Dex and Sonny warehouse
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At Dex’s place, he cooks her a grilled cheese, and they kiss. Dex says he must leave soon, but notes he can make her more than grilled cheese. He tempts her with some fancier options and offers to make her grilled salmon this summer when this job will be and they’ll have nothing to worry about. She can’t wait and asks if she’ll see him later. He says she can count on it.

Dex and Joss romance GH

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At Carly’s place, she and Drew make their way back to the kitchen, and she jokes he’s going to have to clean up the mess he made. After cleaning up, Drew is positive his plan will pacify Ned will work and they’ll finally be able to take their relationship public.

Carly and Drew hopeful GH

Joss interrupts Carly and Drew as they kiss in the kitchen, and apologizes. Drew says he was just getting ready to head out. He departs, and Joss is glad to see how happy her mom is. Carly reveals she and Drew are optimistic that they won’t have to hide their relationship much longer. Carly wants that for Joss and Dex too.

Joss Carly talk Dex GH

Joss explains to Carly that Dex is working on getting out of Sonny’s organization, but Carly isn’t so sure that’s doable. Carly says once you are in, it’s hard to leave, and the way out is usually death.

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In the Quartermaine stables, Cody explains to Sasha he’s not the greatest listener, and he just overheard a conversation, and probably got it wrong. She asks who he overheard. He says he ran into Gladys and overheard her talking about selling the garage. Sasha fumes and asks who she was selling the garage to. Cody doesn’t want to get involved and suggests she talks to Gladys. Sasha plans to, texts Gladys, and thanks Cody for telling her.

Sasha grills Cody GH

Mac drops by the mansion to return to Michael everything the PCPD took from the boathouse the night of the investigation of Ava’s attack. He also tells Willow he’s sorry to hear what she’s going through. Willow says things are looking up as she may have a bone marrow donor. Mac tells them to enjoy time with their children as it goes by fast.

Willow Michael baby GH

Maxie arrives and Ned answers the front door. In the foyer, Maxie explains she’s come to see him. Maxie and Ned enter the living room where Max, Michael and Willow are with the baby. Maxie announces the Nurses Ball is back. Ned says he’d normally say they should skip it with Lucy’s death, but 60 years of General Hospital should be celebrated.

Mac Maxie GH

Maxie relays that she’s going to chair the ball with Bobbie, which is where Ned and Michael come into play. Mac decides to head out, and Ned and Michael assure Maxie that ELQ and Aurora will be happy to sponsor. Maxie needs musical acts, so Ned offers to help there. Ned gets a text and steps out.

Maxie hopes she can count on Michael to be part of the planning committee. Michael thinks he has too much going on, what with the transplant and wedding. Willow says the wedding is under control, and they can only wait for news of the transplant. She asks Michel to do this for her, and he agrees.

Michael cornered GH

In the foyer, Drew arrives, and Ned warns him that Maxie is in the living room drumming up support for the Nurses Ball. Drew is glad to hear it’s back on. Drew explains he came to speak to him to try and put the tension between them in the past. Drew says Valentin’s death is an opportunity for them to regain ownership of ELQ. Drew is even willing to step away from ELQ and focus on Aurora full-time. He wants their family to all be on the same team again. Ned admits he’s given him a lot to think about.

NEd considers proposal GH

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Out at the stables, Cody finds the DNA test results on the ground and wonders how they got there. He jokes, “Comet are you pulling tricks again?” Suddenly, Mac knocks at the door. Cody puts the results in his pocket. Mac wanted to drop by as he saw Cody called him a few times and he didn’t get back to him. Cody just wanted to check in on him after hearing about what happened with Ryan. Cody gets it, he’s not much of a talker, and he usually unwinds on the back of a horse. Mac says he used to ride back in his youth in Australia. Mac brings up riding with his friends and then going to the pub for some bludgers. Cody can’t believe he drank bludgers and admits he snuck them onto Mama Q’s grocery list and still has a few. He offers Mac one, and Mac says he is off the clock.

