Dex and Joss make a decision GH
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At the safe house, Anna and Valentin discover that Lucy has flown the coup. Anna says this is all because of the Nurses Ball. Valentin thinks it’s time for them to flee to Canada and then Europe before Victor learns they are alive. Anna swears she can find Lucy and bring her back. Valentin asks, “Are you out of your mind?”

Anna refuses to run GH

Valentin reminds her as professionals they both know when things go south, you run. Anna says it’s too soon to bail and this is their best chance to take Victor down, so if he wants to run off to Europe then go ahead. Anna storms out, and Valentin flips a table.

Valentin is furious GH

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Disguised like a schoolmarm, Lucy arrives at the Metro Court, where Victor sits at the bar. She sneaks off before he sees her and spies on Bobbie and Maxie who are planning the ball. Maxie and Bobbie discuss how they easily got all the backers to agree to sponsor, which Maxie says Lucy always said was hard to do. Bobbie thinks Lucy exaggerated a lot to make herself look more important, and now they are doing the job she did, maybe even better. Lucy bites her lip.

Lucy spies on Bobbie and Maxie

Maxie asks how they deal with the master of the ceremony. Bobbie again says Lucy wasn’t always the best, and sometimes it verged on becoming the Lucy Coe show. Maxie suggests they divvy up the job, and they could include Epiphany and maybe even Obrecht. Bobbie notes her daughter was co-chief. Later, Bobbie excuses herself for a powder room break.

Bobbie and Maxie plan GH

At the bar, Spencer meets with his Uncle Victor about his baby brother. He needs Victor’s help to save his brother, who he says is in danger as Esme wants to take him with her to prison. Victor offers to pull some strings but says he’ll need some guarantees from Spencer.

Spencer needs Victor's help GH

Suddenly, Bobbie interrupts and accuses Victor of having her brother Luke killed. Victor calls her accusations meaningless. Bobbie says Laura has never come out and said it, but she knows Victor is guilty and that’s why Laura wants Spencer to have nothing to do with Victor. Spencer tells Bobbie that he’s sorry for her loss, but he has to give his uncle the benefit of the doubt.

Bobbie attacks Victor GH

Bobbie storms off, and Victor thanks Spencer for his support. He says they should return to the topic of Esme and his brother.

Victor plays lets make a deal GH

Back at Maxie’s table, Jamie the bartender tells Maxie that security wanted him to alert her that there is an issue with a door at Deception. Maxie assumes Gladys once again left the doors unlocked and takes off.

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Maxie heads to the Deception office, checks things out, and calls security to let them know everything is taken care of.  Maxie heads to leave, only to be grabbed from behind and a hand put over her mouth. Maxie uses a self-defense move and hits the intruder, causing them to double over in pain. She spins around and is stunned to see Lucy standing in front of her.

Maxie surprised to see Lucy GH

Maxie gets Lucy some water and is glad to see her alive but asks where she has been. Lucy says it’s not important, and they need to focus on the ball. Lucy explains she has to stay in hiding a bit longer but wants Maxie to be her eyes and ears regarding the event. Maxie wonders who she is hiding from. Anna storms in and shouts, “Me, if she has any sense.” Maxie isn’t shocked to see Anna and asks what is going on. Anna doesn’t have time to explain and says to Lucy, “You, with me, now!”

Anna turns up at Deception GH

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At the Quartermaine house, Willow lounges on the couch in the living room and looks at wedding gowns on her tablet. She tells Michael since they’ve postponed the wedding until after the transplant, she wants a custom gown, and to have a long life with him. Michael assures her it will all happen.

Willow wedding planning GH

Drew arrives because Willow asked to see him. Willow asks Michael for a moment alone with Drew and tells him no eavesdropping. Michael heads out to the foyer and runs into a concerned Brook Lynn. Michael brings her up to speed on Willow wanting to postpone the wedding until after the transplant so she can really celebrate. However, Michael expresses concern that by the time Obrecht can donate, Willow could be too weak for the operation.

Michael BLQ talk GH

Brook Lynn embraces Michael, who tears up. She knows he’s under a lot of pressure and doesn’t want to add to it. However, she wonders if given all this uncertainty if Willow is more open to reconciling with Nina. She isn’t asking for Nina’s sake, but thinking it may bring Willow some peace. Michael has thought the same thing, but if these are her last days, then she shouldn’t spend them making Nina happy. He says it’s Willow’s decision, and he won’t influence her. Michael needs to run an errand and asks her to let Willow know he stepped out.

