Esme surprise visitor GH
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At Sonny’s place, Dex puts on a shirt over his bandaged arm. He takes a call from Joss, who asks what happened to him last night. He recalls the shootout and says he was working late. Joss is hoping soon he won’t be working for Sonny at all. Dex says he must go when he hears someone at the door. He puts his hand on his gun, but it’s only Sonny with fresh bandages. Sonny wonders who Dex was talking to, seeing he has a phone in his hand. Dex explains it was a spam call.

Sonny questions Dex GH

Dex thanks Sonny for patching him up and letting him stay here. Sonny feels it’s the least he can do for saving his life. Dex thinks they are even. Talk turns to Spencer, who left early this morning. Sonny asks Dex not to get into it with him, as he knows they don’t like one another.

Later, Kristina arrives and wonders what is with the beefed-up security. She finds Dex there and asks her dad how bad it is. Dex decides to give them privacy and departs

Kristina knows not to ask questions and explains she came by with a business proposition for her dad. Kristina wants to open her own restaurant, but she needs the money to start it. Sonny thought she loved running Charlie’s. Kristina says she does, but she sees her siblings mapping out their futures. Sonny advises her this isn’t a competition between her and her siblings. Sonny points out that starting a business will be a 24-7 endeavor, and won’t leave her time to volunteer at the youth center, which she loves doing. He asks if running her own place will leave her as happy as she is now. Dex listens in as Kristina agrees things are pretty great as they are.

Kristina business proposal

Kristina heads out to work, but not before Sonny tells her how proud he is of her. Dex comes out and asks Sonny if everything is good. Sonny says it is, and Kristina is the most like him out of all his kids. Dex says she’s lucky to have him, but Sonny feels he’s the lucky one.

Dex is grateful GH

Liz arrives at the hospital and runs into Portia. They both have heard of one another’s issues. Liz fears this could be her last day at the hospital, but Portia won’t let that happen.

Liz may be facing her last day GH

Portia and Liz go into a private room and open up about their secrets. Portia says she kept a secret from Curtis and Trina, that Trina could be Curtis’ daughter. Liz reveals she is facing the review board because she helped Nikolas keep Esme prisoner. She convinced herself that coming forward would make her boys suffer. Portia admits she convinced herself everyone was better off not knowing the truth. Portia wonders why they do this to themselves.

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At the Metro Court, Gregory is late meeting with his sons for breakfast. Finn and Chase joke that they’re feeling like they come in second lately to Alexis. Gregory rants that Alexis needs to mind her own business. They wonder what happened.

Finn and Chase are doubtful GH

Alexis is having breakfast with Sam when she sees Gregory enter. She says she’s suddenly lost her appetite. Sam asks if Gregory hit on her, and Alexis replies, “Worse, he lied to me.” Sam asks what he lied about and why he looks angry with her. Alexis admits she went over his head to help him, only to find out the truth as to why he couldn’t take the job at The Intruder. She knows something more is going on with him than his excuse he’s taking time off work. Sam suggests she finish what is unfinished with Gregory and meet him halfway.

Sam and Alexis talk GH

Gregory explains to his sons that Alexis doesn’t respect his boundaries and crossed a line. Finn wonders what that line is, and Chase asks what is going on. Gregory says it’s nothing earth-shattering, and he’s just taking a break from teaching for himself. Finn must get back to GH, and Chase says he has somewhere to be too. They suggest he talk to Alexis.

Gregory opens up GH

Gregory and Alexis meet to speak after his sons take off. Gregory tells her that he told his sons he’s not going back to PCU, but that is all and that is where it ends. Alexis is glad and says she cares about him and doesn’t want their friendship to end over this. He agrees. Suddenly Gregory becomes woozy, and falls over, but catches himself on a nearby table. She cleans up the drink he spilled, and asks if he’s alright. He says he lost his footing and is fine, but he slurs his words. Alexis asks if he’s been drinking.

