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At the Metro Court, Eileen wakes up in a bed to find Victor dressing. She hopes he’s not upset about last night. He snaps at her not to mention last night again. She says they were both tired and drinking.

Victor snaps GH

After she dresses, she tries to get Victor to let her in on his plan and what he needs her to do. Victor tells her if she wants to help, only come when called. She tries another approach and says she’s learned there is an unredacted file on the Holly Sutton incident, which may have information on the necklace. He tells her to get to work and get him that file. Eileen leaves and calls Anna to check-in.

Victor Eileen troubles GH ABC

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In the restaurant, Nina asks the bartender Jamie, who is in business school, under what circumstances would a company be investigated by the SEC. Sonny approaches her and asks why she’s asking about that. She says she always just pesters Jamie with business questions to help him with his studies. Sonny asks if she’s heard from Willow. Nina says she hasn’t, and she isn’t pushing her either, she’s just happy to be updated when Willow wants to do so. Sonny switches the subject to his daughter and asks if Ava confided in her about Nikolas threatening to take Avery. Nina is stunned.

Sonny and Nina chat GH

Ms. Wu speaks with Curtis in the elevator and asks about his recent nuptials, and hopes her gift was to his liking. He explains he’s had a lot on his mind, and she assumes wedding bliss is taking up his time.

They step off the elevator, and Ms. Wu meets with Gladys in the alcove. Gladys hands over the deed to Brando’s garage to settle her debt. Wu tells her the garage more than covers her dept, she can deposit the leftover funds in a bank account or front her for the next game. Gladys thanks her but says she’s done with the games.

Wu Gladys Deal GH

Curtis interrupts Sonny and Nina, and thanks Nina for the gift of the room for his wedding night, but needs to reimburse her. She says it was a gift for him and his wife. Curtis explains Portia may not be his wife much longer. Sonny decides to leave and give them some privacy.

Curtis pays Nina back GH

Sonny runs into Ms. Wu, who asks about a shipment of hers that was rerouted. He tells her it was just a minor change, and remember she operates on his docks on his terms. Wu walks off, and Sonny confronts Gladys about what she was doing with Ms. Wu. She explains she sold Brando’s garage to Ms. Wu for an excellent price. Sonny is okay with that, as long as Sasha is. He asks if Sasha is okay with this.

Sonny calls out GLadys GH

At their table, Curtis fills Nina in on the fact that Trina could be his daughter. Nina can’t condemn Portia because she understands she was afraid of losing her daughter, and him. She says she kept a secret for a similar reason. However, she also knows what it’s like to have your children kept from you. She asks if she’s spoken to Trina. He says he has, and he wants to know if she’s his biological daughter. Curtis says Trina is considering the test. Nina tells her to take it from her, don’t push Trina, and let her decide. However she wonders, if Trina isn’t his daughter, will he cut her and Portia out of his life?

Curtis and Nina catch up GH

Ms. Wu finds Victor at the bar and offers to put his drink on her tab, but he snaps that’s not necessary. She insists and hopes next time he’ll be his cordial self again. He quickly apologizes and explains he’s not been himself lately.

Victor is nasty to Wu GH

Ms. Wu flashes back to drugging Victor’s drink a while back. She gives Holly a call and says something has greatly affected Victor. She assumes it has to do with the substance she paid her to put in his drink.

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Laura meets with Eileen at the coffeehouse. Eileen wasn’t expecting to see Laura but says she should have known Anna would have sent her to stick it to her. Eileen realizes Laura has been playing her since Lucy was shot. Laura gloats they were on to her long before that, and they were biding their time until she became useful.

Eileen is shocked gh

Laura asks what she has for her. Eileen explains she spent the night with Victor, but he hasn’t been himself lately and had troubles in the bedroom. Eileen says he’s usually not had that issue. Laura says if she can’t seduce info out of him, they’ll have to find another way to get intel. Eileen tells her about intriguing him with the file on Holly, and Laura says they may have to give him what he wants.

Laura updates Eileen GH

At Kelly’s, Felicia, Bobbie and Maxie discuss GH turning 60 this year. Maxie feels they need to organize a celebration and suggests they throw the biggest and best Nurses Ball ever. Bobbie thinks there is no way to get in ready within a month, but Maxie thinks they can do it. Felicia asks, “Who is we?” Maxie replies, “Us.”

