Victor learns damage permanent GH
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At the hospital, Finn meets Victor and has been able to identify the rare pathogen in his system. Finn explains this pathogen is a difficult one to treat, as it has a single mission in attacking his body, one that it clearly has achieved. He also notes it isn’t found in North America, and he couldn’t have acquired it through simple contact. Victor wonders how he got it then. Finn asks, “Do you have any enemies?” Victor realizes he was poisoned. Finn explains that based on his symptoms, he likely got it last November. Victor asks about a cure, but Finn says it’s not that easy, the damage done to him is likely irreversible.

Finn gives Victor news GH

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In the warehouse, Sonny stirs the sniper awake and demands to know who he works for. He says he’s just a contractor, and the deal was anonymous.

Sonny questions sniper GH

Brick arrives with a doctor, and Sonny asks the doctor to keep the gunman alive until he gets answers. Unfortunately, the doctor is unable to save the guy. Sonny asks the doctor to look at Dex’s wound. The doctor examines Dex and says he was lucky, another inch and the bullet would have shattered his bone.

The doctor heads out, and Sonny asks Brick to find out who hired the guy. Brick examines the body and retrieves a phone. He says there is only one contact on it and a message with this address, and a time. He also finds a key fob and a matchbook. Dex looks at the matchbook and recognizes it as The Highsider biker bar. Brick says he’ll analyze the phone, and run ballistics on the rifle. Brick heads out, and Sonny asks Dex and his other man Tony to get rid of the body. Suddenly, Dex collapses, and Sonny catches him.

Brick gives intel GH

Sonny sets Dex down and gives him some water to hydrate him, noting he lost a lot of blood. Sonny asks Dex how he knew to push him out of the way. Dex explains he saw something out of the corner of his eye, it was his training from Afghanistan to always be observant. Sonny says he was trying to keep him out of this Pikeman deal, but now he’s firmly involved. He says he’s taking Dex back to his place for the night.

Sonny questions Dex

Brick returns, and says the rifle is untraceable rife, and the phone is attached to no one. Brick warns Sonny that he has a very powerful enemy. Sonny says whoever it is, they’ll be sorry.

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At the Metro Court, Nina picks up a meal to go smelling of ginger and garlic. She says it smells perfect.

At their table, Felicia and Mac toast to good friends like Kevin. Felicia asks about Cody. Mac says the visit went well until it didn’t. He says they connected, but then suddenly Cody closed up. He assumes it has to do with his past and how he grew up, which is why he’s always looking for the next payday.

Felicia Mac talk Cody GH

Mac says that Cody revealed he was selling his plasma for money, and he’s seen him with Selina Wu on several occasions. He believes money is what drives Cody. Felicia thinks there must be a way to help him. Mac says it’s not their responsibility, and he’s not family. Felicia feels like he is sometimes.

Mac fills Felicia in GH

In the alcove, Drew doesn’t understand why Laura would want to hang onto Valentin’s shares unless something else is going on. She explains they aren’t hers to sell, and Charlotte needs to make that choice when she comes of age.

Laura turns down Drew GH

Laura returns to Felicia and Mac, and they relay that Kevin had to go see a patient. Suddenly Victor walks in and heads to the bar where he orders a scotch. He thinks about Finn telling him he likely ate or drank something with the pathogen in it, and asks the bartender for a new bottle.

Mac approaches Victor and asks where Nikolas is. Victor tells him that his guess is as good as his. Mac warns him he could bring him in for obstruction after what Liz told them. Victor states he has no clue where Nikolas is, and to contact his attorney if he has any further questions.

Mac questions Victor GH

Victor turns around and spots Laura and Felicia sitting together. He recalls Laura threatening to break him. Victor confronts Laura and says, “It was you!” She has no idea what he’s going on about. He accuses her of plotting to strip him of his power, that she fired the first shot, and now they both have everything to lose.

