. Esme asks if this room is big enough for her and Ace. Spencer admits it’s not, but Ace can stay with him and Laura at her place until she’s back on her feet.

Esme not sure about leaving GH

Esme refuses to allow them to take her baby away. Spencer lashes out that losing her memory still hasn’t changed her, as she’s putting her own wants and desires above her son’s wellbeing. Esme accuses them of trying to separate her and her baby. Laura says that’s not what they want to do, and realizes they should have consulted her about these plans, not sprung them on her. Laura asks what she wants and how they can help her. Esme warns them they won’t like it.

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Jordan finds Nina at Charlie’s and says she was looking for her. Nina immediately worries something has happened to Sonny. Jordan hasn’t heard anything and asks if she has reason to be concerned. Nina says she has just been on edge lately and jumped to a conclusion. Nina invites her to sit down and talk to her. Jordan does and asks if Curtis is okay. Nina says he’s still processing the truth. Jordan admits she suspected Curtis was Trina’s father before the wedding, and Portia told her that it wasn’t her place to tell him. She adds that Portia accused her of using the secret to meddle in their relationship. Nina says Portia is wrong as it’s been two years and Jordan has moved on. Nina sees Jordan’s expression and asks, “You have moved on, haven’t you?”

Jordan and Nina talk GH

Jordan insists she’s moved on. Nina asks if she’s dating, but Jordan says work keeps her from dating. She admits the end of her marriage hurt her, and what she and Curtis had was a once-in-a-lifetime special. She doesn’t know if she’ll feel that way again and she’ll always love Curtis. Nina asks, “So you still love him?” Jordan says there is loving and being in love. Nina notes that’s not a yes or no. Jordan gets a text about work, so Nina decides to go. However, she advises her to talk to Curtis herself.

Nina gives advice GH

Later, Curtis enters, heads straight for the bar, and orders a scotch. He looks over and sees Jordan standing there.

Trina stops by Laura’s place eager to see how Ace is settling in. Spencer invites her in, and says things didn’t go as he thought they would. Suddenly, Esme walks out with Ace and tells him, “We love our new room don’t we Ace.”

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Chase tells Brook Lynn that he misses her, and he misses them. She says she misses him too. He thinks they should do something about it. She reminds him why they broke up, and Chase says it will take a while to trust her again, but he’s willing to try. She thinks he spent the afternoon with Willow and he’s not thinking and is emotionally all over the place. Chase tells her that he can’t stop thinking about what they had, and he wants it back.

Chase wants another chance GH

She again points out she lied to him, and she dragged him into this thing with Linc selfishly. He knows she also wanted to stop Linc from treating women the way he has, and he should be stopped. Brook Lynn cries that he is so wrong about her and doesn’t know who she is. He asks what she’s talking about. She tells him she lied about agreeing to write jingles for Linc in exchange for her songs back, instead she signed an NDA about what he did to her, so she can’t speak out against him. Brook Lynn says she sold out.

BLQ comes clean GH

Chase rants that he is such an idiot. She tells him she was trying to give him what he wanted, a way out so he could get out and be a cop again. Plus it got Linc out of her life. He asks if that is really why she did this then why didn’t she tell him sooner. He says she knew he’d be angry, and she knows what she did was wrong. He says she was right about one thing, she’s not the person he thought she was. Chase turns and walks out.

Chase is furious again GH

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Diane arrives at Alexis’ office and finds her asking one of the employees Natalie to fix a barely sourced article that could land them in court. Natalie departs, and Diane reminds Alexis they had dinner plans. Alexis admits she forgot. Diane asks what is going on, and if it has to do with Gregory. Alexis confronted him and wishes she hadn’t. Alexis tells Diane she thinks something is wrong with Gregory, and he may have a drinking problem, which is why he may not be working at PCU.

Alexis Diane talk Gregory GH

Alexis tells Diane about Gregory’s stumbling and slurring the other day, but Diane points out that doesn’t mean that he’s an alcoholic. Alexis says he’s been hiding things, he lost his job, and now he’s wobbly at 11 in the morning. Diane notes that’s wild speculation, but if she’s right, she’s qualified to help him. Alexis doubts Gregory will be reaching out to her, so she wonders if she should tell someone close to him.

Diane advises Alexis GH

Diane advises against this but can see Alexis’ mind is made up, and suggests they should reschedule dinner. Alexis feels Gregory is a good friend, and she wants to help him. Diane reminds her sometimes friends need to know when to step back.

Later, Alexis signs off on Natalie’s corrections to the article and sends her off to have it printed. Suddenly, Gregory bursts in and accuses Alexis of calling Finn after he asked her not to talk to Chase and Finn about him.

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