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At Kelly’s, Cam tells Joss having bodyguards, living in lockdown, and constant lies is what her future with Dex will be. Joss reflects on Dex telling her what his real job is. She assures Cam that Dex is different, and that he doesn’t have to worry about her. She promises she’ll be fine. Cam says he should get back to work, and Joss says she should probably go. Joss asks if they are good. He tells her to be happy, and she returns the sentiment.

Joss swears she's okay GH

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At Spring Ridge, Trina surprises Esme as she’s looking for Ace’s binky. Esme recognizes her as Spencer’s friend, and one of the people she hurt according to her lawyers. They sit down, and Esme asks why she hated Trina so much. Trina asks if she’s admitting she’s guilty. Esme can’t say, but everyone tells her that she’s a terrible human being. Esme prays she never remembers that person and she just wants to raise Ace. Trina notes Spencer’s baby brother is a real cutie. Esme snaps, “He’s my baby and Spencer can’t have him!”

Trina questions Esme GH

Trina tells Esme she didn’t suggest otherwise. Esme asks if Spencer sent her, but Trina says Spencer doesn’t even know she’s here. Trina came to see how the baby was but does feel prison is no place for him. Esme says she can’t imagine life without him, and she loves Ace so much. She is sorry for what she did to her and her friends, but she’s not that person anymore. She laments to go to prison for something she doesn’t remember doing isn’t fair, and her lawyers say her father was influencing her.

Esme defends herself GH

Esme has to put Ace down but first asks Trina if she passed the test. She assumes Trina came to see if she was lying. Trina says she’s always been an excellent liar, and she did come to judge her for herself. Esme thanks her for her honesty, and says she is not lying about her amnesia. Esme heads out with Ace. Alone, Trina calls Joss and says she has something important to tell her, Cam and Spencer, and to meet at Sonny’s place.

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At Sonny’s place, Spencer asks Sonny why he wants Dex to stay there. Sonny doesn’t have to justify his decision. Dex excuses himself, and Spencer vents he’s in a bad mood and Dex is the last person he wants to see. Sonny asks what’s happened. Spencer explains Cam is leaving for Stanford, and Joss broke up with Cam to get with Dex. Sonny says if Joss broke up with Cam that’s on her, not Dex. Sonny has to step out and see Nina but asks him to lay off Dex and coexist peacefully.

After Sonny leaves, Dex appears and Spencer asks him why he’s lying to his uncle about Joss. Dex asks what he’s lying about. Spencer knows Dex was told to stay away from Joss but accuses him of sneaking around with her. Dex asks if he thinks Joss is someone who sneaks around, and Spencer admits she’s not. He tells Spencer there is his answer.

Dex defends himlself GH

Suddenly, Joss and Cam appear at the door. Dex lets them in and retires to his room after Spencer asks for privacy for him and his friends. Cam asks if Dex is living here, and Spencer says his uncle invited him and he can’t believe it.

Trina soon arrives and reveals she went to see Esme. She is amazed at how different Esme is, and if she’s faking, she’s very convincing. Trina reveals her plan to ask the DA to drop the charges against Esme. She explains as long as Esme is in prison, so is Ace. Spencer still believes Esme needs to pay for what she’s done. Trina says if she’s tried right now, Esme could be found innocent because of her memory issues, and the jury may feel for her being a new mother. Trina notes if Esme then got her memory back, she couldn’t be tried again. She also says the trial could take months, and Ace will remain in jail with her. They all agree to set Esme free for Ace’s sake. Trina calls Diane, who asks them all to come and meet with her immediately.

Trina's decision GH

Back at Spring Ridge, Esme gets a piece of mail. She throws it to the ground in shock when she sees it’s from Heather. She eventually picks the envelope up and opens it. Inside is a card, and Esme appears terrified as she reads it.

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At Nina’s place, Obrecht arrives and says there is still no news from the lab on her latest tests. Nina worries Willow won’t be able to hold on much longer. Obrecht’s phone rings, but it’s Scott, so she ignores him. She vents about Scott helping Liz, and blames her for Britt’s death as the PCPD wasted time focusing on the wrong suspect. Nina suggests Obrecht not shut out people who love her, and they need to spend the time they have left with the people they love.

Nina obrecht connect GH

Sonny arrives, and Nina asks him why there are two bodyguards out front. He says they’ll talk about that later. Suddenly the hospital calls Obrecht. Obrecht leaves the room, returns, and says she can be the donor, but there is a problem.

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At the Metro Court, Alexis asks Gregory if he’s drinking after he slurs his words. He exclaims, “It’s 11 am!” She notes it never stopped her. He says he’s had a momentary attack of clumsiness. She points out he’s still slurring his words.

Gregory is angry GH

Alexis takes him to the alcove, and Gregory says he is not drunk. He says he must get to an appointment. Alexis offers to drive him and asks for his car keys. He vents that not everyone is a drunk like her! He lashes out that Alexis never admits when she’s wrong. He hands his keys over and says he’ll call a car. He tells her to leave them with the concierge, and he rants he never wants to see her again.

Alexis accuses Gregory GH

Alexis returns to Sam and tells her about taking Gregory’s keys, and that he was in no condition to drive. She’s never seen him like this, and he was furious with her, but something isn’t right. She says he became hostile and defensive when she questioned his drinking, which screams alcoholic to her. Sam excuses herself and speaks with Trish, returns, and lets Alexis know Gregory wasn’t served alcohol. Alexis isn’t convinced.

Alexis confides in Sam

At the Quartermaine mansion, Maxie meets with Michael, Carly and Willow. Carly is preoccupied with the baby and ignores Maxie’s questions about the ball. Maxie decides they should take a break and she’ll go check on Olivia.

Maxie is ignored GH

In the foyer, Brook Lynn answers the door to Chase. Chase says he stopped by to see the baby. Brook Lynn says she’s the cutest thing and reminds her of Bailey at that age. Maxie steps out, and Chase explains he came to see the baby and heads into the living room.

Chase arrives GH

Maxie checks on Olivia before heading out. She asks Brook Lynn why she’s lingering in the foyer. Brook Lynn says she’s giving Chase alone time with Willow and the baby. Maxie suggests she just be honest with Chase. Chase steps out, so Maxie tells her here is her chance. She departs, and Brook Lynn tells Chase, “I want you!” He’s speechless, and she explains she wants him to perform at the Nurses Ball with Blaze. He agrees, with or without Blaze.

Back in the living room, Amelia and Willow have laid down for a nap, and Carly checks on Michael on how he’s coping. Michael says he can’t lose her, she must be okay. Carly embraces him and says it will be okay.

Carly comforts Michael GH

Later, Obrecht arrives to speak with Willo and Michael. The doctor relays she has been cleared to donate, but the transplant is on hold. She explains she’s on anticoagulant medication, and it needs to be out of her system first. They thank her for coming to tell them. She says Nina and Sonny know as she was with them when she got the news. Willow says she has agreed to keep Nina in the loop about her health.

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Carly and Obrecht give Michael and Willow space. Michael asks how she really feels. Willow says she feels fine. Carly returns to check on them, and Willow asks if she can bring Wiley down. Willow says she intends to keep the faith, and her family gives her strength.

Chase decides to head out and tells Brook Lynn he’ll let her know what Blaze says about the ball.

Back at Sonny’s, alone, Nina and Sonny discuss the news that Obrecht must wait until the anticoagulant medication is out of her system in order to donate her marrow. Nina changes the subject to the bodyguards. He explains there was an incident last night. When she asks what happened, he reminds her she didn’t want to know about his business. Nina didn’t think she did, but now she’s not so sure.

Nina wants to know GH

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