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Dante brings Scout to the Quartermaine mansion to play with Wiley and Leo. Scout asks her dad if Carly is here, and Drew wonders why she’d ask that. She says Carly is always with him lately. Dante explains Drew and Carly are just helping take care of Willow. Scout heads upstairs to see the boys, and Dante takes off to visit with Cody.

Drew Scout Dante GH

In the stables, Cody goes to get himself and Mac another round of drinks when the DNA test results fall out of his pocket. Mac picks them up and asks Cody what they are. He begins to open it and sees it’s from General Hospital. Mac stops as he realizes it’s private. Cody snatches them and says he was just short on money, so he donated some plasma. Mac offers to help him get some work, but Cody says he’s the last person Mac should be helping.

Cody and Mac drink more GH

Dante interrupts, and Cody tells Mac he forgot Dante was coming over. Mac has to meet up with Felicia anyway. Before Mac heads out, Cody suggests he talk things out with that friend of his, as good friends are hard to come by.

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Mac departs, and Dante asks what that was about. Cody explains he checked in on Mac after what happened with Ryan, and he showed up out of the blue to talk to him. Dante says Mac may not be his father, but he can still be his friend, and Mac is a standup guy. Cody rants, “I know, and I don’t deserve Mac after what I’ve done to him.” Dante asks what Cody has done. Cody asks if he can keep a secret, leaving Dante to wonder how bad this one is. Cody shares the DNA test results with Dante, who is stunned.

Dante Cody truth GH

Felicia runs into Laura and Kevin at the Metro Court and asks what brings them out. Kevin reveals he just had to deal with Ryan’s remains. She’s sorry for him and knows Ryan was still his brother. Kevin excuses himself when a patient calls.

Felicia Kevin LAura GH

Felicia sits down and asks Laura how Kevin is really doing. Laura says he’s upset about Ryan, but he’s also upset about Lucy, and she hasn’t told him the truth because she has to protect him. Felicia feels the same way about Mac, who knows more is going on between her and Anna. Felicia suggests it’s time to bring their husbands in on it. Laura thinks they should check in with Anna and Robert first, as she fears everything is about to blow up.

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Laura time to come clean GH

Laura receives a call from Drew and excuses herself. Drew asks to meet as he has a proposal to run by her.

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Meanwhile, Kevin returns and joins Felicia to talk. Kevin knows Mac did what he had to do to stop Ryan. He admits he’s grieving, and he doesn’t want to mourn a man who terrorized the people he loves. She says he’s mourning the little boy he remembers before bad things happened to Ryan. Felicia admits she snuck into the morgue to see Ryan for herself and thought that she might be able to forgive him. She cries that she couldn’t. Kevin tells her never to feel ashamed of how she feels. Felicia suggests he take the same advice. Mac appears and says he’s sorry he’s late.

Felicia Kevin talk GH

Felicia leaves Mac and Kevin to talk. Mac admits he’s been avoiding him, and he fears Kevin blames him for killing Ryan. Kevin says he doesn’t, he knows the burden Ryan has been on all of them. However, he still mourns the loss of his brother, but Mac has been his true brother. They embrace, and Felicia returns and is glad to see they’ve worked through things. Mac explains it was Cody who urged him to talk to Kevin, and maybe they were really wrong about him.

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At their table, Ava asks Nina what she will do with the information that Carly and Drew committed insider trading. Nina admits bringing Carly down is tempting, but they still don’t have proof of what they did. Ava thinks there must be a part of her that is happy to have Carly’s life in her hands, just like she did in Nixon Falls.
 Ava pushes Nina

Nina says her desire for revenge against Carly has cost her a lot. Ava looks up the number of the SEC and hands Nina the phone. She pushes her to call them. Nina says she’s trying to take the high road here.

Ava and Nina are interrupted by Drew, who wants to speak with Nina now that her aunt is going to be Willow’s donor. He offers her some advice and says while trying to take care of Willow from a distance, don’t forget to take care of herself. Drew leaves them, and Nina and Ava are surprised.

