Valentin asks for Drew's Help GH
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At Sonny’s, Dante drops by to see his dad. He says he and Rocco saw Nina in the lobby, and she looked upset. Sonny explains Nina’s finally experiencing the realities of his world. He fills Dante in that there was an incident, which he’s handling, but he doesn’t want Donna, Avery or Nina near him right now. He just hopes when this is over, Nina will come back to him.

Dante and Sonny talk Nina GH

Dante asks Sonny if Nina doesn’t want to be involved in this kind of life, does he want to still be in it? Sonny says he can’t leave this life without leaving the country and his family, and he won’t do that. Sonny is sure he can resolve the situation and get his kids and Nina back. Dante notes there will always be another situation. Sonny can only hope they’ll stick with him. Dante promises he will, and they embrace.

Sonny hopes Nina will come back GH

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Michael bangs on Dex’s door and tells him to open up as they need to talk. Dex and Joss, who are still in each other’s arms on the couch, scramble to dress, and Dex finally lets Michael in. Michael is shocked to see Joss, and Joss realizes Michael is Dex’s mystery boss.

Dex and Joss caught GH

Michael tells Joss she needs to leave as he has to talk with Dex, but she says she already knows Dex is working to gain evidence against Sonny, and he’s Dex’s boss. Michael states the mission is over, and Dex needs to leave town. Dex tells Michael that he can fire him, but he can’t make him leave town. Joss cries he can’t leave because Sonny will track him down and kill him. Dex says, more importantly, he can’t leave Joss.

Micheal not a happy man GH

Joss insists Dex needs to finish this job and she’ll help him. Michael says Dante, Kristina, Avery and Donna will be devastated when everything comes out, and he doesn’t want that blame to fall on her, he’s willing to take it. Michael thinks he should have known something more was going on between them, and he reminds Dex he was supposed to stay away from Joss. Dex admits that is impossible.

Dex explains there is something Michael needs to know. Dex tells him about the ambush, and that Sonny trusts him now more than ever. Michael can’t have Joss involved in this now that it’s become dangerous. Joss says she cares way more about Dex surviving this than Sonny facing justice. Michael points out that if Sonny finds out they are together, none of that will matter. Michael orders them to make sure Sonny doesn’t find out they are together, and he storms out.

Joss stands by Dex GH

Joss hates the idea of leaving Dex, but she understands why they have to be apart for now. Dex says he’ll be at Sonny’s for at least another day, and after, they’ll find ways to meet. However, if they see one another in public, she has to act like they don’t matter to one another. They kiss before she heads out.

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Willow asks Brook Lynn if she is still in love with Chase. Brook Lynn admits she is. Suddenly the doorbell rings, and BLQ thinks she’s been saved by the bell. She goes to the door and answers it to find Chase standing there with flowers.

Brook Lynn invites Chase in, and he reveals he came to see Willow. They head into the living room and Chase gives the flowers to Willow. She is flattered he remembers she loves daffodils. Brook Lynn leaves them to visit.

Chase asks for the latest, and Willow tells him about rescheduling the wedding until after the transplant. She’s planning a summer wedding in the rose garden, and Brook Lynn has been a huge help. He’s not surprised. She asks about being a rock star, and he says while he enjoys singing, he’s hoping he’ll be back on the force soon. However, he is still dedicated to helping Blaze and Brook Lynn deal with that sleaze Linc. Willow exclaims, “Aha! I knew this was about Brook Lynn.”

Willow grills Chase GH

Willow knows Brook Lynn hurt Chase, and she also hurt him by marrying him when she loved Michael. However, she’s now realized life is too precious and short to spend it focusing on lies. Willow says she sees how he lights up around Brook Lynn. He admits he still has feelings for Brook Lynn, but she really hurt him. Willow says she’s not saying she didn’t, but what if she is his person, and asks if being right worth being without her?

Willow pushes Chase GH

In the foyer, Brook Lynn tries not to eavesdrop. She moves over to her piano but can’t stop thinking about Chase. She knows she blew it and thinks she should write a song about that.