Felicia Maxie Bobbie plan GH

Felicia leaves them, and Maxie continues to brainstorm for the Nurses Ball. She talks Bobbie into being her co-chair, saying only she can fill Lucy’s shoes. Bobbie says one thing she won’t do is lose her clothes.

Maxie Bobbie nurses ball GH

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At Ava’s gallery, Trina arrives after getting a notification of a shipment and tells Ava they still have her as a contact. Ava tells her that she doesn’t have to take care of her anymore. Trina admits she misses the gallery, which feels more like home to her than her actual home. Ava asks when her mom and Curtis are headed to Italy. Trina explains that the trip was canceled. Ava asks what happened.

Ava and Trina chat GH

Trina fills Ava in on everything off-screen, and she doesn’t know what to do about any of it. Ava thinks she can’t really help her with that. However, Ava speaks from personal experience, there is no telling what a mother might do when she’s afraid of losing her child.

Trina explains Curtis wants a DNA test, but she doesn’t know if she wants to take one. Trina says no matter what it says, Marcus Taggert will always be her father. Ava gives her opinion and states she likes knowing who she is and where she comes from. Ava says it might be worth it to find out to answer any lingering questions. Ava tells her whatever she decides, she’ll stand beside her.

Trina needs advice GH

At the Quartermaine stables, Sasha stops by to see Cody. She gives him a box as thanks for what he did for her the day she confronted Heather. He thought Dante could help her, but she didn’t know that he sent Dante. She was thanking him for not giving her up to the desk clerk but appreciates Dante’s help. Cody opens the box and it’s biscotti. She recalled how much he enjoyed Olivia’s the other week.

Sasha Cody Gift GH

Cody makes them some coffee, and he notes that she seems a lot lighter than the last time he saw her. She feels like a burden has been lifted. She asks how he’s doing. Cody feels like all he’s doing is letting down people who care about him. She says all he can do is forgive himself, but he doesn’t know if he can do that.

Sasha Cody chat GH

Sasha tells Cody that Brando spent a lot of time taking care of her, and they lost a lot of time together because of it. She has had to forgive herself for that. He says she was a hot-spiraling mess. Sasha laughs and tells him to tell her how he really feels. He apologizes for having the foot-in-mouth disease. She appreciates he doesn’t treat her with kid gloves.

Sasha greets Comet, and Cody’s impressed she gets along well with horses. She says she rides, so he invites her to ride at the estate. He says she’d be doing him a favor as Olivia is worried he has no friends. Sasha says he does. She takes him up on his deals and wishes she could give him something in return like a tune-up. He says he doesn’t have a car, but then again she doesn’t have a garage anymore. She is shocked and says she still owns the garage. Cody thinks back to overhearing Gladys offering it to Ms. Wu and says he must have misheard. She asks who he misheard.

Cody Sasha Comet GH

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At the safe house, Lucy whines about the coffee and says she misses Kelly’s and life in general. Valentin enters the room and complains that Lucy used all the hot water, and drank all the coffee. Lucy says this hiding out is torture and wants out of this place.

Valentin upset with Lucy GH

Later, Valentin and Anna cuddle on the couch, and Lucy tells them to stop it as Marty can’t be here as he’s visiting his mother, and they are making her even more miserable. Anna tells her when they get Victor she can get back to her life. Anna gets a call from Eileen, and she tells Lucy that Eileen is working to get everything they need to take Victor down. Lucy huffs off to her bedroom, and Valentin swears if they don’t take Victor down soon then he may kill Lucy himself.

Felicia returns with more supplies. They discuss their plans and Eileen’s part in them. Felicia must get going but updates Lucy that Maxie is planning this year’s Nurses Ball. Lucy gasps there can’t be a Nurses Ball without her. Felicia says it’s because of her that Maxie wants the show to go on. Lucy explains it’s not a small feat to organize the ball in a few weeks. Felicia says she has plenty of people to help, and she just got a text from Maxie that Bobbie is going to co-chair with her. Lucy fumes and Felicia takes that as her cue and heads out. Lucy says, “Bobbie Spencer won’t take what is mine, again!”

felicia brings news GH

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