Drew gives Nina advice GH

Drew meets with Laura and explains now that she is in charge of Charlotte’s ELQ stock, which she got from Valentine, that he and Ned would like to buy back those stocks. Laura says she is sorry, but she can’t sell the stocks.

Drew makes proposal to Laura GH

Back at Ava and Nina’s table, Nina reveals she’s not going to turn Carly in, and definitely not Drew. Ava never thought she would. Nina explains Carly has been there for Willow and Michael, and it’s not worth taking her away from them, no matter what she feels about Carly. Ava says this sounds like growth for her, but it still must be nice to have this bombshell in her back pocket.

Ava and Nina are surprised GH

In Carly’s kitchen, Joss tells her mom that she thinks Dex will do what it takes to get out of the business. Before Joss can say any more, Bobbie shows up with Donna, who says her ears are hurting. Carly thought they kicked this infection, but she has a refill on her drops and will head to the hospital and pick them up.

Carly Joss talk GH

Bobbie hangs out with Joss and tells her about working with Maxie to bring back the Nurses Ball, to honor the hospital’s 60th anniversary, and those they’ve lost this year like Britt, Lucy and Valentin. Joss knows that also includes Uncle Luke.

Bobbie and Joss talk GH

In an exam room at the hospital, Victor visits a doctor about his performance issues. The doctor wants to run some blood work on him to rule out potential causes.

Victor waits in the hall and runs into Liz. He brings up their conversation the other day about Nikolas imprisoning Esme. Liz realizes he doesn’t know what she’s done and reveals she told the police everything, including his role in the cover-up, in exchange for immunity. She says this conversation is over and tries to walk away. Victor grabs her and says, “We’re finished why I say we are!” Suddenly Carly appears and warns Victor to back the hell off.

Victor yells at Liz GH

Victor says it’s always nice to see Carly and tells Liz he hopes this thing with Esme doesn’t come back to haunt her. Victor departs, and Carly asks what that was about. Liz fills her in on what Nikolas did, with her help. Carly knows Nikolas is her friend, and she probably would have done the same thing if it was Jason asking her to help him. However, Jason wouldn’t have betrayed her, and she is sorry that Nikolas did. Carly advises her to be careful about who she gives her loyalty to as they may not return it.

Liz says this experience has changed her perspective, and she now sees why her parents did what they did. She says she’s let go of that anger she has towards them. Carly was hoping she’d come to that decision. Carly hands over the photo of Liz’s parents, which she saved that day Liz was intent on burning all her memories of them. Liz thanks her. Carly says if she ever needs to talk to someone to call her. Carly chuckles that she knows they don’t like each other all the time, but they respect each other.

Carly returns Liz's photo GH

Victor calls someone and orders them to find out what Liz told the police. Later, the doctor meets up with Victor and says there was something concerning in his blood work. The doctor explains he’s bringing Doctor Finn in as he’s the expert in this area, as Victor’s lab results show a pathogen in his bloodstream.

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At the warehouse, Dex tackles Sonny right before a sniper takes a shot at him, and they dive behind some barrels. Sonny shoots back, but Dex warns him he is putting himself in the line of fire. Dex tells Sonny he’ll cover him, and he needs to run for it. Sonny makes it out, but Dex is shot in the shoulder and left trapped.

Dex is hit GH

Sonny and Frank return and manage to take down the sharpshooter. Dex thanks Sonny for coming back for him. The shooter is still alive, and Dex says his arm was just creased and he’s fine. Dex asks if this guy works for Pikeman. Sonny doesn’t believe Pikeman would risk the shipment this way, but says he’ll find out who sent him.

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Sonny saves Dex GH

On the next General Hospital: Maxie announces the Nurses Ball isn’t happening. Dante asks Cody why he’d cheat himself like this. Mac and Felicia toast to one another. Laura tells Drew it’s not up to her. Brick says Dex might prove useful after all. Nina asks Carly what she’s trying to keep from her now. Sonny questions the shooter as to who he works for.

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