Alexis Gregory finally talk GH

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Laura and Kevin arrive at Spring Ridge to find Spencer already there. Laura tells Spencer he can’t be here. Esme walks in with the baby and asks what Spencer is doing there. She vents she thought she could trust Laura, and Laura insists they did not bring him with them and he is leaving.

Spencer causes a scene at Spring Ridge GH

Laura pulls Spencer aside and whispers that she needs Esme to trust her, and he has to go. Laura blurts out, “You must respect her wishes and go Spencer.” Spencer tells Esme this is not over, and storms out.

Laura scolds Spencer

Laura apologizes to Esme, but the young girl thanks Laura for meaning what she says. They sit down, and Laura tells Esme that she has every right to be angry with her son and grandson, but know that they do love her baby. Laura doesn’t blame her for being suspicious of everyone, and Kevin says it’s a good sign that her defenses are up. Kevin explains to her that he is also family without Cassadine baggage as he’s her uncle. Laura tells Esme neither of them wants to take the baby from her, but they want her to think about whether prison is the best place for him.

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Laura tells Esme if she goes to Pentonville, that will be an even worse place for the baby. Laura reveals there is another option, and they could take care of the baby until she’s out and ready. Esme admits if she’d trust Ace with anyone it would be Laura, but it’s too complicated. She looks at Kevin and sees her father, and she sees Nikolas and Spencer when she looks at Laura. She has to trust her instincts and says her son is staying with her.

Laura thanks her for the visit, and sees she’s made up her mind. Esme heads back to her room, and Laura breaks down. Kevin asks what she’s thinking. Laura says she knows no matter what others think that girl loves that baby, and Kevin agrees.

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Joss meets with Trina outside of Kelly’s and asks if she knows what this is about. Trina doesn’t, so they head inside. Cam is cleaning up, sees them, and is glad they made it.

Trina and Joss sit at the counter, and Cam asks if Spencer is with them. They say he isn’t. He decides to wait for Spencer as he doesn’t want to have this conversation more than once. Trina thinks what he has to say sounds important.

Trina sounds juicy GH

Spencer joins them and asks what he missed. Cam asks where he’s been, and he fills them in about Esme taking his baby brother to prison with her. As they talk about Esme, Cam says it feels like old times, them against a common enemy. Cam says he’s going to miss that. Cam comes out and tells them that he’s leaving Port Charles.

Cam reveals he's leaving

Cam explains he got a scholarship to Stanford to play soccer, and they want him there for spring training. Spencer calls BS because Cam loves playing for PCU and his family and friends are here, so why is he leaving? He thinks this goes back to what Esme’s done to them all. Joss says getting a scholarship at Stanford is a huge accomplishment, so Spencer shouldn’t make this about Esme. Spencer rants he’s tired that Esme is getting a do-over while having ruined all their lives.

Spencer calls Cam's lie GH

Spencer storms out, and Trina follows him. Joss decides to head out too. Cam stops her and tells her he knows they are done as a couple, but they’ve been friends their whole lives. He still wants them to be friends, and Joss is thrilled. Cam says as her friend, she needs to listen to him and stay away from Dex. Joss explains she can’t talk with him about Dex. Cam only has her happiness in mind, and he knows she hates Sonny and every part of his life. He thinks it’s inevitable Dex will get hurt, and she’ll end up living a life she will hate. Joss thinks about having to care for Dex once already when he was shot.

Cam tries to warn Joss GH

Back at Sonny’s, Spencer returns and finds Dex there. Spencer asks why he’s not outside with the other guards. Sonny enters and explains he invited Dex in, and he will be staying with them for a while.

Finn arrives at the hospital and runs into Liz and Portia in the hall. Portia wishes Liz luck and walks off. Finn tells Liz he knows it’s a big day for her, and he’s here for her and whatever she needs.

Finn supports Liz GH

At Spring Ridge, Esme looks for Ace’s binky which she left behind in the common room. Trina appears, holds it up, and asks, “Is this what you are looking for.”

On the next General Hospital: Nina spends time with Obrecht. Trina visits Esme. Alexis grills Gregory.

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