MAc and Cody talk GH

They throw back some drinks, and Cody brings up Mac’s recent entanglement with Ryan. Mac explains he and Ryan had a complicated history, and that Kevin always hoped Ryan might change one day, but that will never happen. Ryan says he killed his best friend’s twin, and he hates causing his friend pain. Mac notes this isn’t Cody’s problem. Cody says he’s not complaining, and sometimes it’s easy to talk about heavy stuff with people you don’t know. Mac is glad they are getting to know one another.

Mac and Cody drink GH

Later, Mac has to go, and Cody gets up to see him out. Cody drops the DNA results, and Mac picks them up and says he dropped something.

At the Metro Court, Sonny asks Gladys if Sasha is okay with her selling Brando’s garage. He says he knows how Ms. Wu operates, and if she pressured her into selling the garage, to tell him. Gladys says he doesn’t have to worry about her or Selina Wu, and she always has Sasha’s best interests at heart. Dex appears, so Sonny says he has to tend to business. Gladys walks off.

Sonny Gladys faceoff GH

Dex speaks with Sonny and knows his ambition has been a problem, and he wants to fix that mistake and prove he’s trustworthy. Sonny says he didn’t shut him out of the Pikeman deal entirely, he just feels the less Dex knows the less reason he is to blame if it goes sideways. Sonny says there are still other ways Dex can help him. Sonny says he wants to take him to the warehouse where the shipment will arrive as training. He wants Dex to assess the place for vulnerabilities.

Sonny tests Dex GH

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Ava drops by to catch up with Nina and asks about Willow. Nina thinks things are starting to thaw between them. Ava asks about Sonny, and Nina says there is trouble in paradise, not for Sonny and her, but for Carly. Nina tells her that Carly and Drew have been hiding their relationship, and it has something to do with Ned threatening to turn Drew and Carly into the SEC. Ava realizes during the context of what Nina tells her, that Sonny knows something and is keeping it from her.

Ava figures it out GH

Meanwhile, Sasha arrives and confronts Gladys, and cries, “Please tell me you didn’t sell Brando’s garage.” Gladys wonders how she heard about that. Sasha is furious and asks how she could do that. Gladys says it was time, and she is still in charge of her financial accounts. Sasha tells her they had an arrangement as a family, and she had no right to sell the garage behind her back. Gladys says it’s not all about her, and she sold the garage for herself.

Sasha confronts Gladys GH

Gladys cries as Brando’s mother she is grieving him too, plus the bills kept coming in for the garage as well as calls asking to speak with Brando. She says she’s facing daily reminders he’s not with them. Sasha wishes she would have told her. Gladys says she was trying to protect her, and she needed to get rid of the garage for several reasons, including so they could all move on. Sasha cries that she misses him too, and they hug.

Back at Nina and Ava’s table, Nina notes Sasha with Gladys and is upset. However, she decides not to intervene. Ava directs them back to Carly. Nina says she knows Carly will always have a presence in her and Sonny’s lives, and she can’t blame Sonny for wanting to protect her. Ava thinks they should figure out what this information Ned has on Drew and Carly. As they go over the details, Ava realizes Carly’s investment in Aurora could be considered insider trading. Nina notes that’s why they kept their relationship hidden. However, Nina says it’s only a theory. Ava says now she has important information on Carly, just like Carly had information on her, so what will she do with this information?

Nina gets the intel GH

Sonny and Dex arrive at the warehouse, and Dex begins to evaluate the place. Suddenly Dex sees a man with a rifle aimed at them. He warns Sonny to get down and he tackles him as the man fires.

On the next General Hospital: Laura tells Felicia things are about to blow up. At the hospital, Victor grabs Liz and says, “We are finished when I say we are.” Cody tells Mac that he’s the last person he should be helping. Ava asks Nina, “Isn’t this what you want, what are you waiting for?” Drew calls someone with a proposal. Joss tells Carly she believes Dex is willing to do what it takes. In the warehouse, Dex warns Sonny the longer they stay, the worse it will get.

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