BLQ tries to keep occupied GH

Later, Michael returns and heads into the living room. Chase congratulates Michael on the upcoming wedding and excuses himself as he has somewhere to be. Chase heads out, and Willow asks where Michael was. Michael says he was finalizing details on a project he almost gave up on. Michael asks Willow what’s going on with Chase. Willow says watching Chase and BLQ dance around one another was driving her crazy, so she stuck her nose in.

Chase tracks down Brook Lynn and finds her working on a song. She calls it garbage, but he says she doesn’t write garbage. He says he misses working with her, and he misses the two of them.

Chase misses BLQ GH

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At the Deception office, Anna orders Lucy back to the safe house, but Lucy refuses as the Nurses Ball won’t survive without her. An insulted Maxie says, “Hello!” Anna tells Lucy she could have gotten them all killed, and that Victor is planning something big and they have to end it. Lucy cries, “But not at the expense of the Nurses Ball!” She tries to play the Robin card, but Anna shuts her down. Maxie tells them enough, and Lucy already came up with a solution.

Anna is furious with Lucy GH

Maxie says she will be Lucy’s eyes and ears as she asked, but she is an amazing event planner, and they can work together. Maxie states she will not work for her. Lucy rants that only she can pull this off, and Anna agrees. Anna tells Maxie to follow Lucy’s orders for the greater good. Maxie understands what Anna is asking and agrees. Lucy is pleased and thinks this could work.

Lucy agrees to the plan GH

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On the footbridge, Drew guesses this is why Laura refused to sell his ELQ shares, and asks Valentin what is going on. Valentin explains that he, Anna, Laura, Robert, Felicia and Lucy are working against Victor. Valentin says Victor has long-term plans that have to do with the Ice Princess necklace. Drew asks if it also involves Operation Demeter. Valentin doesn’t know why Victor questioned him about that, all he knows is there is a code engraved in the diamonds.

Valentin asks for Drew's Help GH

Valentin reveals the current plan, which is using Eileen who has been working with Victor. They have her delivering a fake necklace with fake codes to Victor, which hopefully will help bring him down. Valentin explains that he, Anna and Lucy have all faked their deaths, so they could use Drew’s help. Drew asks why he’s out in the open if he’s in hiding. Valentin relays that Lucy went rogue and fled the safe house, and Anna went after her. Drew agrees to help them.

Later Drew and Carly talk alone. Carly asks Drew why he agreed to help. Drew says Victor’s lust for power has been going on for four decades and he needs to be stopped. Carly believes he’s doing the right thing. However, she states Jason died on Cassadine Island, and she doesn’t want to lose him too. She says when he goes to do this mission, to promise her that he’ll come home. He promises her, and they kiss.

Carly and Drew talk GH

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Anna and Lucy return to the safe house, and Anna makes sure everything is clear before they head in. Lucy stays focused on her phone until Anna takes it from her. She yells at Lucy that she almost got them all killed. Lucy is positive Victor didn’t see her tonight in the Metro Court. Anna is stunned she went into the restaurant. Anna turns around to see Valentin standing there, and she admits, “You were right, she’s blown the entire operation.”

Anna scolds Lucy GH

Lucy says she swears she’s unrecognizable in her librarian getup, and she split the second she saw Victor. Valentin hopes she understands the importance of staying here, and Lucy says she does. Lucy promises to be good and asks for her burner phone back. Anna gives it to her and Lucy rushes off to her room.

Lucy promises to be good GH

Valentin tells Anna he’s sorry, and he tells her he stepped out and ran into Carly and Drew. He says Drew has agreed to help them. Anna says she’s sorry for attacking him, and thought maybe he’d actually left her for Europe. Valentin says he’d never have been able to leave her behind. He says he’s loved her for so long, and if Victor took her away, he couldn’t take it. She suggests they not lose one another, but bury Victor instead.

Back at Deception, Maxie calls Bobbie and says she has lots of new ideas for the ball, as Lucy texts her a slew of plans.

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