Back in the living room, Willow tells Drew they are postponing the wedding until she is in remission. She asks if Drew would give her away at the wedding. He would be honored. She tells Drew that he’s made himself invaluable to Michael and this family, the only real family she’s known, and that’s why she wants him there. He promises her that she can always count on him.

Willow Dew favor GH

Later, Brook Lynn goes to see Willow and relays that Michael stepped out. They discuss how Michael is doing, but Brook Lynn asks about Willow as well. Willow finds it ironic that she married Chase thinking he was dying, and now she’s the one dying and getting married. Brook Lynn asks if she regrets marrying Chase. Willow regrets causing him pain because he’s so deserving of love. BLQ agrees. Willow asks if Brook Lynn is still in love with Chase.

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At Dex’s place, he tells Joss that Sonny saved his life, he’d be lying if he didn’t look at Sonny differently, and he feels he owes him a heads up on what’s really going on. She reminds him Sonny doesn’t take betrayal lightly, and he’d kill him for it. Joss asks how he got this job. He explains it was through an agency that places ex-soldiers with clients. Dex swears he was invested in the job, but now he feels he owes Sonny. She understands and says she owes him too for saving her life. Dex hates the idea of Sonny going to prison for evidence he secured. Joss notes the only other option is he disappears.

Dex and Joss talk Sonny GH

Dex says going on the run would mean he could never see her again, and that isn’t an option for him. They end up making love on the couch, and Dex decides to see this job through for his boss. Joss would love to know who this boss is, to thank him for bringing him to town, and slap him for putting him in this situation. Dex swears his boss only has good intentions. Suddenly, Michael knocks on the door and says “Dex, it’s Michael, open up.”

Joss and Dex sex GH

At Sonny’s, Sonny explains to Nina that Carly came by to drop Donna off, but the girl is not staying. Nina asks, “Because of me?” Carly says it’s no secret she doesn’t want her daughter near her, but it’s not because of her. Sonny tells Nina that he’ll explain after Carly takes Donna home.

Sonny, Nina Carly GH

Donna runs out and gives Auntie Nina a hug. Donna beams she found a crown in her room and asks if Nina left it for her. Nina says she did as she thought it was perfect for her. Donna wants to wear it while Nina reads her a princess story. Sonny explains they’ll have a sleepover soon, but not tonight. Sonny gives Donna a hug goodbye, and Carly leaves with their daughter.

Nina asks Sonny what is happening. Sonny explains there was an attempt on his life, but he’s handling it along with keeping those he loves safe. He says until he deals with this, his children can’t visit him, and neither can she. Nina says she doesn’t want to be apart from him, and she will accept the danger and the risks.

Nina and Sonny understanding GH

Sonny tells her that he lost his pregnant wife in a car bomb meant for him, and then Morgan, and he can’t go through that again. He couldn’t live with himself if she stayed, and something happened. She agrees to keep her distance but asks him to promise him they have a future. He says they do, and they kiss. Nina heads out.

Sonny won't allow Nina to stay GH

Valentin heads to the footbridge and thinks back to his argument with Anna. Carly appears and asks, “Aren’t you supposed to be dead?” Valentin knows he’s not her favorite person, but asks her not to tell anyone that she saw him. She says he’ll need to convince her to keep his secret.

Valentin caught on bridge GH

Valentin reveals he’s trying to prove Victor killed her Uncle Luke. She wonders why he cares about Luke. Valentin calls his father a criminal, and Luke is only part of his story. He says Victor also framed Anna for killing Lucy. She still asks why she should trust him. He thinks if she won’t, maybe Drew will. Drew appears and says he’ll hear Valentin out, but he wants to hear the entire plan.

Carly and Drew need answers GH

On the next General Hospital: Valentin tells Drew they could use his help. Willow asks Chase if being right is worth being without her. Brook Lynn laments, “I should write a song about this.” Drew says to Carly, “Victor has to be stopped, and I can help them.” Sonny tells Dante he just hopes she comes back to him. Michael continues to pound on Dex’s door and tells him to open up.

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