Victor accuses Laura GH

At the Quartermaine stables, Dante is confused about the DNA test and asks if these are new results. Cody says they are and they aren’t. Dante realizes he lied about the original test and wonders why. Cody explains it was about getting to Leopold’s money, and that necklace. He says the necklace was supposed to be his shot. Cody admits he had another test run and was hoping he could use it to tell Mac the truth, claiming there was a mess-up with the first. Dante says that would be another lie. Cody says he’s right, and he decides not to tell Mac at all.

Dante doesn't get Cody GH

Dante asks why he would cheat himself out of this. Cody says he doesn’t deserve Mac. Dante asks what about Mac, does he deserve to not know? Cody says Mac is better off without him. Dante alludes to their past, and what Cody sacrificed. He tells him to stop punishing himself and tell Mac. Dante hopes he does the right thing, but Cody notes saying nothing is the right thing. Dante leaves, and Cody looks at the DNA tests.

Cody keeps his secret GH

Up at the mansion, Maxie and Bobbie meet with Brook Lynn. BLQ explains Olivia is sick, so she asked her to discuss the details of the ball. However, there is a slight catch.

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Outside, Carly arrives at the door and hears a commotion inside. Carly heads in and asks what is going on. Maxie tells her that they need to find a new home for the Nurses Ball, or it won’t happen. Carly is confused until she learns Nina also must give the approval to use the hotel.

Maxie nurses ball planning GH

Once she takes a breather, Maxie believes Nina won’t object to them using the hotel. Carly thanks Maxie for asking her to help organize the ball. She just wishes she could save them from having to involve Nina. Suddenly Nina walks in and asks, “Oh Carly, what are you trying to keep from me this time?”

Nina wonders what secrets Carly is keeping GH

Brook Lynn tries to break the tension and says Nina brought Olivia soup, isn’t that thoughtful. BLQ dashes out to take it up to her. Nina asks what she walked in on. Maxie explains they are putting on the ball, and they need her consent along with Olivia’s to use the Metro Court. Carly asks Nina if she can rise above her hatred of her for a good cause.

Maxie Carly Bobbie Nina bicker GH

Nina says of course they can host the ball and asks if there is anything else she can do to help, unless they don’t want her involved. Maxie says of course they do, and believes they can all work together peacefully. Nina agrees but asks for a moment alone with Carly.

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Drew returns home and runs into BLQ in the foyer. He finds out there is a meeting going on in the living room. Bobbie and Maxie step out and they work on convincing Drew to take up the role of Magic Milo and the Magic Wands for the ball.

Back in the living room, Carly wonders why they must speak in private when everyone knows their issues. Nina says this is about Willow’s privacy and her health.

Nina asks Carly info GH

Drew interrupts to make sure they aren’t killing one another. Nina explains she spoke to Willow, who is keeping her in the loop about her health moving forward. Carly wonders what Nina needs from her then. Nina explains she didn’t want to bug Willow and thought they could share updates with her with they get them. Drew says they’ll talk to Willow about how to best pass on information.

Drew tries to keep peace GH

Carly quips that a little bit of information in Nina’s hands can be dangerous. Nina lashes out at Carly that she should watch it, as she knows a lot more than she thinks she does. Nina gives Carly and Drew both a look and a smile and walks out. Carly’s left wringing her hands.

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At the safe house, Anna suggests to Valentin they plant false codes in the report that Eileen will provide Victor to see where Victor leads them. He says he loves how her mind works.

Anna is upset too GH

Lucy walks out of her bedroom and insists she gets back to Port Charles, as the Nurses Ball won’t be able to go on without her. Anna says she understands her frustrations but is sure the ball will be just fine as Maxie is very capable. Lucy storms off, and Anna tells Valentin that Lucy’s not the only one who is going to be sad to miss the ball.

Lucy rants GH

Lucy returns with a tablet and says nothing is listed on the Metro Court calendar about the ball. Anna is sure Maxie will take care of it. Lucy again insists on leaving, but Anna says they’re in this mess because she didn’t follow her orders the first time. Anna yells she’s not going anywhere, and to zip it. Lucy storms back to her bedroom.

Anna scolds Lucy GH

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