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Lucy and Valentin play checkers at the safe house when there is a knock at the door. It’s Laura, who enters, and Lucy asks if she has news to end this nightmare. Laura has an update and asks where Anna is. Valentin says she’s working to crack the code in the diamonds. They decide not to bother her.

Lucy begs for news GH

Lucy asks if she can go home, but Laura says not yet. However, Victor was seething with rage last night and accused her of doing something to him, and said she was robbing him of his dignity. She says Victor has no idea where Nikolas is, Spencer is living with Sonny, and he’s lost control of his family. On top of all that, Laura informs them he’s having a medical issue in the bedroom. She thinks it won’t be much longer before they bring Victor down.

Laura delivers news GH

Lucy complains she is not a patient person, and she needs to be in Port Charles to help with the Nurses Ball. Laura insists Maxie has it under control and she can watch the ball on the television. Lucy wants to be there, not watch it. Valentin says she needs to settle down and accept this situation as there is nothing she can do about it.

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Lucy pouts, and Laura says she has something that might make Lucy feel better. Laura gives her a letter from Martin. Lucy squeals and runs off to her bedroom to read it with some wine and in a nice hot bath.

Laura asks Valentin how he really is. He says Lucy is a lot, but he has Anna, and he’d deal with anything to get rid of Victor. Laura offers to bring Charlotte for a visit, but he doesn’t want that. He fears the risk given Victor’s agitated state. He says he’s grateful for her and Kevin and what she did for Charlotte, even if it means by extension helping him. Laura notes, “Life is full of surprises.” Valentin laughs at the fact that they of all people are working together, and he hopes things are falling apart for Victor.

Valentin Laura relationship GH

In Robert’s office, he meets with Eileen who feels what he is asking is too dangerous. He tells her it’s the price she has to pay for getting in bed with Victor. Suddenly, Diane interrupts and says she’s about to make Robert’s day. As Robert talks with Diane, Eileen takes a photo of a file on Robert’s desk. Diane has an offer for Robert, so Robert excuses Eileen. Eileen leaves and texts Victor to meet, saying it’s urgent.

Eileen snaps photo GH

Back in Robert’s office, Diane says she’s spoken to Trina about the charges against Esme. Diane notes Esme is now a young mother, who nearly died after being locked in a tower, and presents as a sympathetic character who might be found not guilty. Diane wants Robert to drop the charges against her. He asks why when he can win this. She points out that if Martin Grey whips up enough sympathy, he’ll lose his one and only chance to nail Esme. Robert asks what is in this for her. Diane explains Trina, Spencer, Joss and Cam all want this because they are thinking of Spencer’s brother, who is in prison with Esme. They want justice but understand it’s better to try her when she can’t claim memory loss.

Diane makes an offer GH

Robert admits she might be right, but it doesn’t mean they take their eyes off Esme. He says she wins, and they can always refile the charges later. Plus, he keeps his winning conviction rate. Diane cheers, “Everyone wins!” She also believes one day Esme will be held accountable. She suggests in the meantime they work off their frustration at the hatchet range.

Robert puzzled GH

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At the hospital, Victor meets with his doctor, who agrees with Dr. Finn that this condition is likely irreversible. Victor says his family needs him, he needs to ensure their survival, so he can’t afford to be unfocused. The doctor says they can try and treat this and will start with a prescription.

Victor doctor GH

The doctor leaves to get the medication, and Eileen shows up to see Victor. Eileen shares the photo of the file she took, and hopes he can use it to finish this once and for all. Victor learns the necklace still exists and Robert has it. He wonders what else is in the file about Holly and the fire. Eileen doesn’t know, but she does know the necklace is in a secure locker at the PCPD. Victor commends her excellent work and orders her to get the necklace for him and not to fail him. She says, “Understood,” and departs.

Eileen hands over photo GH

Victor heads to the Metro Court and makes a call to someone to check on Holly Sutton and find out how she’s recovering. Suddenly, Lucy, in disguise, steps off the elevator.

Lucy poor disguise GH

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Eileen returns to Robert’s office and says Victor bought it, but he has questions about Holly and the fire. Robert anticipated that and has already alerted the appropriate parties. He says it’s time for phase two.

At Nina’s, she calls Maxie and again assures her she has her full support with the Nurses Ball. Nina thinks back to Sonny admitting there was an incident. Phyllis knocks at the door, and Nina is thrilled to see her friend is back.

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Nina and Phyllis sit down, and Nina shares photos of her new granddaughter, and updates her on Obrecht being a donor for Willow. Phyllis thinks if Nina continues to respect Willow’s wishes, and when Willow is better, then she’ll open up to her more. Nina says Sonny says the same thing. Phyllis is glad she’s able to rely on Sonny, but then notices a worried look on Nina’s face.

Nina is unsure about Sonny GH

Nina confesses that she thought she could separate her relationship from Sonny’s life, and now she’s rethinking that. She says there was an incident, and Sonny has assigned extra protection for her and others in the family, and she’s realizing there are sides of Sonny she never knew that are starting to emerge. Phyllis says she needs to be honest with herself and ask if this is a relationship she can sustain. Nina says she must think about her daughter, and grandchildren, and the fact they could all be in constant danger. Phyllis notes not everyone can deal with Sonny’s world and what comes with loving him. Nina responds, “As Carly could?”

Phyllis gives Nina advice GH

Carly arrives with Donna outside of Sonny’s place and finds extra security in place. They head in, and Sonny wasn’t expecting them. Carly wonders who he is expecting. Dex appears, and Donna asks who he is. Sonny introduces Dex as someone who works for him, and that he’s staying here for a few days. Dex says he’s going to go out and grab some things and will be back soon.

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Once Dex leaves, and Sonny puts Donna in her room, Carly asks again why he has two bodyguards and Dex for protection. Sonny explains he’s keeping an eye on Dex, and there was an incident. Sonny doesn’t think it’s safe for Donna to stay here and alludes to a problem at the warehouse during which Dex got hurt. She asks who is causing the problems. He doesn’t know but says he’ll find out what is going on and stop it. She tells him they both know he can’t make that promise.

Carly Sonny talk GH

Carly tells Sonny that she can’t take telling Donna and Avery their daddy isn’t coming home again. He knows that was hell for her. She reminds him he can’t control everything, which Sonny understands. All he can do is take things as they come, and he vows to put a stop to this. Carly asks if there is anything she can do. He asks her to stay out of it, as he can deal with anything as long as she and the girls are safe. Suddenly, Nina enters and senses issues.

Sonny Carly moment GH

Dex returns to his place and immediately pulls his gun out. Joss calls out, and Dex puts his gun away. He scolds her for just showing up unannounced as he thought she was an intruder. She asks why he’s staying with Sonny, and how he got hurt. He says he was just grazed, and it was nothing like last time. He explains Sonny wants him to stay with him for the time being for safety. He asks her to say something. She says, “Take off your shirt.”

Dex gun drawn GH

Dex complies, and Jess inspects the wound. She says Sonny’s doctor did a much better job than she did taking care of him. He puts his shirt back on, and she guesses she should thank the doctor. Dex says it’s actually Sonny she should be thanking. Dex relays how Sonny saved his life, and Joss can’t help but note it sounds like he admires Sonny.

Joss shirtless Dex GH

On the next General Hospital: Joss fears Dex is signing his own death warrant. Valentin yells, “You screwed up and you need to own up to it!” Spencer says he’s in danger and he needs someone’s help. On the footbridge, Carly tells someone they need to convince her to keep their secret. Sonny tells Nina that his children won’t be visiting him, and neither is she. Someone puts their hand over Maxie’s mouth from behind as she screams.

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